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Your Clearings in the Wood


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A place to name and shame your clearings in the wood. Evidence your claims, please. There is little point naming someone without providing evidence

My starter for ten

Doesn't matter how she dresses it up, that's a sore loser. Always been a horror anyway but this is just her latest atrocity. It's impossible to fathom why she thought to tweet that was a good idea

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2 hours ago, villa4europe said:

im going to take it OT straight away...well done wolf alice, great band, glad they won


I saw them in Madrid in July ,without knowing who they were ..anyone who upsets Lilly Allen is cool in my book

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I didn’t realise she was still putting out albums.

Anyway, although I suspect Bickster could quite happily see this thread turn into us complaining about Lilly Allen, I reckon someone needs to join Keith’s offspring.

Step forward Janet Street Porter.

Just a gobshite. I don’t know why she’s been a public presence for so long. 

Evidence? Lots to pick from. But this episode of “Would I lie to you?” is satisfactory. I could point to a few things in this, but especially around 20 minutes in, going up to David Mitchell and just being, well, a clearing in the woods. Just weird. It comes to something when Davina McCall appears completely likeable. You can literally see the other panellists looking fed up with her from two minutes in.

I can only assume she resorts to being unnecessarily aggressive and sarcastic because she doesn’t have the nouse or sense of humour to take part in these sort of shows, but she’s “outspoken” therefore people want her on (but I bet they don’t really).

Side note - A tip of the hat to Dave Gorman for summing up her lack of wit for the following exchange (around 3:30). Or if you’d rather not hear her incessant squawking -

Porter - Unlike you Rob, my IQ makes double figures.

Gorman - I think it’s triple figures you’re aiming at.


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