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Twitter Wars Thread


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this is a thread to discuss all the twitter wars that goes on seems its very often it happens. the latest being lord sugar vs tulisa from n'chavs i mean n'dubz. quite hilarous really

Tulisa brands Lord Sugar a "t**t" after he asks: 'Who is she?'

Contostavlos has called Lord Sugar a "t**t" after he questioned her judging skills on The X Factor.

The pair exchanged a series of heated Twitter messages after the Apprentice boss claimed the singer has no talent.

"Can you tell me who the hell this Tulisa bird is on X Factor, she's in the celeb section of The Sun and Mirror every day. What has she done?" Sugar tweeted.

He added: "This Tulisa talks nonsense on X Factor, what qualifications does she have to judge singing talent. Please advise where I am missing the point."

Tulisa hit back: "As someone that came from nothing to something maybe u should have a little more respect for people that have done the same.

"I have grafted from the age of 11 with my band NDUBZ, we wrote & produced all our music, sold 3 platinum albums, 3 sell out tours, the last being an arena tour & a number 1 debut solo single! I have worked my bloody ass off!

"So mr lord of judgement - stick to judging on The Apprentice & I'll stick to what I know MUSIC #itsaNOfromme."

She later wrote to her followers: "Soz bout that tweet peeps. But that t**t has been bad mouthing me since last year! Who watched XF? Some amazing talent this year right?"

He replied: "What do you know? That is the point. Don't insult me by comparing my humble beginnings with yours."

Sugar also insisted that he is "the first to recognise talent", adding: "She has none."


they go about social media bullying and celebs are just as bad as kids.

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Well done Mr. Sugar, I agree with him it's very rare you find someody with decent musical credentials actually sitting on a panel on these shows.

NDUBZ are a joke and precisely what is wrong with music (and I use that term very lightly).

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to be fair i agree with sugar on his views but he's almost just as bad IMO

for how many years did he stick his 10p in during red top interviews and whore himself about on tv until everyone knew who he was and he got his own show? ratehr than stick to his business and his millions he went seeking fame too

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