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  1. I think you’d be surprised. we’d have to pay more than we would otherwise, but there are knock-on effects from a player sale like this. The FFP handcuffs that restrict us currently will be released. Sawiris+Edens pumped in 100m when we were promoted and we are currently pushing the top bound of what’s allowed (take a look in the FFP thread). A 100m sale realized immediately means we can spend 2-2.5x that over the course of the next 2-3 seasons (not saying we will but we can, which we cannot currently).
  2. We don’t have to replace Jack, he is irreplaceable. we have to replace his net output. This clip explains the process well. You don’t replace the man, you replace the chances created, the assists, and the goals.
  3. Jack has done his part so far for the club… He still has a role to play in the villa story. Would be too bad if that role is a 100m pound cash injection instead of as captain leading us on a European charge. call me a romantic but I’m still holding out hope for a long piece and interview of him saying he wants to see out what he started here, my city my club my home #2026
  4. Percy and Sky are the two most reliable sources….
  5. Curious to see what villa do. 100m for our captain, arguably the best chance creator in the premier league right now, who’s 25 and is open to the move. He also has chronic shin issues and has missed a third of 3 of the last 4 seasons. I appreciate they haven’t dicked around with offers 20m under asking like United did with sancho. 100m in the pocket now takes the shackles off from a FFP perspective. Owners could pump in double or triple that over the next 3 years if they were inclined, can’t do that without the sale. either way we are in a good spot here.
  6. Aston Villa wouldn’t be wasting their time bidding if Emile wanted to stay…… I know it’s hard, let the process play out and be patient. We will be in good shape either way.
  7. Good sign. Tells me there isn’t a release clause after all.
  8. The thing I keep going back to is we are no longer owned by Tony Xia, Randy Lerner, et al. who's pockets would be tangibly changed percentage-wise by a 100m pound sale. Randy Lerner is ~only~ worth 1.1 billion. 100m pounds would be a 10% increase in his liquidity (thus net worth making it easier to cash out his investment). Tony Xia in the same ballpark. 100m in the pockets of Nassef and Wes is a drop in the bucket. Roughly 10 times less of an impact on their collective total "net worth". Sure it is 150% of their initial investment for the club, but I imagine the club is now worth 400-500m (450m if you believe the valuation on TransferMarkt). They have gain in asset value already built in. They aren't in it to realize a 100m gain on a costless asset (Jack, an academy product), especially not now in this current environment. If FFP rules were strict, and the 100m would open the possibility for us to pour in further investment then sure, but not after the rules were relaxed during the pandemic. There is not a strategic or financial reason why they would be inclined to sell Jack. Another possible reason to sell him - Jack forcing his way out, dying to "go win trophies" at City. Well considering he posted Ashley Young with heart emojis, and was singing shit on the baggies to the England kit manager, it seems his love for the club hasn't changed. I struggle to find one possible angle or variable to reason why he could depart other than what I see on twitter from sourceless rumors.
  9. I’m not really concerned about the aggregate performance or the score line. We were missing 3 of our starting back 4, our captain, and started an 18 year old youth player. I think Nakamba’s early form is a positive, I think Buendia and Watkins form both is positive. I think the striker depth is going to be an issue hopefully resolved by Alvarez and/or Bailey. El Ghazi is still who he is - lacks a consistent touch and lacks the eye for a creative pass, will churn out goals because of his finishing but can be a net negative to Ollies output.
  10. His fitness has been an issue since we were promoted. Players like Targett who were built similarly have been able to improve their physiques and top-end physical output. McGinn has not.
  11. plays soft except for when the ball is out of play
  12. How the hell do you get a red card in a friendly, you have to be a special kind of idiot. down the pecking order you go wes
  13. What a **** clown
  14. buendia giving mcginn an earful after that looping angled pass across field in the final third. so wasteful.
  15. Frankly I’d rather let Jacks contract completely run down and walk free than cash in on a transfer. I think the 20m offset per year in transfer revenue is worth the opportunity cost. Making Europe and the springboard that comes with that is worth more than what any transfer fee could bring in. And get this idea out of your head that he would be disgruntled to stay. He loves this club, stayed with us through the dark years, the rot, and the championship… now we are knocking on the door of his dreams and he’s going to force his way out?? Just can’t see it happening. He loves this club, he’s said it himself time and time again.
  16. Was able to sign up a new membership for myself and girlfriend via a linked email super easy. Seems like the renewals is what’s giving problems?
  17. The claret piping on the end of the sleeves is a nice touch
  18. This Alvarez kid is a looker probably will score a quick wagyu think
  19. What’s the best way to go about getting tickets if one was to plan a trip over internationally? I’m planning a similar trip across the Atlantic in the spring.
  20. Shame. Hopefully we quickly pivot to Alvarez and lock that up.
  21. It’s not even July yet. Have some patience. Can see us letting this marinate for a few weeks, letting the contract situation play out with Arsenal, and if he still hasn’t signed anything come the third week of July or so coming in with a final bid of ~35-38m + add ons.
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