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  1. blandy


    Some posts removed. Sorry if your funny gif/retort was one of them. Thanks for settling down, Villans. Next time maybe could you pay heed to the site's guidelines and "agree to disagree" cheers all
  2. It's just a sign that you need to grab The Bull by the Horns and not try to Red Lion incomplete data. Cheers!
  3. blandy

    Wesley Moraes

    CB scored in his first game, didn't he? Came on as a sub against the Albion, missed an absolute sitter from about 4 yards, then scored a much harder chance 5 minutes later - all down the far end (North stand). He looked raw but dangerous. Wesley looks sort of meek and harmless.
  4. blandy

    Wesley Moraes

    I haven't even watched them once - I just went to the game and saw the Spurs game on the telly. Yes he sometimes showed good touch, control, movement even. Just not remotely looking dangerous, maybe one shot in 2 games and not troubling defenders near the box. I've got my fingers crossed for him and hope he settles in and is a success. Like I said above, just cus he looks duff after 2 games, means now't. We have to give him (and everyone) some time to find his feet.
  5. blandy

    Wesley Moraes

    I must confess he's not impressed me at all and right now he looks a dud signing....after 2 games. But thinking back,for example to JPA and Savo - it took both of them ages to settle in and start scoring, so people like me jumping to barely formed, inexpert judgements after 2 games ought to think on a bit and have a bit more faith. That's me had a word with myself.
  6. Well, yes, (though I'm not sure that "requested" is quite right - more suggested/proposed as a workround) but that's neither here nor there. The problem is the "us" you're talking about isn't the throbby and opportunist "us" that's now running the UK. The throbbers are quite happy to claim that any moment now technology will come along, (meaning the backstop "insurance policy" will not be ever required) yet also absolutely furious that the backstop exists. Mentalists. And after all that it's only needed because of one of May's self decided red lines and a unicorn about trade deals.
  7. The throbbers, plus the opportunists have been saying for ages "Get rid of the backstop" - they've been saying "we want a deal, but the backstop has to go, because it'll be used to trap us in the customs union forever". That's what they want the EU to do - remove the backstop. That's it. As I've written before (probably too many times), I think all the no deal stuff is just a "we have to make the EU believe we mean it, so they make some concession on the backstop" . The plan, I think, is to get some words from the EU, get the amended or caveated deal through parliament, leave on 31 Oct. That's it. It's absolutely not really "no deal". It's not remotely cunning, or clever and has a risk of blowing up in their faces, either because the EU call their bluff, or because sufficient MPs fall for the ruse and block it one way or another. The threat of an election which no tory MPs want, which at least half of Labour MPs don't want is another lever to use, by Johnson, to pressure MPs to vote through an amended deal. Pressure the EU, pressure the MPs, get a deal through that has some weasel out on the backstop. Yeah, it's transparent and it's bobbins, but there we are.
  8. blandy

    New Music 2019

    Hare Metal. I don't mind a bit of heavy stuff every now and again, at all, but that one Dave posted was shite
  9. blandy

    New Music 2019

    It's very cross about something.So very now. 2/10 WNB (would not buy)
  10. Site Guidelines Could posters use pm's please if you wish to debate each others motives, intent and statistical analysis techniques or interpretations.
  11. Pretty much how I saw it, John. I'd maybe give Wesley a 4, and Taylor a 7, but it's marginal, really. Wesley in the first couple of games looks to be struggling to adapt - he's like a fish out of water and current form looks like a dud signing, but time will tell. Overall, we were kind of fine apart from 2 or 3 mistakes and a lack of a goal threat up front. I quite enjoyed the game.
  12. Back in Jan Feb March, I was certain, and said so, that the notion of No Deal at the end of March (and then again June) was a nil percent chance. This time round, maybe 15-20% chance, purely by **** up, really. There's still the same actual facts - the EU doesn't want it, the UK doesn't want it, neither the EU nor the UK are remotely prepared for it, the consequences are dire for both. But By sheer incompetence it's possible that the Tory bluff (as I think that's all this is) will be called, or that one of the EU nations (France) will, for their domestic short term reasons block any further extension.
  13. It most likely needs to be a Tory. Biggest party, as many of them hate Johnson as labour MPs do Corbyn. A non-throbby Tory, obviously.

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