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  1. And that thing might have been corporate manslaughter.
  2. You should always charge whenever you are near a charger, but that's OT in this thread.
  3. limpid


    Oops, I created them ages ago and hadn't made them visible. I'm surprised no-one told me.
  4. The Steam container for ChromeOS is due very soon. I suspect that the two run on the same platform (container). It will obviously only be useful with a reasonably powerful Chromebook, but there is at least one in production with a discrete GPU. Most of my Steam games will run on my core-i5 just fine though (I haven't bought anything on Steam in 5 or 6 years).
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    When they made up a date for Jesus to be born to stop pagan observance of the solstice, surely southern hemisphere Jesus would have to be born in late June
  6. I've never been to BH, but is the flood lighting adequate / licensed to be used for an 8pm kick off?
  7. I guess that's likely true, but there are two parties involved.
  8. Every infection is a potential mutation.
  9. Was the death caused by the vaccine? Or was it a simple coincidence that it happened around the same time as the vaccination? Correlation or causation? People get blood clots for all kinds of reasons.
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