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  1. I don't think this is related as you have a different error. Did it happen once and did it work "after a few minutes"?
  2. There are a bunch due for launch in Q1 - many running in Snapdragon processors. Google seem to have stopped doing their own tablet, but the amount of work they've put into tablet mode in the last 12 months suggests that it's going nowhere. -even if they are simply doing it for convertibles. The Duet is so cheap, you might consider getting one and returning it if it isn't for you.
  3. Pixel Slate, Lenovo Chromebook Duet.
  4. You can't trust people with beards anyway. So that doesn't need a saying.
  5. How did it feel to have more mass than the universe?
  6. Yes. Except that you can't go faster than the speed of light.
  7. And if there were, they'd be there in incognito.
  8. You can't blame the phone if the app developers have removed the back button I've been using swipe from the left for back for long enough that I don't remember when I started. It's the same on Chromebooks too. Which version of Android did you move from?
  9. If it's working in incognito then I'm afraid it's a problem at your end. Something in your chrome profile is messing with it. I don't know what you mean by "removed all data". Did you go to History >> Clear browsing data?
  10. What new navigation? It's the same as my last two phones. What's changed?
  11. Villa v Leeds Please do not mention streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
  12. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. A mod will add the players to the MoTM poll later.
  13. I usually drop my postal vote into the polling station by hand. I have the postal vote in case I'll be away for an election.
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