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  1. After lasts weeks smash and grab we were all on a high. Villa doing what Villa do to bring us all back down before the international break. Luis and McGinn need coaching.
  2. Said this about 90 times this game. Luis too just looks uninterested and loses out what ever the task.
  3. Our midfielders would fall over on a windy day.
  4. Yeh they passed to each other in the warm up before the game
  5. Everyone has been utter shite today. Luis and McGinn are nobodys in midfield
  6. Last on match of the day 2 might be a good bet
  7. Normal standard from us when it comes to corners.
  8. That will be a concussion for target I think
  9. Hooking him at halftime won't help his confidence but I agree. He's been poor
  10. This loss? Come on tuco It's not over yet!!
  11. Just got in to see spuds score. I'll scroll through the last few pages now
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