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  1. blandy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Making Fagit jokes never pays. #Yam
  2. blandy

    Steve Bruce

    OK. Fair enough. (Though I think you may be missing something )
  3. Thanks Snowy. I suppose turkeys and christmas, so if convention only obliges them to actually do a vote on a Catweazle motion of NC, they'd be unlikely to allow a vote on (say) a SNP led one. Mind you in these crazy times... I mean like (speculating wildly) May loses some vote on some Brexity thing (again), Corbyn decides not to do a VONC, but pretty much everyone else (Maybe even May) wants one (e.g. Tories ahead of Catweazle in the Polls) so she might let a SNP proposed vote go ahead? She is mad as a box of frogs #clutchingatstraws. No, me neither
  4. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    I just came here to post the same thing. It gets better and better as it goes on.
  5. They weren't there (the votes) but that's what I meant in my post about if many more tories do a runner a GE might well happen, because the votes would likely be there with the ex-tories now on the other side, potentially.
  6. I'm beginning to think that these Politician types can't be trusted, counter to what is the recieved wisdom amongst even our elders and betters in polite society
  7. blandy

    Steve Bruce

    That sort of impliesthat you think you may have missed something, or at least that it's possible? I'd say that the condition of the squad he got together and then left for his successor is very much the the largest cause of our woes. Add in injury to two key members of the squad, loss of form in a few other positions, and well, there's absolutely the cause. Dean Smith's selections from (largely) that same squad haven't helped at times, mind.
  8. It wouldn't have to be Catweazle who put forward a motion of No Confidence, would it? Someone else could do it surely - It's not (afaik) limited to the leader of the official oppo (only) who can do it - I mean if the SNPs and a bunch of other freeminded MPs from the Tiggers, etc got a motion with enough sigs backing it, then it could get voted on, and then Catweazle would be in a bind (short term). He wants Brexit to happen. That's his priority. Then he wants it to hurt, then he wants to pick up support from angry voters, then he wants a GE. That's his "plan". A GE before Brexit is a nightmare for him. Because if he winss he'd have to either do Brexit, which he wants, and get the blame for the consequences - thus ending forever his 1970s utopian dreams, or he'd have to call Brexit off and go against his lifelong anti EU beliefs. He's just spent 2 years fannying around pretending to be both Leave and Remain so as not to lose (alleged) angry Northerners and (alleged) remainy southerners. Obv. if he loses a GE before Brexit happens, he gets replaced as leader over.
  9. I dunno, I think many more probably would. We'd be in a place where neither tories nor the labours would be able to govern. Both would be outsized by the opposition to them. It'd inevitiably lead to a GE, which no one wants in the short term, not even Jezza.
  10. Red lines innit. Drop the May red lines and much of the pain disappears, but then some people in the U.K. would be cross.
  11. And told "Mate, that's shallot" I expect he'd cry.
  12. Was it the same person who repeatedly misused their training? was it one "rogue"? was it multiple people ignoring that they'd been educated not to break the law? Is the training making the trainees behave correctly, but untrained people making the mistakes, and lack of training being the cause? Was it poor training by one trainer that has since been replaced, was it one aspect of training which needs to be improved? Has the training been changed as a result of the deaths? Have the RSAF operations changed as a consequence of RAF input, to reduce/eliminate errors/misconduct? Good luck with your legal case, against Corporal Smith m'lud. Look, people are right to ask questions, particularly given the horrors that have happened. I don't agree with the unsupported, unsubstantiated claims that the RAF people are "helping to bomb weddings". Evidence based stuff is more useful, IMO. That a wedding was bombed is not anything like evidence that the RAF abetted it and should be prosecuted like an ISIS terrorist. Internet I suppose.
  13. To move it on slightly, I don't believe that members of the RAF, who trained members of the RSAF in how to use military equipment, under a gov't to gov't contract can be prosecuted for providing that training (which includes advice on not doing war crimes). They have no authority over RSAF operations, do not plan those operations or take part in them and have no control or influence over the subsequent conduct of the RSAF. There's an argument to be heard to say training and supply of arms should be stopped until the situation changes, but none whatsoever on the prosecution or legal culpability of RAF personnel for any misdeeds performed by the RSAF.
  14. Agreed. She grew up here, was radicalised here, is (was) a UK citizen. Why the heck should poor old Bangladesh or its people have to deal, with their inferior resources, with someone who's never even been there, who is a barmpot Islamicalist nutter? It's just exporting problems which will bite worse later, for momentary red meat feeding to the EDL tendency.