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  1. weedman

    Christian Purslow

    Even if they do, if we're going to go down the "head coach" route, it'll be without Bruce, he could win every remaining game this season and he'd still be gone as he's not a head coach (unless he is forced to give the coaching thing a go and he turns out to be an absolute bloody natural, which I think most will agree is unlikely)
  2. weedman

    Match Thread: Villa v Rotherham

    This is like a training game at the moment, both teams seem happy with the 1-0
  3. weedman

    Proposal: Match day protest against SB

    If they didn't sack him during the 2 week break, they aren't going to sack him for drawing the first game after the 2 week break. A protest is not only small time but completely pointless in this instance
  4. weedman

    Ross McCormack

    Oh my god THEY BOTH GOT GIVEN THE SAME OPPORTUNITY. Gabby worked hard but ultimately wasn't good enough to feature regularly, Ross probably had the talent to play regularly, but didn't take the chance THAT WAS GIVEN TO HIM by not working hard, not putting in the training, not showing the right attitude and on at least 1 occasion not showing up at all. Only then was he shipped out, he has since continued not showing anything, not putting in any effort and not upping his game, so he continues to not feature. There is literally no other way for me to say it, so that's it, I'm completely done with this conversation now, and your response to this, which will of course be to demand to know why he hasn't been given a chance, will not be replied to again. I've said my bit and I'm out
  5. weedman

    Ross McCormack

    OK so the question was "why wasn't he handed an olive branch?" which is the same question you've asked 200 times and the question I literally answered in the post you quoted I'm out
  6. weedman

    Ross McCormack

    "please do tell why the season we got relegated"? I don't get it
  7. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    Well it was slightly tongue in cheek, but still VT does have a tenancy to blow fairly minor throwaway comments way out of proportion because of a dislike of the manager or a like of a different manager. I'm not commenting on Beisla, because it's far too early to say what his meticulously crafted system will actually achieve, but if Bruce said in interviews (and he has, I'm fairly sure) something along the lines of "well we've got a few injuries, especially up top, so it's tough, but young Keinan (just an example) came in and did well Tuesday so he'll get another go tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get a few back soon" there would be complete uproar on here about him making excuses even though it's basically the same thing that Beisla said but without the word "system" in it
  8. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    If it was Steve Bruce we'd only focus on the middle paragraph and call it "getting his excuses in early"?
  9. weedman

    Ross McCormack

    Why what?
  10. weedman

    Mitchell Clark

    Can't really argue with that, personally I haven't seen a lot of Clark so can't really compare to Taylor or Hutton, from my (pretty uninformed) opinion it seems he's 3rd choice at best and unlikely to play so loaning him out makes perfect sense to me, but I'll be interested to see how he does on loan. I liked the look of Doyle Hayes but I only saw him in friendlies where it's virtually impossible to judge I do think Onomah was decent for us, had an ok start, terrible, mistake ridden middle and pretty good finish to the season. Tuanzebe I agree has looked poor, but he seems to have the physical attributes already he may just need a bit of time to get used to proper competitive football, physically he looks a bit ahead of our young defenders who always strike me as a bit lightweight (all well and good being comfortable on the ball, but even ball playing defenders need a bit of physicality about them to deal with the actual defending part)
  11. weedman

    Mitchell Clark

    Youngsters like Tuanzebe, Grealish, RHM, Davis, Green, even Onomah got plenty of games last year, along with SJ. He doesn't care about their age, he plays the best available players. This can be a weakness as it doesn't prepare the club for the future by giving the not quite good enough players the games they need to improve, but loaning them out completely solves this, I really don't see the issue here. He's not good enough for our first team yet, so he's being loaned out to get competitive games and to improve as a player, isn't that a good thing?
  12. weedman

    New Manager Speculation

    A manager like that would be great, but that last line about wanting to take training and not run the club like previous managers means the infrastructure and staff all have to be up and running and in place before we could even consider hiring one...ours isn't, so our options are 1) keep SB while it's all sorted out this season, then replace him once we are "prepared" to give the new coach the best possible chance, 2) sack Bruce now and replace him with another "old school" manager who can basically run the place because we haven't got any other staff to do it yet, or 3) sack SB now, replace him with a head coach despite no structure being in place that a head coach needs to work in, and have it all fail miserably as we tumble down the table Surely option 1 is the winner there, surely?!
  13. weedman

    Ritchie De Laet

    I think it's one of those short term pains for long term gains kind of decisions, a bit of time at RB and in a couple of months we don't need Jedinak at CB as AT can play there I never really rated RDL before he came but in his smattering of games he's definitely been better than I expected. He's nowhere near Elmo though and as a backup I'd like Bree, he's not as good, but at least he should improve in time, so I fully agree with shipping RDL out as we really don't need him in the short, medium or long term (once Bolasie is fit and Elmo is no longer needed as a right winger)
  14. weedman

    Ritchie De Laet

    Maybe he's just not good enough? We may not see that on a match day but they train every day so plenty of time for manager and coaching staff to get an idea, it's not like we shipped him off straight away he's been training with the first team for months. See the Tuanzebe thread for my thoughts on him as a RB, but in a nutshell the Championship is a huge step up from youth or reserve team football and he seems to be struggling with the physicality of the players against him, putting him at RB until he learns to deal with that and he's not as exposed as he would be at CB
  15. weedman

    Ritchie De Laet

    I think that's more the time, rather than the games. Having 6 weeks before the season starts with no meaningful games is time to get in players, get them integrated into the team, used to the tactics (which, before any comments, we do have, there's just obvious debates about their effectiveness and/or prettiness), training etc, it's certainly a more settled time than in the middle of the season where there's no real time to implement anything, it's just game, 3 day break, game, 3 day break etc The games just get them match sharp, most first team players will avoid potential injuries, not overwork their muscles to prevent strains, avoid big challenges etc etc, younger or fringe players are more likely to try and impress, so I guess it stands to reason sometimes they'll look better than the other players around them