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  1. He plays at LB in the youth teams. I think we just needed a extra cb for pre season
  2. Wes edens is expanding his sports portfolio https://www.cnbcafrica.com/2021/captains-of-industry-wes-edens-on-the-investment-case-for-basketball-in-africa/
  3. Luck of draw. It would of been played at the Hawthorns if Albion made it to final.
  4. Yeah anybody that call a Ref a clown by not saying the word clown makes him up there with most respectable managers. Best moment of the season
  5. It’s seems to be organized well on the website. I have not used the app
  6. Its UEFA ffp that is the problem not the premier league. That is way more strict if not man city that is. Its closer to 30m. So if we want to get to Europe we need to be more sustainable than we are now. Not including covid losses
  7. This great to see. got me thinking about if the club have anymore land for further expansion? I can’t find info anywhere
  8. It sounds like they building a tv studio at Bodymoor according to the Fan group meeting. Hopefully this means we will get to see the home games now. It sounds like we had better second half and the guy who scored their goals was like 21 years old. Our oldest player on the pitch was 19. So we going to find it hard playing older lad sometimes. I think we striking a good balance right now for development . Can’t wait to see more of this crop.
  9. Hands down the best podcast is the love of Paul Mcgrath. They have great guests on like @VillaAnalytics and few other interesting ones. His passion comes through and with the cohost they have good insight Into Lions clubs community.
  10. here is some footage Shakpoke https://twitter.com/thesecretscout_/status/1297544469592580097?s=21
  11. Very Reliable. He tracks youth footballers
  12. Don’t they need a preseason? Its still competitive league right?
  13. Hi, I am Villa fan originally from Birmingham and now living in America. I grew up watching Villa in late 90s. I have found memories of going down to Villa park with my Dad and my older brother to European games nights and getting close to my heros like Stam Collymore(i know not the best lol). i loved sitting in the holte end at match days on Saturday kick off and my last game there was against Man City when Bent open his account for the Club. I hope to chat all things villa here.
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