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Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan


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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Steer
    • Bree
    • Elphick
    • Clark
    • De Laet
    • Adomah
    • Doyle-Hayes
    • Gardner
    • Bjarnason
    • Hogan
    • O'Hare
    • McCirmack (O'Hare 73)
    • Lyndon (Doyle-Hayes 78)
    • Suliman (Hogan 81)
  2. 2. Manager's Performance

  3. 3. Refereeing Perfomance

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26 minutes ago, Stevo985 said:

Norwich won the toss on Saturday and chose to switch ends.

Have the rules around the toss been changed then as I'm pretty sure Norwich took kick off? It always used to be that you either chose ends or took kick off but I'll admit that this may have changed.

I was under the impression that we had chosen to shoot towards the Holte against Norwich but against Wigan they had switched ends hence we had the kick off. I may be completely wrong but I'm sure that's how it used to work anyway.

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4 hours ago, blandy said:

The lad sat next to me on Saturday said we won it and switched ends.

Wigan won it last night and switched ends to many boos from the stadium

52 minutes ago, Dirk said:

One thing that annoyed me, the ref. Booked Hogan for kicking it away when it was flagged offside, then when Wigan did the exact same thing a few minutes later, no card?

Yep. It annoyed every single other person there too bar the 20 Wigan fans who then erupted into the loudest 'the referee's a rocket polisher' and 'you're not fit to referee' I've heard.

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Ok it was only a third division reserve side but we played well and scored some lovely goals.  Nice to see the youngsters play and Hogan to get 2 goals. Though De Laet had a good run out. Thor best place is in the middle by a mile.  Any decent win helps to build up the confidence. I think it shows that we have a stronger squad than last year Luton shambles.  All in all a good night for a free match!

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