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I'll definitely stop watching now.


We just let that prick Rooney do whatever he liked.


'I'm Wayne Rooney, you're just a little shit club. I want to score from this'


'Here you go, Wayne. Fill yer boots'

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You know what? Cole's been good since coming on.

Yeah, but will he last the whole 10 minutes?



I take your point, but I actually think that losing with ten minutes to go is exactly the sort of situation where we should be bringing Cole on. When he's come on late in the game  - as rarely as that has happened - he's made a difference. If he were starting the match I'd question the sanity of the manager, but I feel like this is exactly the reason we bought him in.




Rather seen Gil, but Cole brings creativity and the skill to play that killer ball that just might create a chance or two



Personally I think the second sub should have been the Gil sub. Bacuna loses the ball too much going forward. He's great at free kicks, but there's no b

reason he can't take those as a defender.


Game well and truly over now. 

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