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  1. Yep, I‘be accepted we are relegated and I’m just trying to find some positives in this game
  2. They are all considered “good” until they spend a season at Villa and then we turn on them
  3. It’s the hope that kills you. I almost wish it could just be confirmed now and we are just put out of our misery. Sigh
  4. Shame he’s rarely in the box when he’s fouled then.
  5. Wham are safe, few weeks ago some were claiming Newcastle could be brought into the mix. Norwich, Villa and Bournemouth to go down, Watford score goals and we don’t.
  6. There’s no steel in our team, we are second to every ball. Our captain is a sulking spoilt kid when we need a leader that shouts at and or motivates the team during games and gets them to pull their socks up.
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