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  1. Can anyone get this to happen every time to do some testing? It's not happening for me whether I'm logged in or not.
  2. Ah. Thanks for tagging me - as per the text at the top of the forum, I only get notified about new threads in this forum. It's a bad idea to reuse threads in this little forum. As has been discussed MANY times, sometimes rogue ads get added. We've had examples before where this only happens to people on one ISP, or one country, or on one mobile network. They clear themselves within a few days and it's never been worth trying to track them down.. There are extra ads shown to guests, so if it's not happening after you login, then stay logged in Has this been true for anyone else? If it's really affecting anyone so badly they can't use the site, then please be patient and it will resolve itself, or go to the store and go ad free for a month for the price of a cup of coffee. At least this time it's happened during the international break.
  3. limpid

    General Chat

    I'd guess the plasterboard is metal lined.
  4. limpid

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    They'd be sued into oblivion if someone fell in the toilets and couldn't call for help because of a signal jammer. It's illegal to use jammers in the UK. There won't be jammers.
  5. You'll owe nearly £20m to the tax man.
  6. limpid


    I remember when people said this about Sony. And then Microsoft
  7. limpid


    I guess this means that you think NVIDIA are big? Outside of PC gamers and techies I suspect very few people have heard of them.
  8. Why? Our kit this year wasn't made by Luke anyway, he just designed it.
  9. limpid


    It was only a matter of when, but I'm surprised Google are the first big player making an announcement about game streaming.
  10. Do you throw stones at the speakers?
  11. What does Christmas have to do with any particular religion? It's just another name for the winter solstice. You have to celebrate or the summer won't come back.
  12. Villa v Middlesbrough Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  13. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. The players' names will be added to the poll when a mod gets chance.

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