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  1. dnmacf

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wolves

    Don’t think anyone has mentioned as it thankfully didn’t define the game but in my view Jota should have been sent off for that challenge on Taylor. Completely unnecessary, he knew was never going to win the ball and it was dangerous.
  2. dnmacf

    Pre-Match Thread

    Looks like the team took a flight up there judging by social media. Not something I’ve seen Villa do often recently.
  3. dnmacf

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    The gap between us and Cardiff is the same as us and Fulham. I don’t think Fulham will be feeling so negative about 4 points so neither should we with the gap to Cardiff. Particularly as we’ve got to play them at home which could bring that down to 1point as well as other tough games against Wolves and Derby. It’s still ALL to play for, including that top spot!
  4. dnmacf

    Pre Match Thread

    They are a different threat and this will be a different type of game to last week. As such, I don’t think Jedinak’s defensive capability is as essential. They will most likely press us in possession. We may benefit more from having a better player on the ball with a better range of passing in the middle there - Bekir or Tuanzebe for me in this one
  5. dnmacf

    Pre Match Thread

    We’ve won the last 7, they’ve won the last 6 at home. Should be a very interesting contest.
  6. dnmacf

    Sam Johnstone

    Thought he deserved a mention for another clean sheet today in a high pressure game. Did everything asked of him comfortably. Always made the right choices as far as I could see.
  7. dnmacf

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Interested to see more of Grabban. He looks a pain for them, chasing everything
  8. dnmacf

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Don’t think Hogan was an essential sub to be honest, we don’t really need him to defend
  9. dnmacf

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Yep as said by everyone Hourihan has to go. Been very average. Also a bit concerned by Albert’s work rate since the goal. Need to use all 3 subs here I think
  10. dnmacf

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Terry getting caught with a through ball turning and running back towards goal. Always going to be an issue with older central defenders. Thankfully Chester was there to come across.
  11. dnmacf

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Jedi playing very well as CDM
  12. dnmacf

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    They certainly aren’t holding back with the tackles. A few nasty ones breaking the game up in the last 10mins
  13. dnmacf

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Takes the pressure off as much as it puts it on. It’s a chance created by others by ultimately the lads should be focused on winning and 3 points tomorrow irrespective of other results
  14. dnmacf

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Awful refereeing there, can’t be pulling that back for the foul when the ball is still in the box! Cardiff robbed of 2 points. We’ll take it though! Surprised they haven’t dropped off more to be honest. Always expected Cardiff and Sheffield Utd go drop back. Utd have, Cardiff not quite
  15. dnmacf

    Blose pre match

    We can target both sides with Grealish and Snodgrass. Probably the best wide players we've had since Young and Downing, can punish a defender both inside and outside. The stars are aligning for me on us winning this comfortably, we're the better side, better players, in form, full house, players fired up by Bruce's return from bereavement wanting to do him proud. Sure a derby is a leveller but we will take a lot of levelling at this point, we've lost once (I think?) at home in the league all season. A confident win (2 or 3) to nil for me. Could be considered partizan however!