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Weekends Football 25/27 August


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There is absolutely nothing shocking about this Arsenal performance.

What is shocking is that Wenger is still in the job and is too arrogant to see the issues in his team that everyone else can see.

Shocking, no. Laughable, yes.

They could be 4 down here, it reminds me of when United put 8 past them at Old Trafford.


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3 minutes ago, VillaChris said:

Arsenal are shocking.

As Trent says though it's not surprising. They've been like this in the big games for years.

How many times have they been undone in big games by sides starting strongly and coming at them?

Its the same old thing with them time and time again.

I'd be very interested to see Wenger's record in games against the top 6 in the last few years.

He changed English football when he arrived but the game has moved on again and he is yesterday's man now just as others were when he arrived.

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