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So I've had a long weekend off as my folks were visiting, coming down from Yorkshire to see the house for the first time. The trip served a duel purpose for them, as they were finally able to offload all the crap of mine that's been cluttering up their loft for the last decade. This crap consists predominantly of large chunks of my other collection (the not-football-shirts one). To wit...


That accounts for about a third of my Transformers. The truly scary thing, that box in the top right of the pile - the blue F1 car (Mirage, if you're a saddo like me) - as of 2007, it was worth over £400 (and yes, I know the wallpaper and carpet are horrific; this house hasn't been refurbished since the 70's).

Shockwave must be worth a bit - I could never get my hands on him.

I've a fair amount of transformers up in the loft including some rare American only ones. I've not seen them in 20 odd years but they must be worth a few quid. My brother has all the comics from about issue 20 onwards as well.

Despite this, none of us really care for the modern comic book films and I've not seen any of the Transformers remakes. I guess my interest ended when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles completely took over the scene (which I resented as a kid). It's also around the time we acquired an Atari ST (which took over my youth).

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