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  1. I've tried chrome on android on two phones and a tablet since last night. That suggests to me that it's something you've added to Chrome. Does it happen when you are incognito?
  2. I don't get this on any of my devices. Is anyone else seeing it?
  3. limpid

    General Chat

    Is that when you think the site was last updated? It's been updated twice since March and one of those was a major update You didn't answer my questions. I can't help much without info. And I need to work on my search skills - I assumed that you'd have started a new thread.
  4. limpid

    General Chat

    Upgrade? I turned on "lazy loading" earlier this week to make page loads quicker which might make things jump around on older browsers, but it's not that if you've been seeing it since the last upgrade. You've only posted once in Site Issues since January and that was about the "mark as read" button.
  5. limpid


    Please tell me it is not Sunrise.
  6. Villa v Everton Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  7. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.
  8. limpid


    There was a release today with some minor patches, but one of them would seem to fit what you are describing. Can you keep an eye on it from this point on and let me know if it happens again?
  9. limpid


    Thanks, I'll report this. Meanwhile, is anyone else getting the same? I got a notification for this thread so mine are working okay.
  10. limpid


    Please read the notes at the top of this forum and supply the requested information. Thanks Also, as it says, start a new topic for a new issue.
  11. This isn't the thread to moan about your mobile coverage.
  12. I don't think I own a device that can install the software any more.

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