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  1. I found Mojave unusable with external disks - where I keep my TV recordings for travel. Something called iconservicesagent kept eating all the memory up and slowing it down to a complete stop. Went back to High Sierra - no issues. Tried Catalina the other day and that had fixed it, but as OBE says, they've binned off a load of stuff - the EyeTV recorder doesn't work on it any more, and all the little scripts I had for making iTunes so much better don't work with the Music app that replaced iTunes, so back to High Sierra again. I can't be arsed trying to work out how to fettle the scripts to work and until the EyeTV thing gets updated to 64 bit, I'll stick with what I've got, I think. I've got another, really old Mac from 2009 that still runs Yosemite and if it wasn't for the battery being goosed, that would have done me, but a combo of it's weight and the dead battery (it forget all the settings for wi-fi etc. if it is unplugged for more than a day or so it's a proper pain to turn it back on at all - it takes about 5 attempts and SMC and PRAM resets before it'll let me back in). So I bought a second hand 15" one a while back with HS on, and it's great as it came. I guess in 6 months all the apps for Catalina will have been updated, and then that'll be fine, but for now, they've leapt ahead of the stuff people use at the moment. Typical apple, really.
  2. I dunno about this bit (agree with the rest). Oil = money and influence. Putin likes money and Putin likes influence.
  3. blandy

    The NSWE Board

    Well, we've only got (had) one stadium to sell, so we can't sell another one! But it is a one off, in reality anyway. The Club sold it to another NSWE company in order to meet the EFL's FFP regs. AFAIK the valuation is still being looked into by the PL on behalf of the EFL. It may be possible that at a later stage the club could buy it back from the NSWE Co. it was sold to, but I wouldn't expect that to happen any time soon, for a number of reasons. I mean why would it? firstly it would be a football club expense that is unnecessary, secondly it would make the initial move to sell it look even more blatant, then there's the potential for Ground developments - if these are managed by the current NWSE company that now owns the ground, there may be some tax or other beneifits which might arise.
  4. Exactly. And you're right, not even complex 3D models are totally accurate or correct. There are various Geodetic models that are used in navigation - e.g. GNSS/GPS etc. Some are more accurate for Europe (the Western military tends to use WGS84 though, others are more accurate for other parts of the Globe - ED50, for example). I mean they're all astonishingly good, all things considered, but none are perfect and they get updated from time to time - the WGS84 geodetic model was updated about 15 years ago, because the earth and its topography changes - islands form, mountains sink, coasts are eroded...etc. Plus satellite technology gives ever better definition and accuracy of heights and so on.
  5. blandy

    The NSWE Board

    No, I disagree. Largely for the reasons outlined above, but it's also worth remembering that Sheff Utd were having an ownership dispute between a loaded Saudi Sheik and an old school family who joint owned the club. Until that was resolved last month (the Sheik won) they couldn't really splurge to the same extent, because the then joint owners had a massive falling out.
  6. blandy

    The NSWE Board

    Sure, kind of. Our owners have said for a while they're serious about challenging and getting the club right back up to the top, they're not mucking about, they're not going to be content to just sit and collect the telly money and have a lower mid-table side, that might go down again. They're quite happy and willing to "go for it" (none of that is an actual quote, it's just my recollection of their approach as voiced by Purslow and Deano etc. Further, we needed a lot of new players, due to loans leaving, the age of others and so on. We had to spend money and we did, as much as we were permitted, basically. Norwich and Sheffield United have their own approaches and situations. They're both also well run clubs, but they've taken approaches for their situations. Managers who had teams that didn't need as much spent as ours did. Plus managers who'd been there longer and had teams more to their liking, or further down the road that ours was. On top of that there's a strong reason not to "blow the lot" right from the off. It gives them room in January, once they've seen how they're doing. It means if they don't spend all they could, they will be sustainable and financially secure. Norwich have an ownership who worked long and hard to unravel a financial mess fro ma decade ago, whilst not being personally loaded - they won't want to, nor should they, ever put their club in that mess again. Sheffield United too were pooling about in Div 1 not long ago - they are in different circumstances, though they have spent money in the summer. Another aspect is that Villa as a Club is a bigger name internationally, and has more scope to raise revenue as a consequence - plus bigger ground, more fans etc. So Nodge and Utd have been better run for longer than Villa has been in recent years, and their squads were in a better condition at the end of last season. Good luck to all 3 of us, as I think all of the 3 have a lot going for them.
  7. No absolutely not. The opposite for me. I like her. I think she gets her message across straightforwardly, easily, clearly. She's part of Labour that would and does deal with the world as it is and tries to make it better for people. She's also clearly a member of the human race.
  8. blandy

    The NSWE Board

    Parachute payments are taken into account in EFL type calculations. If we go down after this season we'd get only 2 years of parachute payments, not 3. While we're up (long may that last) we need to comply with PL FFP type rules. In broad terms you can't increase your spending on players (wages, fees etc.) by more than 7 million a year, unless your income from doing football (not owner bungs) covers it. So promoted clubs obviously get a huge income increase and are in general terms allowed to spend that profit increase. From the Premier League Handbook for this season. A pdf of which can be found by yahoogling "2019-20-PL-Handbook-220819.pdf"
  9. It sort of depends on how you define it, really, maybe. There's been various corrupt, disfunctional South American type failures. Then there's the non-democratic Eastern bloc type examples. If you take democratic, western examples, then much less so, if at all. The various Scandinavian examples seem to many like the "right" (or at least a better) way to run a country/society. Sure everywhere on earth will have its problems, but the Scandi nations have been good examples of social democratic government.
  10. Listened to Gwenno Le Kov on my iPod. It's like French 60's pop crossed with SFA crossed with Jane Weaver and sung in Cornish. Most excellent.
  11. Perhaps the difficulty is that some leavers' actually are more than a bit Hitler-worshippy. The Brexity throbber Yaxley-Lemon is caught here on the youtubes further making the point.
  12. Well, what you could do is, like spend it all on something fun, like booze n'fags n'that and pretend you'd spent it on a course. And then if you got caught you could say "I didn't know it was a financial cr....ah! I've just seen a problem with that ruse. Don't be bad, kids.
  13. Money Laundering is your go to there, then.
  14. Tir Ha Mor - Cornish Language, Welsh-Cornish singer. Sort of a bit Jane Weaver -ish. Good
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