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Weekends Football Premier League Final Day 13 May


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Premier League 

Burnley v Bournmouth 

Palace v Albion 

Huddersfild v Arsenal SS2

Liverpool v Brighton SS Main Event 

Man Utd v Watford 

Newcastle v Chelsea SS2 Red button 

Southampton v Man City Sky Mix 

Spurs v Leicester 

Swansea v Stoke 

West Ham v Everton 

MOTD 10.30pm 

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To try and make it interesting me and my mates each pick a match at random and the highest scoring match wins. 

A few years back it was a jäger bomb for every goal that went in your game. My one mate had Baggies 5-5 Man Utd and had work the following day.

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1 hour ago, Dr_Pangloss said:

I love how Sky hype up the losers league of who gets to seal fourth place, no one cares.

It doesn't help when Lloris said finishing 4th was more important than winning a trophy at Spurs. 

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3 hours ago, Xela said:

44 points cemented 10th

Shows how poor the league is. 

not necessarily, it shows a more even distribution of quality between the teams below 8th. There’s a bigger gap between the top teams and the rest than 90s and 00s tables, like there’s no mid table mediocrity anymore. seems to me that’s a reflection of modern football.

I think the quality or at least relative quality of the teams at the top of the Championship and bottom half of the Premier League is a lot closer now than ever before, because Championship teams are better and mid table teams are worse. I don’t think the mean has changed.

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