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TV comedy of the year


What was the best TV comedy of the year?  

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  1. 1. What was the best TV comedy of the year?

    • Green Wing
    • Little Britain
    • Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere
    • Peep Show
    • The Mighty Boosh
    • Other (please state below)

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Simple enough question, there have been some absolutely superb comedy series this year, really top notch stuff (obviously no Alan Partridge.... but that's another matter) and the top 4 are very close, I've put them in alphabetical order so as not to sway the vote by putting my choice top (oh what a coincidence, it's top anyway :D)

My top 5 in order would be:

1) Green Wing - so very very good, didn't think it would work, but it did, and with some style, i think it had 8 episodes, each of them an hour, and each of them absolutely brilliant, people didn't like the way it ended on a cliffhanger, quite literally, I like that

2) The Mighty Boosh - Why hasn't it made a prime time slot? 5 billion times better than the Smoking Room which I didn't do the justice of adding into the poll it was that shit, I've no doubt Nays will choose this as his favourite of the year and I can't say I blame him, it's a completely different kind of humour to Green Wing so it depends what mood I'm in as to whether I prefer this or Green Wing, at the moment it's GW but it changes all the time, any program that comes up with things like a Klu Klux Goose and other greatness is worthy of a watch in my opinion (but I keep forgetting as it's on at 7 :evil:)

3) Peep Show - Another absolute work of genius, as good as, if not better than the first series, filming most of it from the view of the characters (both what they can see and hear and most importantly their thoughts as well), again something I wouldn't have thought it would work but having watched the first series I knew it would, very cringing at times, far more so than the first 2, GW is slightly, TMB not at all, different sort of humour again really, filthy language, explcit scenes, whatever, all the better for it I say, absolutely brilliant, haven't seen this weeks episode yet but can anyone tell me what happened after they were prodding Jeff (yes I've remembered his name, no idea whether it's Geoff or Jeff though) through the letterbox with a broom to get him away from sophie? did he just go away or what? I guess not as wouldn't make a great storyline... Not enough Johnson in this 2nd series for my liking but hey, can't have everything

4) Little Britain - Completely different again, sketch show for a start which makes it different, one of the only ones about at the moment and the only decent one, mainstream appeal and the only one of the shows (apart from maybe Max and Paddy) where you can quote the catchphrases in conversation (go on, you know you want to quote that sentence and say "yeah I know"!). I do really like it, but shame they got rid of the scottish hotel owner, he was one of my favourites, and while some of it got a bit tedious it kept coming up with new stuff and was consistently funny, got huge coverage in the press who seem to think it's comedy of the year, it's not, but it's very good, shows the quality of comedy this year I guess (yeah i know)

5) Max and Paddy's road to Nowhere - Well it's 5th, but a distant 5th really, a little bit disappointing after Phoenix Nights but definitely wasn't as bad as the critics made out, didn't they understand it or something? It had a lot to live up to, and in all honesty it didn't really live up to it until the final episode, which I thought was absolutely superb, Billy the Butcher ("you know how he got his name don't you?" "yeah, cos he was a butcher before he became a doorman...") and all that, doubt we'll see a 2nd series of it though, I'd love to see a 3rd series of Phoenix Nights but I can't see it happening. Final thing; nice catchphrase to come out of this "ow dare you", which is quite widely used around my area, it's not "can you 'ear me now, can you 'ear me now you lanky streak o' piss" but it's still good!

So there you have it, my top 5, I'd expect Little Britain to come out top, purely because more people have watched it, don't know what I expect to come 2nd really, we shall see, that's the beauty of the polls, vote away

note - I was going to put the jasper carrot sitcom in the poll as a joke but it was that poor I can't even remember its name (don't tell me as I'll assume you don't have a life if you know :D)

Also if there's a glaring omission from the poll, which there probably is, I'll add it in, I'm not too good at remembering what went on at the start of the year!

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Haven't seen most of those mentioned but I am a big fan of Little Britain but I didn't vote for it I voted "Other"

Because at the mo I think "Mine All Mine" is probably my fave, having an almost exclusively Welsh background, the characatures in it are so well observed its scary. These people exist on an everyday level, not as exagerated but they do exist everywhere I've been in South Wales Candy Zeta is my mates missus. The storyline is absolutely absurd and that appeals to me aswell.

Much under-rated imho

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I think Pat covered it all in the original thread, but for me, the answer has to be The Mighty Boosh.

Its a work of utter, utter genius. Im disgusted that BBC2 have put it on at such a crappy time. Its funnier than The Smoking Room, and Little Britain (which while amusing, is just an extention on the "wait for the catchphrase" humour of The Fast Show, and it can get boring after a while) The Boosh deserved better than what the BBC did to it.

Peep Show

Just very, very funny, and a very original twist on a classic odd couple comedy situation. Fantastic stuff.


As has already been mentioned, its not really a comedy, but more of a light hearted drama, like Auf Wiedersehen pet was, but it is beautifully written and charmingly funny. It also conains one of the great TV characters, Frank Gallagher.

Cant wait for the new episodes.

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Guest RantinRob

I went for Little Britain, as it's new to me because I missed the first (two?) series and am still catching up. I love the catchphrases (I was a massive Fast Show fan too)

Peep Show second for me.

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this was only the 2nd series of Little Britain, I loved the Fast Show as well, comedy which you can quote over and over again to the point of even annoying yourself has got to be good! :D

Interesting to see Peep Show is top so far, wasn't really expecting that

Never seen Mine all Mine or Shameless so can't really comment on them

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did anyone see the twisted as **** "Nighty Night" when it was on?

yes, I love dark twisted comedy but that was just too far for me, very funny in parts but just too cringing, it was painful, very well written though and very clever

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Cant beat watching the old repeats given some of the shite on tv nowadays.

I think people look back on the past as better than it actually was, that was kind of my point in this thread, when was the last time there has been so much good comedy in one year? A good while back I'm sure, people don't tend to give new stuff a chance, they write it off very quickly, "the old stuff is the best"

That's not saying I don't like Only Fools and Horses, Father Ted, Dad's Army (in small doses) and of course Fawlty Towers, I love all of those, but this year I think has been particularly good, most of those comedies weren't around at the same time (apart from Only Fools and Horses and just about everything as it's been going for ever

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