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  1. Thank you very much BOF & Chris Nee. Very much appreciated.
  2. Awesome. I’ve put some feelers out, but haven’t seen anything yet for a proper line-up/subs/scorers. If you know the subbed players aswell then just give us a quick shout please. Thanks. I had planned to go but West Midland Trains had other ideas!
  3. I’m clinically vulnerable as I take tablets for my arse aids, so I will be wearing a mask. On my face not my arse.
  4. You could at least change it back to the dude in the wheelchair.
  5. Excellent. Thanks BOF. I assume Reading away will be rearranged at some point as it clashes with the EFL trophy. Note that WBA away is at Telford and Wolves away is at Kiddy, its normally the other way round.
  6. My understanding is that all season ticket holders are entitled to a refund for the 6 games played behind closed doors at the end of the 2019-20 season. How you purchased your ticket will define how you received your refund. Those who paid by card or online received vouchers or got a refund via their card. Those who paid with cash in person at the ticket office may not have an online presence to get vouchers and cannot get a refund as the ticket office is closed. Can the club help these people out, as I suspect a lot of the cash buyers will loose out as there is deadline by which you can claim.
  7. Question about 2019-20 season ticket refunds. For those who bought their season ticket in person with cash haven’t been able to get to refunds as the ticket office has been closed. They therefore wouldn’t have vouchers. I assume it’s a case of waiting for the ticket office to reopen for them to go in person to get their refund? Are there any alteratives for them? On a personal note, when the programme editors add the Youth Cup winners 2021 to the honour list on the opening page, can they please add the Youth Cup runner up dates as well please. Does my OCD no good when the programme lists the FA Cup & League Cup runner up years only!
  8. Renewed today online, was easier than expected and didn't have to upload a pic. I used my vouchers aswell, so I think its probably the cheapest season ticket I've paid for in over ten years. Which was nice.
  9. The player released names are out; Farr & H Sohna the only real shocks : https://www.premierleague.com/news/2163104
  10. This week had a phone call from the doctors, was booked in the next day and had my jab. Having bum aids has its advantages it seems. So that’s me and both my parents first jabs done. Its all very exciting.
  11. If you check the OS, the U23 & U18 player profiles have been updated so fair play to the club for that.
  12. I think we've recalled Walker and Clarke from their loans, so I assume they'l be involved tonight.
  13. Here's an extract of match report from 12/11/1894. The full report is here: https://imgur.com/4To2J1U
  14. Apart from Clarkson, who didn't play against Everton. That picture had Hunter in his Sunday best, so wouldn't have played.
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