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  1. Really want to see Gabby pulling up to his house with the 3rd kit to announce him.
  2. That makes it sound as though the player had the choice and went with us too, chairman knowing it was pointless accepting the offer from Leicester! This whole optimism thing feels weird
  3. Think Sanchezs' is a harder position to get to grips with the pace of the Premier league for though, I'd hope it'd be easier for an attacking player to figure it out.....hopefully anyway!
  4. Cracking game from him today, good defending, alright on the ball and positive going forward! Just imagine when Benteke and/or Kozak are in the box for those crosses!
  5. There is always that one person at this time of year you just want to pat on the back and say "we know, we heard you last time"
  6. When people mention we should scout after the next up and coming attacking midfielder, do you not think every other team in the world is doing that? Plus any team with that player will want a ridiculous fee as they'll know how in demand that type of player is. If Lambert looks at other players the same quality as Hoolahan and they're all going at 5mil, is it really that bad to spend 2-3 on Wes? I'm not sure but clearly the youngsters coming through aren't showing enough week in week out in training so options are pretty thin on the ground
  7. People seem to say it's petty but look at it from Norwich's side. At the moment they have a back up player they know has the experience to do a job if called upon / injuries occur. We've come along as he's the "cheap" choice and people are saying they'd then have money to buy someone if they accepted but if we can't find someone else what chance do they have of getting a replacement in? I want him to sign on but can completely see why Norwich are being the way they are
  8. Didn't he play more of an attacking winger role a'la Gabby and Andi?!? Seemed to know where the net was and quite quick although basing that from a few glimpses a while back now
  9. Liverpool took a quick free kick and came close from it, 1st thing Holt did was have a go at the other players for not standing on it so they had to wait and we could get set. For me that's the kind of "experience" he'll bring as clearly nobody else thinks that way
  10. Watched the game from the Kop so was very weird for me, thought we were really good 1st half and the Pool fans around me were crapping themselves, rightly so. Just like us to concede before half time. Heard a lot about how good the atmosphere is in the kop but the place doesn't compare to the Holte on todays performance. all in all a point I really wasn't expecting so happy even if we got robbed l
  11. The main thing I don't get with Bowery is people saying some of the youth players should be playing instead of him as they're "better" yet the people that see everyone train day in day out keep putting him in the matchday squad. He's clearly a better option than the others in the squad on the basis he gets to play. I can understand people wanting our 5th / 6th choice striker to be amazing but lets be honest a work horse will do just fine and to be perfectly honest, how many times has he been awful or even near that?
  12. Of someone came in to buy a company, you'd base the value on the cashflows of the company discounted over several years (allowing for inflation etc). You then add a bit or remove a bit for goodwill, what someone is willing to pay over / under the value of the company. Whilst the debt would possibly deter buyers it wouldn't effect the value of the club per se, only the profit/loss made could do that. This is mainly as the debt/assets are required to make the money the company is currently making, the assets are only helpful if it all goes wrong and you have to make money quickly. So with the club aiming to be profitable you could argue it is being set up to be sold for more money even though I don't think this is case. I think RL just wants to stop losing money year on year on running costs, don't think he'd be as tight for players when he doesn't have to pump money into other areas of the club that the fans rightfully dont appreciate.
  13. Oh my god! Put us down to lose 4-0 so giddy as hell now!
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