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  1. Not looking forward to West Ham game fear they are going to school us, think it may be smiths last game
  2. Keeper 8/10 defence 7/10 midfield 5/10 wingers and forwards 8/10 simple
  3. Going to be picked 8 times for Jamaica for internationals he’s hardly going to be saw at villa this season with the isolation rules ect
  4. I think this happens 35M with add ons agreed
  5. Very very quiet this midfield isn’t capable of a top half finish major L
  6. Is it true ings is the second most prolific player in prem last two seasons?
  7. Anyone notice Tyrone wasn’t even pictured or around jack all euros
  8. Really excited unreal finishing
  9. Still a sickner however way you look at it
  10. Honestly to whoever watched it you’ll never see nothing like that again
  11. That was crazy I’ve never saw a live signing before I’m all for it, kid looks knackered
  12. Training on own says it all don’t it it’s done guys
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