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  1. Looking at it Chelsea have so many centre mids so may be legs in Barkley terry/Chelsea connection will help. 100% would be a big improvement for villa
  2. He will get game time good player loftus won’t so I can see terry getting loftus in I think he could be a great addition if fit
  3. Barkley isn’t happening he has been getting game time
  4. Money structure just don’t work for werder they want more upfront
  5. Read reports you are sad can you confirm or deny?
  6. https://m.bild.de/sport/fussball/fussball/werder-bremen-milot-rashica-wechsel-zu-aston-villa-in-gefahr-72902618.bildMobile.html###wt_ref=http%3A%2F%2Fsportwitness.co.uk&wt_t=1600093958626 He’s unsure about coming to us of course
  7. Miserable forum this welcome traore I for one will be clapping as you come on for the first time
  8. Hearing josh king done 12 million with add ons
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