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  1. That’s a booking, no attempt made to win the ball and takes Grealish out. Wtf Is this ref on?
  2. Absolutely buzzing after that! Goals aside our midfield was stronger than I can remember and it was all just so positive. UTV!
  3. What a first half! I still can’t quite believe what I’m watching.
  4. Poor but I’d rather we finish stronger in the league than have a long cup run. Imagine an empty wembley for a cup final
  5. As said by many before me: 3 points is All that matters. When you can play badly and still win!!. UTV!!
  6. Agreed but we did sign drinkwater ffs so I’m not ruling anything out
  7. Been away for a few weeks thought I’d check in and see what was occurring. 473 pages!!!!? Can someone paraphrase all that please?
  8. UTV!! Thanks Jack by the skin of our teeth but Who cares.
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