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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Norwich

    Leicester won the Premier League last year and have made it to the quarterfinals of the Champions League without dominating possession or most other stats. When it comes down to it, in 90minutes if you score two goals and the other team score none, very little else matters. If this continues game after game, again, very little little else matters! We look really strong at the minute. It's primarily down to SB forming a good defensive unit which communicates well and benefitting from a clinical, skilful striker who is on form and clearly backs himself in most situations.
  2. And on recent form, Hutton also. You would also surely have Hogan out there by now, even if he isn't in the first 11 on form
  3. Pre Match Thread

    This will be an interesting match and isn't as unbalanced as league positions suggest. Whilst we've lost a lot of players through injury, we do still have a decent enough team with a fair bit of momentum. Thankfully we haven't lost players in defensive positions, nor from the spine of the team which should ensure the game remains tight. The wide positions and up top are more interchangeable. Huddersfield have a lot more to lose than we do which could favour us. Kodjia is evidently capable of something special at any point. Think we have a chance of nicking a result if we don't concede in the first half. Lets see how it goes. Great to be getting this much football as we needed to turn things around and build some character and momentum.
  4. Ratings and Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Thought Grealish was decent when he came on. The game was crying out for him far earlier. Would like to see him start next match although probably will be at the expense of Green. As bad as Adomah's been, he's scored and assisted more previously so probably keeps his place. Also Bree in for Hutton surely?! And Jedinak for Thor.
  5. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Good players do not make a good team, and when they do, they rarely do so overnight
  6. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Poor team selection for me but also can't solely blame Bruce. Our defence has been shocking and we have continually given the ball away needlessly all over the pitch. There's no calmness or control on this game
  7. Brought back fond memories of his finish against Liverpool for us when Benteke set him up at Anfield a few years ago. He was always a favourite of mine. Quite an inflexible player and difficult to fit into a system but if you have the right player around him and they are playing well, he can be great on his day.
  8. Tony Xia

    Just tweeted (post Bjarnason) another 99% + 50%. One would presume 99% is Hourihane. Lord knows what the 50% is now!
  9. Henri Lansbury

    Is it just me or does anyone else think he looks slightly unwell? Bags beneath the eyes and that beard. Has he dyed it? Saying that - welcome Henri. You'll be even more welcome when you start racking up the goals and assists. Sounds like we still need another slightly more creative/attacking central mid
  10. Pre-Match Thread

    As far as I'm concerned Villa aren't playing this weekend. I'll probably check the score Sunday evening and be delighted with anything better than a 3-0 loss. Hate to be so negative but that's how I'm feeling. I'm amazed with the amount of away tickets sold. Proof our away support is genuinely sadistic/unreal dependent on how you look at it
  11. Pre match thread - Leeds

    Very talented player capable of changing a game. Does need to apply himself more. Got to remember he's still only 21 and seems to be improving under Bruce's management.
  12. Pre match thread - Leeds

    The teams above us (Leeds included) have been earning points at similar rates despite us having won a few lately. As such, we have risen up the table fairly slowly. We need to start beating the teams around and above us in order to stand a chance of reaching the playoff spots. We haven't lost at home all season, including against Newcastle and I think we may benefit from having played Leeds already. I also feel we have a bit more quality in our side, with the likes of Kodija, Ayew and Grealish capable of producing something special to separate the teams. Yet we can can be disorganised at times, particularly in midfield. I'm hopeful and somewhat optimistic that if our midfield remain tight and work hard, we will get a favourable result. Looking forward to the game. Festive period under the floodlights with a decent crowd, should be a good match!
  13. Pre match thread - Leeds

    Judging by the seat plan for available tickets on our website, approximately 35-36k
  14. Pre match thread - Leeds

    Tickets in the Upper Trinity Road at £37! Wish we could reduce the price to encourage a sell out.
  15. Match Thread: Villa v Burton

    Wouldn't mind some pics of a full VP if everyone comes across anything!