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  1. I trust he will now score a 30 yarder against us.
  2. Ronald doesn’t scare you more than Greenwood or Cavani….. The guy is a phenom, I reckon he will go on being the best player in the World for another 4 years minimum!
  3. We won’t stop them… we will just outscore them!
  4. Do you think Ben White might be regretting leaving Brighton this season….
  5. To be fair we probably did, amongst other things.
  6. Speaking to Everton fan at the game and I quote he said “Where the hell did Villa come from they played brilliant”
  7. Thought we were meant to lose to Everton cos they are so great and all?
  8. Oh they already have their pitch forks out already, don’t you worry.
  9. Spoken like a true Ultra.
  10. Ahhh TRO you can’t run from the gun, you’ve got to stand your ground and hope that motherf*cker jams!
  11. Amazing how differently we as fans can see stuff, the only game I see us losing is Man United. Granted I am an optimist by nature. But I mean Everton, a bit meh, Spurs just got tonked by Crystal bloody Palace, wolves another meh team, Arsenal pretty below par only just beat Norwich and West Ham, no lingard so not so much to fear.
  12. Well… on a plus, we’ve been the better team.
  13. Have I missed something? Why is there talk of replacing Dean? April 1st was months ago.
  14. Do you reckon Erling Haaland gets bored of scoring? It’s constant.
  15. Agree, Grealish wanted to play central. Bailey actually is a left and right sided midfielder so probably more naturally suited to the LWF position than Grealish. And guarantee that’s the position he has been signed to play in. And for those that don’t think players are going to be doubling up on Bailey you would be greatly mistaken. I also imagine players will also be doubling up on Buendia, and with Ings and Watkins stretching defences, I think we are in for a treat this season, and let’s not forget Troare!
  16. If there’s any truth to the Bissouma rumours that would be a brilliant signing, id feel for Brighton though losing white and Bissouma but they recruit well so will probably already have replacements out on loan ready to recall back.
  17. I’m disappointed you’re not on this trip with me brother.
  18. Grealish was good, but Buendia and Bailey both in the side is a far more frightening proposition than just Grealish. I see us finishing above Arsenal, Leeds, Everton and West Ham, all it takes is for Leicester or Tottenham to have a bad season and we are right in the mix. That’s my IMO… lol and I hope I’m right.
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