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  1. Sorry, I was being facetious. Context is hard to get across in text only comments. I'm not advocating for a relegation scrap or any other such nonsense, rather just not getting my hopes up for a miracle top 6 finish this season
  2. Except for Leeds and Southampton (and any other team that can high press)
  3. Have you seen the last 15 years of villa football?
  4. Big picture we are still doing well this season based on expectations, but the last two games have been incredibly disappointing. Both have too many similarities to last season. Team needs to find ways to win against pressing teams. I'm not on the smith out train, but whatever tactical changes he's making in the last two games are not working. People here love to shoot down those who say he has no plan b. But if he does have one its as ineffectual as his plan a currently. Hope the team can pull out of this poor form before we start sliding down the table.
  5. Still 3rd and only a point behind with a game in hand against some bottom half team
  6. Agreed, but this game shows that everything that cost us last year is still there under the surface.
  7. This game was straight out of last season. Slow start, midfield 3 may as well have not been on the pitch, Jack trying to play hero ball with every possession, toothless up front, exposed on the flanks everything they went forward, heads dropping once we concede, DS having no plan B and no one on the bench who could change the game. In the context of the season 4 from 5 is an excellent start, but this game shows we haven't improved as much from last season as some would like to think
  8. To be fair though, a lot of what you said could also be applied to Tammy and we know how that went. Still too early to know whether we would want to make the move permanent anyway, one data point doesn't make a trend. (I am optimistic however based off what we saw v Liverpool)
  9. VT when someone mentions rashica and transfer in the same sentence
  10. Good to get a win to start the season, we seem to have tightened up defensively which is good to see, however our defenders still seem to have the one mistake a game which gifts a great chance in them. Somewhat concerningly we struggled to get the out of defence effectly against 11 men. Couldn't seem to play it out from the back, and no one up front or in midfield to trap the longer goal kicks. We also still seem to be light in midfield and bereft of ideas up front. If we take 15 shots in a game we need to have more than 2 or 3 on target
  11. I suspect we are paying over the odds for players currently, but its a product of our situation. Its been well publicised we have money to spend, and its well known we scraped survival last season and therefore we have to improve. Weakens our negotiating position with selling clubs as they know we can't just keep using the squad we have
  12. Exactly, he doing the job and making the position his own. Why move him? It doesn't prevent us from bringing in another dm to give us more options when we need to play more defensive
  13. Because he is the only reliable dm option in the squad at present?
  14. Fantastic news all round for the club, Jack and the fans hope we can really kick on now
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