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  1. The talk a few weeks back was of a deal for a big money European number 8. A loan move for Barkley or Loftus-Cheek seems a bit of a shift in that area. They’d both definitely improve our squad though and could end up starting potentially. Don’t see what the issue is particularly with the odd loan, if they help keep us in the division. So long as we’re also buying young developing players.
  2. Was thinking he would be a very strong addition but Juve are paying him €400k per week so can’t see him moving (similar to Bale) unless he wants to continue playing and is willing to take a significant pay cut. Haven’t followed him in Serie A, don’t think he’s played that much. He was so good in his final Arsenal season. Cant see him being a favourite of Pirlo!
  3. Went to have a look for tickets for this yesterday. Surprised they aren’t on sale yet. Assume it’ll be next week. Might be a tough sell in mid-late January if they are hoping to charge Liverpool prices. £20 would seem reasonable to me. Full house more important than marginally higher profit
  4. I can understand them not automatically giving it to ST holders again. A lot didn’t turn up or resell their seats against Wolves in the previous round. The majority of tickets being around £30 for this game is a bit of a joke though. Especially considering it’s midweek, on TV and we know both teams are highly likely to be second string. They should have made it at max £15 and it would sell out.
  5. Lolley would be a perfect replacement for Adomah for me - him and El Ghazi can swap sides. Reckon £15m would do it?
  6. Seems reasonable enough to me for an 'English' premier league striker. Hugill cost West Ham £10m. Tammy is a fair bit better and coming from Chelsea not Preston. Not too much more than that however
  7. Last team to do so was Leicester City in 92 and 93. Let's hope that will remain history! Saying that, look at them now
  8. dnmacf


    With us more than likely at home first leg, it’s going to be quite the week for ticket sales following the final game on Sunday. 5 days of sales before the Semi-Final first leg on Saturday 11th May. Will be interesting to see how sales are staggered relative to booking history.
  9. Lot of empty seats in the lower Trinity. Transport issues or sore heads?
  10. Looked like he was fouled in the build up ahead of the through ball to Tammy. Would have provided a better pass
  11. We look a bit flat but it's one half of football, no need to panic. We haven't conceded. Thought McGinn, Bolasie and Abraham all look up for it.
  12. We've had the better opportunities, Swansea haven't made much of their possession. Quite frustrating so far but plenty of time yet for us to develop into the game.
  13. In my view Bree struggled with Leeds physicality in the box today. There might be some games where he can play CB. Where we are likely to dominate possession for example, but under the pressure of their play, including their ability from set pieces, he was up against it. As mentioned by others, would definitely give him an extended chance at RB. Elmohamody was disappointing in defence yesterday. Our defensive issues are created by lack of CB cover. Got to be a key area for January
  14. 1 point or 0 point, disappointing when you've been 2-0 up at halftime. The late winner from them is sickening but that will happen from time to time playing top sides. That's football. Positives, we were in the game and created chances. Gave them a proper match and their top of the league right now so realistically we're not far off their level, if not equal. We've got our issues though, that's been clear for a while and they need to be addressed in January. We've already been making moves, bringing in another option in goal. Need more options at the back. Will be interesting to see how the new team, sporting director and management trio go about it. I have confidence we have the right people in place to resolve the issues which lost us three points today.
  15. Calf injuries don’t tend to be too serious if it’s just a strain. Needs rest which thankfully the international break will afford. Anyone else at ends with it still being 10 days till this game...
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