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  1. I don't have a Leeds obsession but have hated them since our last game with their cheaty goal and Bamford throwing himself to the floor as if he'd been shot to get El Ghazi sent off when replays showed there was no contact. He got a 2 match ban for that and I've despised him and Leeds ever since. The fact that Bielsa got a fair play award for letting us walk in a goal was a joke. We had to play the rest of the match a man down. So yeah, hopefully we stuff them!
  2. Just to add, I would normally be at every Villa game and happy to pay the £30+ ticket price, but that is a totally different experience and currently isn't an option. I feel the premier league and Villa are gouging at the time when Villa fans can least afford it.
  3. So, the Premier League have decided that it's fair to charge £15.00 to watch any game not selected by Sky or BT. I pay £60 per month for Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime. I did this to maximise the amount of possible Villa coverage but an extra £15 per game is surely taking the piss. Villa's three remaining October games (Leicester, Leeds, Southampton) are all PPV. Are you prepared to spend £45.00 for those games? This is pushing people (including me) towards illegal streams. 19 clubs, including Villa voted for this - they should be ashamed of themselves. Only Leicester vo
  4. I would expect Barkley to get his debut from the bench
  5. I saw this and thought they had excluded Jack because he wasn't one of the midfielders listed ..and then I remembered it's Southgate!
  6. We are no longer a 'selling club". Get in!
  7. if we beat everton I guess we want a draw from them. Or a Watford win to set up a winner takes all against west ham on the last day?
  8. Premier League have confirmed that it should have been a free-kick to Villa https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53357841
  9. Played the right system, couldn't take advantage of our breaks. Not bad against the best team I guess
  10. well with watford draw, west ham and bournemouth loss, the door is still open...hope we can walk through it this time!
  11. Manchester United may turn their attention to Leicester City and England midfielder James Maddison, 23, after long-time target and Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish, 24, was involved in another off-field incident. (Daily Star) Every cloud....lol
  12. I expect Aston Villa P - P Chelsea
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