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  1. Was watching on AVTV with my daughter and she said at the start "I thought we were away?". The massive noise the Villa fans made confused her
  2. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2018/01/02/aston-villa-tv-fixtures That's what avfc.co.uk says, no Sky but AVTV with the usual restrictions.
  3. Never been a Whelan fan and used to sigh when I saw him on the team sheet, but today he was immense. Nice to see a cameo from Davis. Would like to see him get the nod ahead of Kodjia. Was pleased to see Uncle Albert get on the team sheet and showed class by not celebrating against his old club, despite him leaving 3 years ago. So good to watch a match that was so comfortable - never worried at all. UTV!
  4. Is Jack injured? or would you bench him?
  5. After the last game, almost guaranteed 0-0
  6. After Saturday's results, a win here will jump us 5 places to 9th. just 4 points outside the playoffs. Win it convincingly and I will start to believe
  7. The scum will hack him down if he tries to run with the ball. Hopefully, we will have a strong ref who will issue yellow cards early to prevent them doing it over and over again.
  8. We drew the second half. Smith out!
  9. elphick out for the rest of the season?
  10. I have a fiver on villa win and both teams to score so hoping for 8-1
  11. Well, Birmingham mail and The boot room are carrying the same story after a tweet from Abraham and Grealish's reply All sensationalist speculation from two sources that aren't exactly authoritative but we'll see:

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