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  1. Ive driven 7km to work and been stopped 3 times. Didnt need fuel
  2. Im in a small town in Spain and theres a lot of fear mongering going on. We have the military on the roads now along with our 3 branches of police checking paperwork for the reason you would be outside. We are under quarentine for the next 2 weeks but they are saying they will extend that and are not allowed to leave the house unless to do the following. : to work,take the dog for a walk, go to hairdresser, supermarket, drycleaners, tobaconist, petrol station or the bank. its quite ridiculous, people have emptied shelves and fear is doing more damage than the flippin illness. These measures are only to try and stop the curve of the spread of the virus. However if you are in good health you really have little to worry about. All bars, restaurants ect are closed and this is going to surely cause another recession. :
  3. oh balls, vardy hasnt scored since before xmas. here we go
  4. Jack fewest touches in that half of any player on the pitch. I hope Deano is watching this half time anaylsis
  5. Anyone needing a record broken or some random stat ammended just come play the Villa. Leicester were apparently on a goal drought.
  6. Need to press them a little more and we look tired again but we playing away and its still 0-0 so lets all calm down.
  7. I need an early night, can we take a point now?
  8. 100% we have missed so many chances week in week out
  9. how many times have you posted this this season ?
  10. In my mind we are in 16th place why is everyone so worried?
  11. Good game, good cup run. You get better by playing the best teams and we gave a good account of ourselves. Wish there was a bit more positivity from our fan base. VTID
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