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  1. If there is any chance of getting Jones then we should definitely go all out, he’s quality IMO.
  2. Midfield is literally letting the side down. This has to be addressed NOW in this window, no excuses or we’ll never get into Europe.
  3. Fantastic signing. He’s a class player IMO, and although he may have come in as just backup, I’d expect him to be pushing Konsa for a first team spot. Wish he was signing permanently.
  4. Well signing SMS would certainly be a message of intent...
  5. I actually feel quite sorry for Tammy, he was having a fairly good season then Tuchel came in and completely froze him out. I wouldn’t be apposed to him coming back, although I think it’s somewhat unlikely. However, we do need better striking options because I’m honestly not inspired by Wes or Davis.
  6. Not 100% convinced about the Alvarez link anyway, would love both JWP and ESR but suspect it’s one or the other? Out of those two ESR has the greater potential given his age, however JWP would suit or system better. Also I feel a deal for ESR would be less likely given that he’s at Arsenal and they clearly want to keep him, although it’s pretty much fare game until he signs that new contract, so you never know.
  7. I’m not going to get too excited by this until there’s something a little more concrete, because I suspect it’s just more Twitter BS.
  8. Irrespective of Southampton’s claims, JWP is for sale...at the right price! Traditionally they are a selling club, always have been and probably always will be and that’s despite having wealthy owners, it’s their MO. They had a difficult season last term and I suspect they are desperate to refresh the squad, so selling JWP would certainly give them significant funds to re-invest. I’m actually quite confident we can make this happen...if we want to.
  9. Never really good enough to play regular Premier League football, I think it was best for everyone that he moved on. Good luck Bjorn.
  10. Despite all my reservations, now that he’s officially signed I’ll be 100% behind him on the pitch wearing that famous claret and blue. Welcome back Ash’ . UTV SOTC
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