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  1. I thought he was really poor today. He gave the ball away in dangerous positions on numerous occasions. The whole of our midfield was totally dominated. Time for a few changes Dean.
  2. Fazilla

    Tommy Docherty

    Villa have got a lot to thank the Doc for. Before he arrived Villa were getting crowds of 12,000, but then he came in and claimed that he could get Villa in the top five of the old first division. I remember him paying £110,000 for the Rioch brothers and standing in the Holte when there were 59,000 watching us beat Southampton in a cup replay. There was never a dull moment with the Doc around and he helped to set Villa on the road to success. RIP.
  3. You really have to feel sorry for the Newcastle supporters having to watch the rubbish that Bruce's teams serve up and then listen to his pathetic excuses. Villa and Sunderland fans have heard it all before.
  4. Magnificent team performance. What is really pleasing is that the fringe players such as AEG, Hause and Traore have all made a contribution. There is real competition for places now.
  5. Stevie probably needs the Newcastle players to get their boots on.
  6. Fazilla


    Does anybody know how to book the official coach travel from Villa Park? I have looked on the avfc website and can't find a link.
  7. Just seen a picture of Jack with JPA with his leg heavily bandaged. Hope he is fit for tomorrow.
  8. The only thing that has made me laugh on another miserable afternoon.
  9. I must admit that I am not Whelan's greatest fan, but he changed the game when he came on. Fair play to him, but we desperately need more dynamism in midfield for next season. I can't see us making the play=offs this year.
  10. Perhaps you would have preferred the Bruce approach of throwing on as many forwards as possible in the vain hope that one of them scores. His subs included a forward and two midfield players. That hardly suggests somebody who is a coward. It is a manager who has inherited players who are not capable of playing the way that he wants.
  11. Imagine trying to get the likes of Whelan, Jedinak and Hutton to adapt to Smith's style of play.
  12. Probably none of them, but I am prepared to give Smith longer than three months before I start slagging him off.
  13. Comparing the team that played in the playoff final with the team that played today we have lost Johnson, Terry, Grealish, Snodgrass and Grabban. Give Smith time to bring in his own men and then judge him. Over the last few years we have changed managers regularly and look where it has got us.
  14. Well that was definitely something... I was told he’d make forward passes and bring energy but he touched the ball once in 20 minutes, didn’t complete a single pass, and got a yellow. So which one is true? Did he make 1 pass pr 11?
  15. Dean Smith has been left with some very poor players and I will only start to judge him when he has had a pre-season and a chance to get rid of the dead wood like Whelan, Hutton and Jedinak. He has also lost two of his best players in Axel and Jack, As for everyone wanting Brendan Rogers, there is a reason that Liverpool sacked him.. Yes he has done well at Celtic, but if Scott Sinclair can rip the league apart it says something about the quality of opposition.
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