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  1. Irrespective of Southampton’s claims, JWP is for sale...at the right price! Traditionally they are a selling club, always have been and probably always will be and that’s despite having wealthy owners, it’s their MO. They had a difficult season last term and I suspect they are desperate to refresh the squad, so selling JWP would certainly give them significant funds to re-invest. I’m actually quite confident we can make this happen...if we want to.
  2. Never really good enough to play regular Premier League football, I think it was best for everyone that he moved on. Good luck Bjorn.
  3. Despite all my reservations, now that he’s officially signed I’ll be 100% behind him on the pitch wearing that famous claret and blue. Welcome back Ash’ . UTV SOTC
  4. After the euphoria of the Buendia signing this is just so underwhelming. Really not convinced.
  5. Fundamentally I don’t think he’s good enough to play Premier League football anymore. Sorry.
  6. Arsenal would be absolutely mad to let him go! Although I feel it’s just a negotiation tactic to get him a more lucrative contract, I would love for this to happen.
  7. As much as I would love to see him come back and be brilliant, the reality is he isn’t the player he was 10 years ago. Yes it would be great to have a bit more experience in the dressing room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should be signing older players. He struggled with the pace of the Premier League in his last few seasons at Utd, and although he managed 30+ games in Serie A last season, it is arguably a far less competitive and physically demanding league. Imagine if Young did sign and then Targett picks up a serious injury, we’d be forced into changing the entire system
  8. Injuries have disrupted his career, when he signed for Utd back in 2008 he obviously had potential. However, in the last 3 seasons combined he’s scored a total of 9 goals. Although he’s still only 29, I much rather give Barry a chance.
  9. The guy was average 5 years ago. His time has passed, and I honestly can’t believe we’re even interested. Promote Barry to the first team to cover Watkins.
  10. I understand what you’re saying, however given the fact that he has only made 22 senior appearances in his entire career, in a less competitive league gives me cause for concern considering the sums of money reportedly involved. And although I’m not entirely sure, I believe both Fofana and Tielemans had been consistently good for a couple of seasons prior to their respective moves to England.
  11. The kid clearly has potential however, the reported £25/30m represents a massive gamble IMO, especially considering Kante only cost Leicester a mere £5.5m and had vastly more experience.
  12. Yes, he has done fantastically well in his first season. However, there is absolutely no guarantee he will be able to sustain that form next season. Especially when you consider just how much more competitive/demanding the Premier League is compared to French League. Given the reported price tag/wages I’d rather look elsewhere. Sorry.
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