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Greatest Rock Front Man


Who is the greatest front man in rock music history?  

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  1. 1. Who is the greatest front man in rock music history?

    • Mick Jagger
    • Freddie Mercury
    • David Lee Roth
    • Bon Scott
    • Robert Plant
    • Roger Daltrey
    • Other

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I depends what you mean by front man

For me, the phrase implies something about charisma, the way the guy interacts with his audience moreso than for example his singing ability or songwriting skills or how he plays the guitar or whatever.

For this reason, I wouldnt rate Bon Scott that highly, although I really love ACDC from that era, and would vote for Brian Johnson ahead of him simply because Brian knows how to own a crowd. Similarly,although I love Thin Lizzy,Phil Lynott could sometimes be a bit static, not the worlds greatest front man.

Got to be Jagger doesnt it? (With an honourable mention to Jarvis Cocker)

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For me it'd have to be Daltrey. Although (even though I'm not a fan) I have to say that the way Freddie Mercury walked on stage and instantly OWNED Live Aid was rather special.

Rod Stewart in his Faces days was pretty special, too.

But here's a real left-field nomination - Paul Jones (The Blues Band, ex-Manfred Mann). I saw the BB years ago, and was amazed at how he worked the crowd - had them eating out of his hands. Really impressive, and surprising.

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I voted for Freddie, standout winner from that selection. Didnt see the 'other'

If it was up to me it I would give shouts out for Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Cedric Bixler (At the Drive in and The Mars Volta, probably the best gigs I have ever been to even though I am not keen on the albums, the performance made it.)

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I remember years ago an ex girlfriend of mine dragging me along to see Judas Priest play live somewhere in brum.

I have to say, I've been to thousands of gigs and seen thousands of frontmen but that night Rob Halford completely blew me away. Totally controlled the crowd, put every last bit of his energy into the songs and made the whole experience far more enjoyable than I thought possible. A high level of stagecraft indeed.

So my vote would probably go to the leather-bound Tim Brooke Taylor lookalike.

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