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  1. Why couldn’t Kappa just make it sky blue w claret and white accents ??? Where does the royal blue come from? I get the lion claw marks, but sky blue would have been a better option
  2. If Tuchel is losing his shit then Joachim Löw has found it
  3. If Tuchel is losing his shit the Joachim Löw found it
  4. McGinn shoots when he should pass and passes when he should shoot , but he’s still a villa deity
  5. No chance Jack moves THIS summer. Maybe the next. Think Deano will give our young guns Carney snd JPB playing time w the FA YCF tomorrow ? Wish I could watch that here in the states.
  6. Hello fellow Villa mad supporters, Greetings stateside from the Chicago area. Been a die hard Villa fan since 1988-89. I was introduced to British football by an Irish spurs fan, started watching on US tv, and immediately was drawn to the David Platt, Tony Daley, era team. Been a die hard follower ever since. Football or Fußball as my father was German born has always been my passion. I played all my life at a high level and still do. Coached for over 22 years. i am happy to see Villa stabilized in the Prem and optimistic we will continue to build on this season. Hold on to Jack, Ollie, SJM, Emi, Ezra, Mings, Cash, Target. Every other vet first teamer has a price. Need quality and creativity in the midfield to take us to the next level as well as proven cover for Ollie. hole that was a good intro. UTV!!! Villa Till I Die!!!
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