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  1. I replied to you (by email as that's how it comes to me) asking you to follow the instructions at the top of the "site issues" forum. Can you check your email address is up to date?
  2. Honestly not sure I need the Pro. The standard one looks pretty good. I'd have considered the Pixel 3a but it isn't dual SIM.
  3. I wish it was an e-book @John_Lerwill
  4. But we are definitely going to make signings, play matches, have sponsors, sign contracts and wear kits. We have no idea whether we are going to sell Villa Park. Currently it's just off-season bollocks in a Murdoch rag.
  5. Unless you are in a position to buy the club in general, there's nothing that you can do about it. So personally, I'd worry about it if it happens.
  6. Who is "us" in this scenario? Whoever NSWE sell the club to? I think that might come up in the negotiations.
  7. @Shropshire Lad it's now fixed and working for me. You can delete multiple attachments too. I've increased the storage limit for established members. Donors get a lot more space.
  8. Google is coming. (They aren't, but it's shaking up the industry for our benefit.)
  9. Good guesswork, but unlikely. I have just reproduced this problem on my own account. I'll report it now. I'll also bump up the amount of storage for some users.

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