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  1. Just some loser making up a rumour on twitter.
  2. Disappointing signing according to Football Manager stats. Seriously though Brighton have a very good recruitment set up there so this is a positive.
  3. I don't know but if I was to pick out a couple of antivaxxers from the Liverpool squad they'd be prime suspects. Both religous fundamentalists and Bolsonaro supporters I believe.
  4. His form this season at MK Dons is much improved on last season, he might be starting to cop on to himself. A poor loan spell at Ipswich might have been the kick up the hole he needed.
  5. Is this a big loss? I'd imagine other clubs will be looking to take staff from us now that the academy has become more successful.
  6. Decent assist again. Even if he doesn't make it here he has the ability to carve out a decent career for himself. Has physically developed loads in the past 2 years too.
  7. Read that last week, its a good thing for him to have people like that in the background who will keep him focused and grounded hopefully.
  8. Martinez AWB Konsa Varane Shaw Douglas Luiz McGinn Pogba Greenwood Bailey Archer.
  9. I'm astounded that there isn't even a minority of Newcastle fans worried that there club will be transformed into a soulless sportswashing front for a despotic regime. I know if it was happening at Villa I wouldn't be finding any joy in it.
  10. City had spent a lot of money stolen from the Thai people in the preceding season alright.
  11. They do have the players that suit Ranieri's counter attacking football though.
  12. Tuanzebe is close to world class when it comes to playing against players like Son, Hause isn't. It was a mistake starting him.
  13. Team were not set up to play against the opposition, that would be grand if the gameplan was to dominate possession and control the game but it wasn't. Wasn't helped by so many below par performances either. Hopefully there will be lessons learned.
  14. Could do with Ashley Young's composure on the ball, have the opportunity of a free sub with Targett's bang on the head too.
  15. This Richard Keogh interview in the Guardian is well worth a read. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/01/richard-keogh-waking-up-paramedics-car-crash-derby-sacking-blackpool
  16. Came on for the last 20 minutes in their win against Leipzig. The top Villa/former Villa player in the group now.
  17. Does anyone know if we are we playing a back 3 today or is it Swinkels at left back again?
  18. I wouldn't have any complaints if he does, just Tuanzebe has done little wrong too and might be more suited to Spurs. Whatever Dean Smith decides.
  19. They needed to raise funds for Partey (who I think disappeared off the face of the earth or something)
  20. Hause had a magnificent game and I love him but Tuanzebe might be more suited to playing against Spurs with the quickness of the likes of Son, Bergwijn or Lucas Moura.
  21. Harrison is a pale shadow of the player he was last season.
  22. Leeds looking a lot better going forward with no Bamford, Rodrigo and Raphinha linking up very well.
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