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  1. Anyone consider the effect this has on helping to balance the league? Envisage a situation whereby Moyes plays 1 up front until Rooney picks up 5 yellows and gets banned for one match, so for that match he plays RVP instead (ie the current system). Same situation happens at a club with only one decent striker, and a personal suspension/punishment for that player becomes a larger punishment for the team as theyre forced to play a less effective striker. Envisage the new system. Rooney makes 5 fouls which would result in the sin bin Another club with one decent striker makes 5 fouls that
  2. I've never been to Ottawa airport but I'd have thought 90minutes would be easily long enough, if you're simply transferring then a customs check again should be un-necessary.
  3. Flec

    FIFA 10

    I'm having an issue getting the accomplishments for penalties and free kicks in the arena. No matter how many times I score I don't get credited anything. I press back to go into practice, choose free kick and set it up but it doesn't unlock. Am I missing something obvious?
  4. Rumour has it that James Milner has stopped the use of the Villa team bus, he prefers to take the players,staff and baggage to away fixtures on his horse and cart
  5. Particularly enjoyed the "Champions League, you're 'avin a laugh" and the collective sigh from the Holte
  6. To echo the thoughts of others, my first european game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However we arrived half hour before kickoff and found scarves were sold out, it was announced on the loudspeaker there would be a rerun (i think it was scarves), how is it possible to get hold of one of these?
  7. I have no problem with that Awesome thanks
  8. any objections to use in avatars here?
  9. Because he is, hes an england regular and previous (atleast) england captain
  10. As it's still preseason, thought we could have a little discussion about the first prem manager to become unemployed. Can start a poll if we've got some sort of consensus.... I'm going to say Southgate, don't ask me why, just a feeling. *edit* Seems you cant add poll options once people have started, meh
  11. tonyh29: To attempt to reply for the general.... The difference between Villa's situation and your example is that the chance you and the person you purchased your house from doing another deal in the near future is small, thus the fact you (presumably) overpaid for your house doesn't matter, that and the fact you wont buy another house soon. If we bought Bentley for say £25million (a price most would agree is a bad deal for us) from Blackburn, even if he is a great success on the pitch we've permanently weakened our negotiating position. In the future if we go to buy a player the club will
  12. ACDC just edged it, and SurreyAV: saw satch week ago on monday at birmingham symphony hall. Truely epic, far better than Vai
  13. I was in tears watching those interviews, hilarious
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