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  1. **** the England result I don't care. If Jack gets injured however I'd be mortified
  2. And that's the hottest female the camera man could find in 115 mins of football at Wembley. You poor English men
  3. Worth 11 million and decides to be a ref. He's a happy serial killer maybe
  4. How many times you posted this tonight? Spot on mind
  5. How the **** they didn't score there
  6. Let's just hope they pass to him tonight
  7. Welcome aboard. I've been here since 40 mins
  8. Is he playing for penalties cos he's spent too much time on social media this week and he thinks he gets to take one?
  9. It's madness. We have been shit this half. Mount might of well been a cheerleader on the sideline for his contribution
  10. I think he might be a Villa fan and watching this half he wants an early lift closer to home
  11. How can anyone say he hasn't got a problem with grealish? This game is crying out for him yet again
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