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GT's Best Signing? (2nd Stint)


GT's Best Signing?  

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  1. 1. GT's Best Signing?

    • Marcus Allback
    • Mark Kinsella
    • Oyvind Leonhardsen
    • Peter Crouch
    • Ronny Johnsen
    • Stefan Postma
    • Ulises de la Cruz

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It's been a bit of a quiet day, so i thought this might cause an argument or two.

I suppose it all comes down to value for money. Those that have already left the club may be easy to judge, but you must all consider the futures of those still here.

And for that reason i've gone for Pele Crouchio. People say his loan spell at Norwich did him the world of good, and he has certainly looked a different player upon his return - and it's pretty clear O'Leary has played a major part in improving the confidence of the boy. The potential was always there (even if some couldn't (or simply refused) to see it), but he's now beginning to realise more and more of that.

On top of this, he seems a diamond of a bloke, and i admire his commitment. He recently said "i've got plenty of years left in me, and i hope they're all here at Villa" - and therein (hopefully) lies the value for money.

Unfortunately for El Pele, JPA & Vass have also been on top form recently, but at least we can now sleep easily if either of them should get injured, as we also have the Moore bros. pushing for a place in the team. At least we have healthy competition in one area of our squad.

But who would you boys go for???

As much as i respect GT, i've got to say it's certainly not the greatest list in the world, and DOL has certainly proved to be the more astute in the transfer market, but i don't want this to turn into yet another GT vs. DOL debate, it's about the above players, so please make your choice and explain.

Ta very much.

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I think that Ulises will prove over the enxt 2 months that he is the most useful signing that GT made.

Perhaps, in the end, Crouch will stake a claim on the first team, but with JPA set to sign a new deal this summer I feel that he will move before we see the best of him

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imagine what our defence would be like without him. It doesn't bare thinking about.

I think the last 30 mins against the slum dwellers last week showed us what it's like without him!

I have to say from the list he's the only choice, that shows how poor GT's signings were! Look at the difference between those and DOLs signings... Big difference!

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What about the missing options:

Michael Boulding

Joey G (even if it was a loan)

Also Mika Aarilto? Robert Olejnik? and wasn’t there some Belgian as well.

From the choice its Ronny J for me, though I think DLC, Crouch, Allback, and even Leonhardsen were just about ok signings, certainly no worse than the previous incumbrant, but no where as good as DOLs three masterstrokes. I ain’t DOLs biggest fan, but he has to have been the best buyer in the transfer market this season by a long way.

In defence of GT (puts hard hat on), his main contribution the second time around has to be the reintroduction of Gareth Barry and also bringing Thomas Hitzslberger. Give hime credit for that. If JG had stayed they would have both left, and I think they have been two of the best players at Villa and part of the skelton for the Villa side for the future. Pity he couldn’t get half the other players to play?

Didn’t Taylor also have to sign for the manure for Bodymoor training ground!?

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