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HRH The Villa Fan


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By Drat

As part of the new AVFC regime, VT have been asked to interview on a regular basis probably the most important fan we have. To protect his modesty, he has asked just to be known as HRH Billy. Here is the interview

VT: HRH Thanks for talking to us

HRH: No problemo dude, happening, down in ones hood

VT: Erm OK, same back. First question how long have you been a Villa fan and how come our great club?

HRH: Well one’s been a fan for a long time now, it all started when my mother thought I should be more in tune with the kids so leave rugger to Aunty Anne and get involved with footy. Which team wasn’t a problem; my Nan had said that Mama would never get the Palace so they were out, so I chose the next biggest house. You can never have too many houses you know.

I did think about Birmingham City but apparently they have a lot of titled fans already. Someone told me their fans were a load of counts.

VT: Great. So are any of the other members of your “family†football fans?

HRH: Well my bro Harry, or Steven Davis as I call him, is a gooner. I think Uncle Edward is a fan too as his eye’s lit up when Harry said he was going to watch the Arse. My grandfather hates Man Utd though especially the manager as often I have heard him saying that Fergie is a ginger *****. I think he is getting him mixed up with McLaren

VT: So who is your favourite Villa player?

HRH: One’s Pablo Angel

VT: Would you like to see any new players at Villa

HRH: I think the new manager, should get someone who can create chances. Not a French man though because according to my father they are rubbish at taking corners.

VT: What do you think of Mr Lerner?

HRH: (giggles) you mean Randy? (giggles again and blushes). I think he’s a fine chap and is a lot better than the old fellow. He came down once to Grandma’s house to get an OBE but tried to big it up with talk of overhead kicks and challenging her to a game of tennis. Grandma said later he smelt just like the queen mother which brought a tear to all of our eyes. We all thought that Harry must have been related to the new chap as he’s often been called a slow learner.

VT: When you go to the match do you get involved with the singing etc?

HRH: Oh ya, at Chelsea the other evening I tried to get the others singing with a few renditions of My Garden Shed, but the people I was with pointed out that my Garden Shed is in fact bigger than any football ground. So then I started a rendition of My Old Man, but that fell on deaf ears probably due to My Old Man being the One King and all that.

VT: So other than JPA do you have any other favourite players?

HRH: Berger (King)

VT: Hmmm good one. Lastly for now will we see you logging on to villatalk to talk with the fans?

HRH: Of course, I may have to hide who I am though; maybe I could be something like AVFCofWales?

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