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  1. Tommo_b

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    It is if you then sell them on. Which is exactly the premise behind what Paddy O’Reilly was doing.
  2. Tommo_b

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Or “Money Ball”
  3. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    Surely every player in the Championship can play football how Smith wants them to play?? He doesn’t need his own players, he needs players that actually care, I think it’s the same problem Bruce had, these players are past caring, they aren’t putting in the 110% effort needed, they are putting in 75%. They are stale and ready to be moved on, so in that respect Smith needs his own players who have that drive to succeed, our squad has McGinn...
  4. Tommo_b

    Scott Hogan

    Thing is he probably would be a good player for us, personally I don’t feel he has been given a fair crack of the whip, but hey hum, probably too late for him to rebuild his career with us now.
  5. I kind of want to hear Purslows thoughts on this current run of form, or even the owners.
  6. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    Can’t help but feel if we had given Di Matteo the same amount of patience as Bruce we would be back in the Premier League now.
  7. Tommo_b

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    When will I start to enjoy football again?
  8. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    I’d probably have had picked jedinak and kodjia over Whelan and Green too.
  9. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    Yeah but Chelsea were crap back then.
  10. Tommo_b

    Joe Lolley

    Didn’t realise Joe Lolley was a Villa Talker, that’s pretty cool, def sign him up!
  11. Tommo_b

    Tyrone Mings

    Only a lie detector will solve this! Call Jeremy Kyle!
  12. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    I never had @thabucks down as a happy clappy... worryingly of all I think that phrase is going to end up sticking around.
  13. Tommo_b

    Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Now when I read VT and everyone is losing their sh*t at every player is usually the time as score, so fingers crossed tradition continues.
  14. Tommo_b

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Course play offs are still on, we are only 9 points off as high as 3rd, 5 points off 5th!
  15. Tommo_b

    Tom Carroll

    I don’t think Sherwood was here long enough to be considered that bad, stopped us getting relegated and got to cup final, then think he had what 10 games in new season and then was gone. Certainly did better the Di Matteo in comparison.
  16. Tommo_b

    Dean Smith

    Anyone think Dean Smith is signing players for a different formation or line of tactics?
  17. Tommo_b

    Leroy Fer

    Potential this signing free’s up another midfielder to join the attack, perhaps Hourihane or Lansbury can step up.
  18. According to radio there is expected two more players in before 11, think I’m listening to talk sport
  19. Can’t get excited over a signing that we won’t get to see until next August!
  20. I miss the tweets where we would be told there were Medicals happening
  21. This might be stupid of me but why would we go to The Belfry to work on deals?