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  1. Also on the TV broadcast you can see buendia signalling to the bench not long before the sub happened
  2. Absolutely unforgivable. Atrocious game management. If we want to play 3 cbs you need 3 reliable players. Tuanzebe and hause have shown over the last 2 games they aren't up to scratch
  3. As an Adelaide fan (and a rangers fan) I can tell you we don't consider Perth a rivalry. Only really consider Victory as rivals. As one of the other Melbourne based team is owed by Mike clubs lot and no gives a s*** about Western United
  4. I think the most disappointing thing about this game was how utterly predictable the result was, we had a chance to make a statement with a victory, bit once again have fallen short. Seems to happen a lot with villa recently, just lacking that extra 5-10% to really kick on. Unfortunately I don't think there was too much wrong with the approach, other than the usual slow reaction from the bench when we struggled to get a hold in the game, the players just failed to deliver. Hopefully its not something that continues next game
  5. Can't buy a goal today, so many chances to put this one away
  6. Bit lucky at the end there, bit 3 points, is 3 points
  7. We've had a few decent chances too, just couldn't take advantage.
  8. They are playing a bit like the mens team last season, dangerous on the counter, weak through the middle, one dangerous winger and the keeper only thing keeping them in it
  9. Id be interested to see a trend of the optimism results over the season. Think it would be a bit of a roller-coaster this year
  10. I guess getting something from the game with half the first team missing and the most useless referee in the world isn't too bad. Still, if the way this season has started is any indication of how the season is going to pan out, I think we will miss the 5 points we have dropped so far.
  11. Honestly it's about time ref's should have to front up at a press conference after games. No accountability for shit performances at all
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