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  1. ahhaha i meant 180 million my bad
  2. Didnt someone post on here that randy has been offered £180 but is holding out for more?
  3. I made up some information and posted it on twitter under "one use" account, and the info is now being thrown around over there like it's true. Makes you wonder really... Why would you do that?
  4. Linked to Pajtim Kasami on several sights today, would be a good signing from what ive seen!
  5. I couldn't wait any longer for a thread to start!
  6. links to Rodwell http://www.footballdirectnews.com/premier-league-news/42331-aston-villa-in-for-man-city-outcast.php#.Uxr-m3VJU5M so far
  7. I think the point he's trying to get to is where HE doesn't have to spend, and the club is generating enough money to cover wages and transfer fees. That's a pretty reasonable place to want to I totally agree with you, but the club isnt big enough to do that. Running at a profit is a priority but the club would never be able to make that much profit that we could pay for transfers as well as cover wages.
  8. "I want a really wealthy businessman to run my football club and not care about the business side of it because it's just sport" is an incredibly naive way to think about it. Also, winning and competition? With Aston Villa? fair enough about running the club at a profit, but in this day and age you have to spend in the prem. The sooner lerner moves on the better. I think all villa fans appreciate what he has done for the club but if hes not willing to spend then he shouldn't be here.
  9. Bridcutt to Sunderland - Cattermole to Stoke - Whelan to Norwich - Hoolahan to Villa good shout
  10. Talk of bridcutt going to sunderland for 3 mill looks a good player from what ive seen worth a punt?
  11. Can you elaborate on these "whispers"? http://www.astonvillarumours.co.uk/ i know its probably bullshit rumors but this is a "speculation" thread
  12. Any news or speculation? anyone herd anything on Markus Henriksen and Harmeet Singh. ive herd whispers..
  13. I read that he could play in any positions in the middle, could trained to play in the mystical number 10
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