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How much of a t*** is Avram Grant?


How much of a t*** is Avram Grant?  

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  1. 1. How much of a t*** is Avram Grant?

    • Lay off him. Not only is he smart, he is a pretty handsome man
    • He's ok. I like him
    • He's not too bad
    • Bit harsh, but yes, he is a tw***
    • You're right! I didn't realise until now just how much of a t*** Avram Grant is!
    • He is a total t***. I know it, my kids know it, heck even my wife knows it! In fact, it's so obvious that Avram Grant is a t*** that this thread is totally unnecessary

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Right, well in light of recent events I have come up with a new invention: The Avram Grant clearing in the woods-o-meter. I may start testing it every week to see how is ratings improve because ever since he has taken over at Chelsea, he has become one of my most hated characters in football. Here are som reasons why:

"I would say that the referee and the assistant should be honest,” Grant said. “They thought he’d saved it with his hand, but it was his head. I expected him, at the appeal, to be honest. He said that Ashley saved it with his hand, but the television shows he saved it with his head. Now they’re saying head to chest and maybe touching his hand. I expected them to say they are sorry, they were wrong - like [Ricardo] Carvalho did [after he was sent off for a two-footed challenge in the same match]. They have to be honest about it. If it [the appeal] is for nothing I’ll think about not bothering again in the future.”

Chelsea boss Avram Grant has defended centre-back Ricardo Carvalho following his sending off against Aston Villa. "For me what's important is that Carvalho did not intend to hurt the player - I didn't see any intention," he said.

I think first if Peter Crouch didn't do what he did, which everybody saw, then Mikel would not be in that position," said Grant.

"The one thing I know is that Mikel could not continue and if you remember I

subbed him five minutes later.

"It was a bad injury. I heard that Peter Crouch is a nice guy so he needs to look at himself and see what is wrong and look forward - not to find any other excuse.

"Mikel trained today but he is not 100%.

"The only thing I can think about is that he (Crouch) spoke about the players who play in his team. He knows the foreigners in his team very closely. I don't think he knows much about other foreigners."

I don't think that in this instance [in the Premier League], it is easy to be a referee. The game is much quicker and much more aggressive. So I will not complain about the referees," he said on Sky Sports News.

"But the main discussion of the last two months has been that about if Chelsea send three or four players to the referees to complain about a decision.

"I think this is wrong. The main issue is to protect the game and protect he players from bad injury.

"The main discussion needs to be about this, not about how many players run to the referee.

I could go on about this hypocritical, clueless, gormless, fugly, dreary, boring excrutiating arse of a man, but i wont. But as it is a democracy on here, I think whether or not Grant is a t*** should be voted on. It's only right

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Thing is, his player said he didn't touch it and the videos are inconclusive. To be honest, I think they show more of a header than a handball.

Not that I care much, but the dude has a point and he knows he is getting **** in the league by Arsenal and United so he has to find excuses;)

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I am not so impressed by him. He seems very boring too...

But on the issue that has brought this thread to life I cant say he is any different to all managers...they all see what they want to see...and clearly holds a blind eye when things arent going their way and always ply innocent...

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