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  1. We wouldn’t finish top half of championship with this lot.
  2. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t we.
  3. Still not having scored a headed goal this season is scandalous! We used to be brilliant at set pieces.
  4. No fight in this team. Shambles in midfield again. We are going down and Jack will be moving on.
  5. Spineless midfield all season. Without Jack we’d be below Norwich
  6. Oh a record needed to be broken: welcome to Villa Park!
  7. Said before that anyone we sign I will Support as a Villa player but Drinkwater doesn’t even look like he gives a shit! We need to start producing some talent instead of hoping on these loan players that come here for 50k a week and are just an empty shirt.
  8. Luis and Drinkwater in midfield it’s like we are playing man city with 9 men
  9. I think they are going for a much needed beer
  10. Pepe in the stands thinking “oh Jesus Christ this defense”
  11. Beat Drinkwater TWICE then Hause just backed off then Nyland beaten near post. Shocking defending
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