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  1. Ouchmefoot

    Pre Match Thread

    Saturday 17:30 is just when the thread was started I think
  2. Ouchmefoot

    Pre-match thread

    We're gonna score one more than you....ENG...I mean VILLA!
  3. Ouchmefoot

    James Collins

    Haha... brilliant
  4. Ouchmefoot

    Pre match thread

    I'd be tempted to put Jedinak in goal
  5. Ouchmefoot

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    Highlights and interviews: https://www.skysports.com/aston-villa
  6. Ouchmefoot

    Blose pre match

    Ugh Whelan. May be physical but also slow and prone to giving the ball away in dangerous positions.
  7. Ouchmefoot

    John McGinn

    Let's hope his sources are wrong (6:30):
  8. Ouchmefoot

    Blose pre match

    Looking foward to this so much. Was gutted that it is still 8 days away but at least that gives McGinn and Chester at least a chance to recover, although Chester's knee is unlikely to be good enough.
  9. Ouchmefoot

    Blose pre match

    Chester just came off injured in Wales match. Looks like his knee went. F***ing international breaks
  10. Ouchmefoot

    Full match video

    No full match. Most i can find is extended highlights
  11. Ouchmefoot

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Haha Blose now 3-2 down
  12. Ouchmefoot

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    We score when we want?