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Had an offer on my house what should I do?


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Hopefully one of my fellow villatalkers can give me some advice. I have got my house on the market for £139,950. Cracking house doesn't need any work. Couple of lovely features like a newly plastered living room and I have recently re-tiled the bathroom and put on a stair bannister and done a lovely job.

Anyway I have had quite a few viewings and then a right clown turned up with his missus.

He had a good look round and on leaving said he was going home to and I quote "crunch some numbers ". The cheeky **** then contacts the estate agent and offers 126k. Talk about taking the piss. Not being the kind of bloke to mess around I have told the agent to tell the strange looking fella the minimum I will take is 133k. Well the agent has now told me he has again gone off to crunch some more numbers, yes he actually used that phrase again ( the agent was pissing himself when he told me ) but felt he could go no higher than 130k and may be back in touch in a few days time.

The question is could you trust a guy who looks like the bloke pictured below or should I simply tell him to do one?


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Why on earth did you say 133 ??

You've dropped the price too low to quick !

You should have said 137

Then he comes back at 133

Then you settle at 135

Seems to me you have completely ballsed this one up

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I'd refuse to sell to anyone who uses cliches.

However, really depends how much you actually want for it. Remember he's always going to offer under, so saying 'your absolute minimum' is not advised unless you were, as i hope you are, lying.

If someone offers what you were willing to accept then you can't get hung up about who it is. As long as it's someone with the money then it really makes no difference what they're like, what they're planning to do with the house, etc.. although I don't blame you for wanting to 'approve' who moves in..

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What happened to the good old days when buyers outbid one another on your property

Ah, the good old days when people could afford houses.

Until you can get a house without having 18 months salary lying around as deposit then there's never gonna be competition.

Quite frankly, as dodgy as the picture on the OP looks, they are the only people now that can afford to make offers on houses. (must be all that number crunching they do)

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Depends on how urgently you need the money or want to sell. How long it's been on the Market for? how many viewings have you had.

If you need the money (to fund purchasing another property) then you may have to take the low offer!

If the house has been on the Market for a long time, 9 months+, then you probably best taking the offer, if it's only been on a month the you can take a chance and hold on for a better offer.

If you've only had a few viewings in a long time, then again might be worth taking the lower offer. Really does depend on your personal circumstances.

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