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  1. This whole guidance is ridiculous. People don’t want fouls let go they just don’t want soft fouls given that disrupt the flow of the game. What we’ve ended up with is random blatant fouls being ignored and then we still get the soft fouls at other points in the game. At the end of the day most of the refs are just poor at what they do so you can tell them whatever you want and they’ll still be poor.
  2. She’s just lost a major tournament final to a player ranked far below her going into the tournament. She congratulated Emma and her team. It’s a lot easier to big up an opponent that you’ve just beaten in a final than one you’ve lost to. I thought both spoke well to be honest.
  3. Bizarrely it was actually an uncontested drop ball with possession going back to Chelsea due to Chalobah sitting on the ball. How he got to that restart decision I have no idea.
  4. A major goal creating gaff every game is a massive exaggeration. He makes mistakes like this from time to time not every game. If he didn’t make these mistakes he wouldn’t be playing for us because his general level of play is top class. The silly mistakes like today are why he plays for us rather than a champions league team.
  5. I’m not sure I’d class playing two up front against Chelsea away as a defensive set up. Interested to see how it pans out. Has potential to be a good set up for us but difficult to know given we haven’t seen it previously.
  6. I can’t stand the way he plays football. For a player who has the skill to be great to watch he really does act like a horrible petulant child.
  7. Zaha has his hands up in tanganga’s face there and gets away with a yellow. As someone with his track record of lashing out it surprises me how much he gets away with.
  8. I’m not sure how it’s unfair. People who go every week get ticket priority. Surely that’s how it should be. It makes it difficult for anybody to get any sort of booking history on away games but thats the problem with a high demand for away tickets. I say this as someone who used to go to every away game a few years back and now wouldn’t be able to get an away ticket.
  9. I'd imagine Martinez comes straight back in. He's a keeper with a settled back four in front of him so I don't see a particular issue with that. In reality they'll have missed a week longer than Mings, McGinn or any of our other players who have been on international duty this week (not sure there's actually that many to be fair!). If they keep fit in Croatia then I wouldn't be surprised if both are in the starting lineup for that Everton game.
  10. Yeah its not ideal for left handers with the rough being outside their off stump. Much easier for the right handers against Jadeja on this pitch. You'd have thought this would be a draw but I can't help but think that if Root was to get out early then it might start to give England the jitters a bit.
  11. They were never going to be playing against Chelsea from the moment we decided they could join up with the Argentina squad. We knew that and to be honest I'm fine with players missing one game to go and represent their national teams. They'll be back in time for the Everton game. I guess the frustrating thing is that given Buendia hasn't played a single minute for Argentina and the farce that happened last night Argentina really didn't need to call them up in the first place.
  12. The football industry produces a lot of stats - how meaningful and how widely used a lot of these stats are is pretty questionable. Looking at somebody's win percentage doesn't tell you anything though without recognising the state of the club that a manager is working at and has historically been working at. Sean Dyche has a 36% win ratio. Given that he has spent a long time at Burnley keeping them in the division whilst spending very little money I can see why a team of similar stature would seek to hire him. By the same token other managers will have higher win percentages purely because they were at bigger clubs. Its far easier to assess a managers performance by looking at what they have achieved in terms of league finishes etc. than to look at a win percentage figure. If Smith continues to achieve for us then he will be rewarded with pay rises based on how Villa perform and whether we continue to progress not because he's raised a win percentage to a certain level.
  13. Apologies wasn't meant as a dig. Was more a response to the general comparisons being made of varying manager's win percentages. As far as I'm concerned the team's position in the table is what matters and how those develop over a manager's time at a club given the resources that manager has to work with. Looking at win percentages stretching back over 100 games or 3 seasons worth of football doesn't really inform people of how a manager is performing at a given time.
  14. His win percentage in the Premier League last season was 42%. One extra win would have got him to 44.7% so as close to the magic 45% mark as you could get. If we'd got that extra win we'd have finished in exactly the same position as we did anyway. I don't really get what a win percentage is supposed to show that looking at finishing positions in the table doesn't. The easiest way to look at the progress a club is making is to look at their finishing positions in the table in comparison to expectations. In my opinion we dramatically outperformed what I was expecting from last season and, having lost our best player, a similar finishing position this season would be a good showing. If we finish in the top half then I couldn't really care less if Smith's win percentage is higher or lower than any other manager in the league. We finished two places higher than Wolves last season - am I supposed to care that Nuno has a higher win percentage at Wolves than Smith at Villa?
  15. Couldn't agree more with this but I'd add that I think comparing managers win percentages is pretty pointless in almost any situation. Having a really high win percentage when you're playing Championship football having just signed the captain of Porto and other Champions League players is pretty predictable. Ironically if Leeds had got promoted rather than us then it would have given Smith another season to try and boost that all important win percentage and probably would have seen Bielsa's win percentage decrease from what it is. If that doesn't sum up how meaningless the comparison is then I don't know what does. I'd rather look subjectively at how a manager is performing with the resources available to them. Given what Smith has achieved here there's very few managers who I'd say have done a better job than him. The fact that people are picking managers like Bielsa (who has also done an exceptional job) to compare him to highlights how good a job Smith is doing to me.
  16. Makes him far less effective for me. I never got the obsession with demanding he released the ball quicker. He’s the kind of player who wants to be on the ball as much as possible. If he’s passing the ball rather than drawing defenders in and going past players then he’s not at his best. Obviously there’s a middle ground where you’d like him to be but releasing the ball quickly isn’t his game and he’s good enough at what he does to be allowed to play his way.
  17. I like this. Surely Ashley Young should be orange all the way across though! Wouldn't be surprised to see him picked in goal at some point at the rate he's going!
  18. How can that not even be called a foul? He’s gone in studs up over the ball. Should have been a red card for Pogba and instead it’s the winning goal.
  19. As mentioned earlier surely this is just the natural atmosphere of derby matches. The atmosphere at Villa Park when we play Small Heath is completely different to any other game. Anfied for a game against Man United is completely different than it is when teams like Villa travel there.
  20. I’m not sure I could disagree with one post any more than I do this one. Watkins was making his return from injury and as much as I’d have liked to see more of him the chances are he only had 10-20 minutes in him. You then go on to blame Smith and the coaches for players having Covid and injuries which include a broken rib. Teams go through patches where they pick up a load of injuries. It’s nothing to do purely with us. Given the circumstances I’m OK with the 4 points we have from 3 games. Yes, it’d be nice to have picked up a couple more points but with the number of players we’ve been missing for various reasons it’s probably par. We’ve lost one of the best players in the league. If we can finish in a comfortable midtable position while moving away from the reliance on one star player then I’ll be happy enough with the progress being made.
  21. tom_avfc

    Ezri Konsa

    I’m not going to lie I’m still going to side with the medical team over the blokes on a forum who “could tell it was a bad injury” from miles away. I kind of get the supporters who think they know better than the manager. It’s football, it’s about opinions. Claiming to know more than medically qualified physios about the extent of players injuries with less information than these physios have is a bit odd.
  22. tom_avfc

    Ezri Konsa

    I mean there’s literally nobody in the ground better placed than the Villa physios to assess how serious the injury was. Do you actually believe that you can tell how injured a player is from your seat in the ground better than our physio team? It’s a pretty bold claim to say the least.
  23. He played two matches scoring a 50 and a 76 at a decent strike rate. Pretty impressive. He’s a great white ball cricketer. He was a very good red ball cricketer but the money on offer to white ball specialists must be difficult to turn down for a player like Johnny Bairstow. As said by someone above, if Stokes was available then Bairstow would likely be the man to miss out.
  24. I just assumed he’s on his way out of the club. Doesn’t seem the sort of player to hang around if he’s not getting first team football and he’s not going to get it here. I like his attitude but he just isn’t up to the standard required to make our first eleven.
  25. Fair enough. I thought he was solid. Not at his best admittedly but it’s a new team in a number of positions and he’ll have had limited training time with them post Olympics. I’m not convinced we’re the sort of team that’s going to rack up huge numbers of passes. We seemed pretty direct today with balls played into the channels and up to Ings pretty quickly. I don’t see that changing when Watkins and Bailey come into the side either. You point out the 32 passes without mentioning that only Mings in our first eleven had more than him. Like I say he wasn’t at his best today (I don’t think we were as a team to be honest) but I think you’re being a bit harsh.
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