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  1. Yes! He's brilliant IMO. Was a key player in Pochettino's Tottenham side and was only dropped from the starting 11 when Mourinho arrived. Also 28 isn't old, you could argue that he is actually at the peak of his career. The only issue with this transfer is having to deal with Levy. Having said all that, if we could get only one Spurs player (even on loan) it would be Dele Ali.
  2. As I said, either way it's still been a great window.
  3. Can Benrahma play up front or just on the wing? (forgive my ignorance lol)
  4. Agreed, although if we don't get King its still been an absolutely superb window for us.
  5. Wiltshire certainly had potential early on, but unfortunately his injuries have absolutely destroyed his career.
  6. We can still sign players from the Championship up to 11pm on October 16th mate.
  7. Still a chance we could get a striker from the championship before the domestic window closes. My money's on Benrahma or King.
  8. Think Scotland's closes today mate, so no domestic extension for them.
  9. Would still like another forward, but nevertheless its been an absolutely fantastic window IMO. UTV!
  10. Anyone else bored with this thread now or is it just me? I mean seriously it doesn't just need closing, it needs to be taken round the back and put out of its misery. LOL
  11. Gutted, Just had to return my new HS Yes, I know I'm a bit of a fat b@stard these days but the fitment seems way off especially compared to other manufactures. Anyone else had any issues?
  12. Still think we'll get one more attacking player in, even if its only a loan.
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