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vs Small Heath Preview


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By TrentVilla

A little look at our city neighbours impending visit to Villa Park

As the final whistle blew at Pride Park on Saturday it was hard to simply enjoy the moment without thinking more about lay ahead rather than what we had just witnessed.

As I write this its just 6 days until our cross city rivals drag their knuckles across the city and the second city does battle. So what can we expect over the next few days and the match itself?


With both sides of the city starting to focus on the upcoming meeting at Villa Park so far things have been remarkable quiet. Usually by this stage the collection of misfits that is the Small Heath board have had something to say about us or how they are set to emerge from our shadow or about us saying something mean about them.

In recent years we have had the Mellberg article in which he in short he said he didn’t like them very much to which they took huge offence. Then there was the ‘Pig in mud’ comment ahead of the last clash by the General which Brady and the rest of the board were up in arms about, anyone would think the General cast aspirtions about the legality of their business practices.

Yet this year its remarkable quiet perhaps it’s the absence of the likes of Savage, Dunn or Bruce to add fuel to the fire or perhaps, just perhaps they have just had something else occupying their time? Such as the old bill for example.

Kick Off

It’s a 12pm kick off this one and thanks to those at Sky who got caught up in the wank fest that was the return of the Messiah to the temple of mediocrity that is St James’ Park if you have got a ticket you aren’t going to see it.

Although luckily for Small Heath the early kick off is great news for the Blues board who will now be able to attend without breaking the conditions of their Asbo’s. So if you can’t be at the game Villatalk is the place to be…..


Despite the fact that Small Heath have always lived in our shadows the record books show that this fixture has been closer down the years than many probably realise.

Villa WinDrawSmall Heath Win

League 412736

FA Cup 210

League Cup522


However recent form is certainly with us having won the last 3 of these fixtures so if your getting worried about the upcoming game enjoy the links below.

Cahill magic

Team News

Well the good news is that Aston Villa’s very own Mr Motivator Nigel Reo Coker managed to get through the Derby match without picking up a booking. Anyone who has watched him this season will know that this is some achievement for our Nigel who seems to have a passion for picking up pointless cautions.

Meanwhile John “he is bigger than me and you” Carew looks likely to be fully fit following his stroll around the Park in Derby on Saturday.

The only possible absentee from the Villa ranks it would appear is Craig Gardner who continues to battle against an ankle problem. Rumours that he is going to be ‘waiting to welcome them’ by the leisure centre and believed to be unfounded.

For Small Heath Damian Johnson is suspended which is great news for the ankles of all our boys. The game also seems the return of Agent Ridgewell who is sure to be the focus of special attention of the Holte End.


Well the omens are good, we’ve won two on the bounce scoring 10 without conceding while their form has been patchy so to the cautious amongst us will probably be thinking we will draw or get beat.

However the difference in quality in the sides is apparent and under MON we seem to be far better equipped than in years gone bye for these games.

So I’m saying home win and hopefully a helping hand towards relegation.

My other predications being that free from the prospect of suspension NRC will get booked. I also have a feeling this may be Mellberg’s last appearance for Villa as he sits out the rest of the season on suspension for trying to implant his size 10 boot in the rectum of one of their players.

Why we should beat them?

Because there isn’t a single one of their players who would get into our starting 11. We are a better team and we have better individuals, we have MON who knows how to win a derby and will know exactly what to expect from McLeish.

Why should we like them?

Other than the fact they provide constant amusement there simply isn’t any other reason. They are quite simply a stain on the landscape of our city.

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all i want is 3 points. I don't care if its a 1-0 win by an own goal in injury time.

Thanks to chelsea winning last night everton are getting in shooting range of battleship villa. A win for us at the weekend and a Pompey loss to Man city away and we are 6th win everton next to play.

Cross your fingers, who'd of thunk it potentially going into our game against everton we could be slugging it out for 5th....

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I think Zarate might get in our starting XI.

Really? He can't get in their starting eleven at the moment though... :shock:

That's because he's quality, and would therefore be completely incompatible with the sh1te that IS in their starting 11.

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