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  1. Alongside Fofana at Leicester, i think this kid will be one of the best CHs in the Prem in 3/4 years time. I would'nt sell him for £40m now, let alone when he develops into an even better defender.
  2. We need better to move on FKM . I like his attitude, but hes like Connor, not good enough at this level.
  3. He won't go before next summer, 2022, so , for me, we have 18 months, 3 transfer windows, to buy players , either to replace him, or encourage him to stay. A good striker this transfer window, and Barkley in the summer,as long as he proves his fitness, would be a minimum for me.
  4. I'd have our defenders over Ures every day of the week. Konsa is getting better and better imho
  5. Give him £50m in Jan and we get in the top 4
  6. So did Luizs, but again i thought he had a very good game as well
  7. I thought he looked ok apart from the goal. I thought we looked quite secure with Konsa and Mings. I like Hause, and i dont think there is a bad combination between the 3 CHs
  8. McGinn and Hause were both 9, everybody else 8. A very good performance
  9. Because Steerio, they are a selling club, and we are bigger. It wouldn't be worth going for anyone according to you.
  10. Podence would be my no 1 target in the summer. I like Eze, but thought he looked lazy yday.
  11. I've always liked him. A proper defender, you can see JT has worked on him, as his positioning is better, and he is concentrating better. I think Hause and Konsa is a good long term partnership, but i do think Mings is still first choice. Nothing wrong with healthy competition.
  12. Hause a red card? Footballs gone if thats a red. Thought Livermores was a bit harsh as well tbh. Sir Jack magnificent again today, we do miss Barkley, but we are a good team, and not far off a very good team.
  13. Hes a good defender. For what we paid for him, hes an absolute bargain.
  14. Magnificent tonight. We need a top quality striker alongside him. Imagine Yorkie up front, we would be top 4 contenders.
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