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  1. Good debut. Some nice touches and took his goal well. Very promising and an exciting player. On the flip side it was a 20 minute performance and 'Legend in the making' etc is very premature. Not to put a downer on anything but think this needs to be reeled in. If he does this all season, then yeah a legend in the making. Not yet.
  2. Better than Collins/Dunne's constant long balls that always miss.
  3. -----------Given--------------- Lowton-Vlaar-Clark-Bennett ---------Westwood------------ ------KEA-------Delph-------- ----------Ireland--------------- ------Bent--Benteke Maybe?
  4. Reminds me of a certain former City man... Richard Dunne never looks like a world beater.
  5. Dont get the transfer fees = / = wages thing. Wages = £ Transfer Fees = £. We cant have some £ but not have other £. We either do, or do not have £. We dont. Thats fine, we needed to downsize what we were spending and I understand it means we'll be buying smartly, great! I just feel like some people think this whole wages thing means that we can spunk £10m on a player if we can get them to accept normal wages. We cant, we're skint. In both fee's and wages, it will be good for us in the long run. But this 'we can afford transfer fees but not wages' is just bull imo.
  6. Sounds like either Benteke or Zarate, FatherAbraham at the Express and Star
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