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  1. I’m thinking something along the lines of you buy the new shirt and when the following seasons shirt is released, you can take the old one back for ‘recycling’ and in turn get a discount off the new shirt.
  2. Seems more interested in moaning at referees to get opponents booked at the moment. Need the Jack who was instrumental v Wolves back asap
  3. I drive to the vast majority of home games and I’ve got to be honest, I never have much trouble getting away. Usually park on the housing estate just off the park junction on the expressway. Its 20mins walk from the ground, but takes about 15mins to get on the Expressway and then no issues.
  4. Can you please ask where the European Cup commentary banner on the North Stand has gone? looks odd without that being there....
  5. Was that a right back putting in a decent cross that resulted in a goal?!? That will never catch on.
  6. benireduk

    John Terry

    Credit where it's due, he looked a Class above today. Exactly what I expected when he signed
  7. benireduk

    John Terry

    I think Terry is desperately trying to prove that he's still a top quality CB. He's taking to many risks instead of doing the simple thing. Do agree with an earlier post that Chester hasn't been as good as last season. Essentially what's happened is that we've ruined what was the strongest part of our team last season.
  8. Same old story with Gabby. Injured yet again. His body seems incapable of dealing with the rigours of being a professional footballer. His departure is long overdue.
  9. Yes just called in. Sorted in about 30 seconds. Just didn't want to queue before the game Didn't ask if my ST had been posted to be honest. Sod's law it will turn up tomorrow now
  10. Mine hasn't arrived today so have got paper ticket printed at the ticket office. Didn't want to potentially queue on Saturday. Luckily VP is only 5 mins from work. Oragnisation this time around has been awful. Understand that it's a supplier issue, but to have fans waiting for tickets 2 days before the first game is terrible.
  11. Picked up the home shirt. Exactly the same fit as last year. The kits from the Unibet tournament at BMH are definitely player issue. The version you buy in the shop doesn't have the side vents and isn't as tight fitting. Some nice UA gear again this season but a bit on the dear side
  12. Know it's still pre-season, but I am very concerned. I have seen little to no improvement on what we were producing at the end of last season. Bruce's last excuse was that he needed a pre-season with the players. Time is running out fast and we need a big improvement to get close to the playoffs, let alone the automatic places. Also question the merits of going to Germany for a tournament of 40 minute matches. What is the point?
  13. Not knocking Jedinak's contribution last season, but if we're going to get promoted we need to be more positive. Last season he was effectively a 5th defender and offered very little going forward. Granted that's not his game but there in lies the issue. We need players who can both get up and down the pitch. For me that means Lansbury and Hourihane. He was great last season and arguably held the team together after the squad overhaul, but can't see a starting place for him next season
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