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  1. Big no no for Helander. Hes a fighter but other than that not much at all, not very good overall. Dont rate him one bit.
  2. Bissouma and Trossard ran the show last night. Would like them both.
  3. A full weeks training will do the team and Ross Barkley the world of good. Pretty sure they havnt been able to train properly for about a month or so.
  4. I would love it if we signed Florian Grillitsch! I think he is out of contract in the summer.
  5. I think the clubs have to be flexible in this strange season, this time it´s Fulham. The next time it might be Everton or Brighton, who knows.
  6. Yep, this I cant get my head around? Man City had a game called off yet opened up their trainingground a day later? A few days later they played a PL game, but only the players with Covid not playing? Why werent their whole squad in isolation?
  7. Cant stand him. Absolutly no class whatsoever.
  8. As a swedish Villafan I just cant stand swedish Liverpoolfans. Rocket polishers all of them. Other than that probaly every footballfan on twitter is an utter tool.
  9. I did say we should do it in the summer when your business should be done, not in january...
  10. We should not try to sign a Targett replacement, Matt hasnt put a foot wrong so far. Also seems better trained and to avoid injuries. Worst case scenario Taylor could fill in for a game or two, in the summer when Taylor leaves then its time for a new lb. I'd try to loan a striker from somewhere that can get a few minutes when Watkins needs a rest. The only signing I'd would make in january is to try and get John Lundstram on the cheap, 6 months left on his contract, ideal back up to McGinn, wont demand a starting place, makes the squad bigger. Then make the signings we want in t
  11. Talking Louie Barry or Carney?
  12. Yep, agree. I watched King play for Norway and I dont think he would be a good signing for us. Useful, but at the end of the day an expensive player on the bench. Would rather go with what we'll have, and spend big on a couple of players next summer.
  13. Barren an injurycrisis I dont think we will sign more players, not now not in January. Probably keeping our powder dry for next summer and trying to keep on the right side with FFP. Next summer I´ll see us go for an LB and a maybe 2 CM's and maybe another CB. I'm fine with that.
  14. Engels is a perfectly good back up. Remember the "Mingels" partnership at the start of last season? Also remember when Engels looked like shit the whole team looked like shit. Major doubt is he could stay injury free though.
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