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  1. Weirdly one of the first Villa players' name I remember along with Ray Graydon. I was young so don't remember much beyond that. I'll ask my mate Ken.
  2. matteyp

    Douglas Luiz

    I hope he is better than Stephen Ireland.
  3. Looking forward to a week off work too but it looks like the weather will be distinctly Houston-ish which is unfortunate.
  4. Twice last year. I'd still keep him around though.
  5. I saw it and he did look really good, certainly a better performance than any in a Villa shirt. Also he conceded twice which seems to be his average...
  6. If I was Stoke, I'd want Steer in return. Would also lower the actual fee so less money for Brum.
  7. matteyp

    Scott Hogan

    I am quite sure he will be with us until the end of the window and will then go out on loan to the highest bidder, if only because I think we will have to do the same for some of the players we want to get in. Hopefully he'll be next season's Tammy in the Championship... well we can hope.
  8. I've just come in from a great night too and I too am reading Villa news before bed. I read VillaTalk precisely because I can disseminate all the click bait stories. You should be encouraging people to do this for us!
  9. We'll see Whelo for the last 20 on Tuesday. Perfectly managed imo.
  10. I think it was always the plan to start Hourihane for the second leg.
  11. Gayle out for the second leg is like an extra goal. We are in the box seat now. And Grealish was fantastic.
  12. So does Hutton start or come in off the bench? Would like him to see some action.
  13. 6 days, 9 points and sitting 6th after a completely one-sided game against a team 4 places above us in 5th and with the league's best defence. I was so confident about this game I invited my wife to watch it with me. We are playing beautiful football and that's with Tammy struggling a bit. I love watching Villa right now!
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