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  1. Worst set of subs ever in the history of Aston villa
  2. Bowyer honeymoon over, deeney also in the firing line , gotta love it
  3. A fully fit ollie would have taken that chance without taking that extra touch. Fine margins, we look a different team when he's playing. He really is a player the holte end are gonna love. Even ME the most negative of people felt ok today. We will be ok UTV
  4. Played well but need to finish are chances or it will be a long season
  5. You could have got a fray bentos from poundland with that
  6. Game over now any chance we had has gone from that howler from mings, always got it in him ,but after international duty he seems worse, we've done very well today
  7. Back to Belgium on loan, what a disaster he has been. I suspect he was one of suso's
  8. Pre season has been a mess from cancelled friendlies to playing 5 a side on a hotels back garden for a week in full view of any tom dick and Harry, another half against Newcastle Saturday and he could have been ready to start the following game, this is a major setback for somebody who's come back from an inury/op , we've lost one of our major threats from last season at the worst possible time
  9. In awe of our very own Christian purslow, Edward zheng has released this very clear and precise offering
  10. Going to go and scrub myself in the shower
  11. Unfollowed us on socials. True colours and all that..
  12. Hopefully we see a new sanson next year, he did look off it, but if I remember he had been out for a while in france before he joined us so was always playing catch up. A good period in the England and getting used to his surroundings I'm sure would have done him the world of good, he could be like a new signing for us
  13. It's those urges that got me sent to Winson Green
  14. I think we will be lucky to get a packet of minstrels for wesley
  15. Very very disappointed about this one, we're trying to do something really special here , and he's jumped ship a Week before the season is about to start, jacks had his head turned by the media licking his arse and these glitzy magazines he's been put In ,Jack doesn't love aston villa he loves himself please don't think otherwise,
  16. Those small heath games in the early naughties, nothing comes close to how sickening they were, I'm just glad we've been able to put the nightmares to bed with them
  17. Have you had a good look into the organisation?
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