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  1. Sorry - the name didn't look particularly legal. My mistake.
  2. Please, please keep this on a discussion on LEGAL music sites. Anything illegal will close this thread.
  3. I saw Doctor Who at Villa, once. Well Christopher Ecclestone inside the Holte Suite.
  4. Oh, and behaving like animals just because they had been relegated. Pathetic. They should be deducted points for next season for failing to control their fans.
  5. It's sad, it really is. Hang on, not it isn't. Their team, to be fair isn't that bad. There are worse teams in the division - Fulham - how on earth they've stayed up I dunno. Reading too, I can't believe they've stayed up. But they deserve to go down. For the past two weeks all I've heard is David Gold banging on about this and that. Gold's pathetic constant rants about Villa, jealous of the money, success and team we have. It's really, really tedious. What was it Gold said about Villa Park? He felt so intimidated that he wouldn't return (yet, I remember the small heath response to a
  6. if you need to send the same txt to two seperate people, you have to type it out twice, apparently. thats a bit crap.
  7. Don't blame it on the sunshine, Don't blame it on the moonlight, Don't blame it on the good times, Blame it on Delaney
  8. click download at the bottom - its a scanned .tif file
  9. Ok then, fresh from my own hands.... http://www.savefile.com/files/3554173 I only did that 'cos it gave me an idea...
  10. Villa Talk regular studies DOL latest statement to try and find something he finds disgusting with it
  11. AHAHAHA. Brilliant last few - Loved the books and Richard's one about Blandy!
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