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Champions League money distribution (2013-14 edition)


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In case anyone finds this sort of thing interesting (all figures in Euros)

Real Madrid: 57.414m

PSG: 54.417m (withheld due to FFP)

Juventus: 43.098m + 7.025m from Europa League = 50.123m

Atletico Madrid: 50.048m

Man Utd: 44.775m

Bayern Munich: 44.616m

Chelsea: 43.391m

Barcelona: 41.975m

Napoli: 38.598m + 1.600m from Europa League = 40.198m

AC Milan: 37.599m

Man City: 35.402m (withheld due to FFP)

Dortmund: 34.725m

Marseille: 32.415m

Olympiakos: 27.406m

Arsenal: 27.232m

Bayer Leverkusen: 26.335m

Schalke: 23.720m

Ajax: 21.204m + 0.381m from Europa League = 21.585m

Copenhagen: 21.492m

Galatasaray: 21.072m (withheld due to FFP)

Benfica: 15.374m + 5.268m from Europa League = 20.642m

Zenit St. Petersburg: 19.371m (withheld due to FFP)

Celtic: 17.566m

Real Sociedad: 17.274m

Porto: 14.218m + 1.286m from Europa League = 15.504m

Steaua Bucharest: 15.200m

CSKA Moscow: 15.185m

Basel: 13.284m + 1.260m from Europa League = 14.544m

Shakhtar Donetsk: 14.050m + 0.232m from Europa League = 14.282m

Austria Wien: 12.774m

Anderlecht: 12.242m

Viktoria Plzen: 11.128m + 0.609m from Europa League = 11.737m

Juventus continues to benefit from the effects of the punishment for fixing matches years ago...

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For teams like Copenhagen and Steau it must be such a massive advantage getting CL money when compared to the rest of their leagues.


even before Champions League distribution, Celtic is actually even worse.

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How did atletico get less than PSG?


I might be wrong, but I think each countries league is guaranteed an amount of money and that is then shared out equally between the teams in that league.  Basically this means if you have one team from a league who do well while the other teams from the same league do badly then that money gets given to the team who do well.  Spain had three teams in the quarter finals and two in the final so their share was spread more evenly than France (and Italy) who didn't.   Like Levi said, Juve are actually benefiting now from almost bringing Italian football to it's knees in 2006. 

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Each country has a media pool which is set (roughly) on how much money the TV companies in that country pay for CL rights. This gets even more interested in the cases where multiple countries are covered by one TV contract (the two main instances of which are the UK and Scandinavia; this is why, if no Swedish or Norwegian club makes the CL group stage while Copenhagen does, Copenhagen rolls in the dough). The payout from the market pool varies a little based on mostly on how many games were first pick in that country etc (and also on where you finished in the previous domestic season), so you get most of the pool shares based on just making it to the group stage.

2013-14 Market Pools

PSG: 33.9m - France max

Juventus: 32.0m - Italy max

Napoli: 26.0m

Marseille: 23.8m - France min

Man Utd: 23.8m - England max

AC Milan: 22.0m - Italy min

Barcelona: 21.5m - Spain max

Real Madrid: 20.5m

Bayern Munich: 18.7m - Germany max

Chelsea: 18.5m

Man City: 18.3m

Atletico Madrid: 17.1m

Dortmund: 14.7m

Copenhagen: 11.4m

Arsenal: 11.1m - England min

Bayer Leverkusen: 10.7m

Ajax: 9.6m

Real Sociedad: 8.2m - Spain min

Schalke: 8.1m - Germany min

Celtic: 8.0m

Galatasaray: 6.5m

CSKA Moscow: 5.6m - Russia max

Steaua Bucharest: 5.1m

Zenit St. Petersburg: 4.8m - Russia min

Porto: 3.6m - Portugal max

Benfica: 3.3m - Portugal min

Anderlecht: 3.1m

Shakhtar: 2.5m

Austria Wien: 2.2m

Basel: 1.7m

Viktoria Plzen: 1.5m

By country:

Italy: 80m

UK: 79.7m (incl. England & Scotland (8.0m))

Spain: 67.3m

France: 57.7m

Germany: 52.2m

Scandinavia: 11.4m (incl. Denmark)

Russia: 10.4m

Netherlands: 9.6m

Turkey: 6.5m

Portugal: 6.4m

Romania: 5.1m

Belgium: 3.1m

Ukraine: 2.5m

Austria: 2.2m

Switzerland: 1.7m

Czech Repubic: 1.5m

In France, BeIN Sport (owned by Qatar, who also own PSG...) pays a ton for CL rights (considering that France can only have three clubs tops in the CL). In Italy, the broadcasters seem to still be paying what they were when Italy had four berths. For the countries that don't always put clubs into the group stage, their media pools are rather small, because broadcasters are gambling that a club makes it through qualifying.

It seems that the media pool for the multiple country contracts is calculated by population share of the countries that get a club into the group stage. If Norway and Sweden fail to get a club into the CL, then the Danish club gets all their money. If no Irish (Northern or Republican*), Scottish, or Welsh club makes through qualifying then it means an extra 1.5-3m for the English CL clubs. If that happens in a year when the 4th English club get knocked out in qualifying, then the top 3 English clubs split 80 million amongst themselves. If we have a very British/Irish-heavy CL, then the money for the Welsh and Irish clubs comes out of the English clubs and Celtic.

When the CL goes to BT, expect the UK media pool to approximately double, which means about EUR60m to Man Utd for making the group stage. BT buying the CL rights may kill Sky, but it may take the remnants of competitiveness in English football with it.

*: when BT takes over the CL rights, presumably that will decouple the Republic from the UK pool.

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