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Buying a used car


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Hello fellow Villa supporters and occasional random internet people.


I know next to nothing about cars, but I'm soon going to be needing a new one.  I'm almost 25 and currently have a W-reg Fiesta, which is the second car I've owned, the first being a P-reg Fiesta.  Clearly, I'm not a particularly thrill-seeking type in general.


However, the car's on its way out and I'd like to get something slightly more exciting before I become boring and have to spend all my money on children etc, and I've moved house recently so will be driving a slightly longer to get to/from work (little over an hour a day though, so not a huge amount of time really).  I'm probably looking at £4k tops, although I'd possibly stretch to £5k for something ideal.


Basically, I want something that's fairly reliable (I'm hardly wealthy, being in my second year of teaching at the moment, and know very little about maintenance/repairs myself) but fun/sporty, without looking ridiculous, costing too much to run, or being too big.  I would love an RX8 - I've always liked them and apparently they're great to drive - but the economy is terrible and, from what I've read, I fear that I'd be paying for expensive repairs after a few months.


However, I've not really seen anything else that I really want.  I thought about a Fiesta ST but they seem a little boy racer-y, and an MX5 but they look a bit like a woman's car to me, and I've heard they're awful in poor conditions.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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That's the thing, generally I'd be happy with something like that, but just for a couple of years I'd like something a bit more exciting, without having to worry too much about costs etc - I just don't know if that's possible with my budget.

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currently for sale for £2995 in Worcester


drive it for 18 months with the other grand in the bank for any garage bills


sell it in 18 months / 2 years for the same money you bought it for


tax exempt

classic insurance


free motoring

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My suggestions:


Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI


160 ps, 230 lb ft, 60 MPG, incredible pull and power, £250 will give you 200 ps and 300 lb ft. Ultra reliable, racing parts such as 312mm discs and AP Racing 4 pots.


Skoda Octavia vRS mk2


Petrol version is affordable in your budget, 200 ps, very smooth modern engine, great chassis, really nice interior. Essentially a Golf GTI with a boot.

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1972 Lincoln Continental, £4,900


not sure what the mpg is but it looks quite economical


if you could get yourself a big hat and a cane and persuade your missus to dress a bit skanky you'd have the whole look going on

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the Lincoln is up north, whiplegate* or some such place, but currently for sale in the UK


it wasn't a serious suggestion, the Merc was!



* actually its Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland

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