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  1. liverpool 6 games without a win. Oh heres Villa to oblige the win they needed ffs.
  2. ended up working all day, just got in. a point id take but how have we been today?
  3. Yeh true but did you actually watch the first 75? It was Sunday pub league stuff
  4. Unbelievable 15 mins! Well done Davis and Trez!
  5. In slow motion its gold! Someome will make a gif out of it
  6. Almost hit the corner flag we are getting closer
  7. It's not just the results, I've watched nearly every minute of those games and it's not football it's the kind of torture they could use on prisoners of war
  8. It can't be worse than the last 66 minutes though
  9. Traore as good on his feet as me after 10 pints. **** embarrassing going over like that
  10. Do we dislike Newcastle this much boys? Come on ffs
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