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  1. What on earth is going on with those sleeves?!
  2. weedman

    Dean Smith

    Bit of both? But given the chances we've created I'd say it was as much us forcing them back as them choosing to. It's like us V Spurs, we didn't choose to sit back and defend, they forced us to. Obviously the difference between us and Spurs is far greater than the difference between us and Bournemouth so while they turned their good play into 3 goals, we only managed 1 But we're getting there I think, could do with getting those first points soon but we look miles better than Palace, Newcastle and Southampton already and I'm confident once we settle we'll improve, can't say the same for them so I'm still cautiously optimistic we can finish somewhere between 12th and 17th, and that must be seen as a successful season if it happens
  3. I agree with what you're saying, however you used the word "hope" a few times and that's the point, I'm as hopeful as anyone that he turns out to be good, and while he did look good in pre season I learned several years ago to pay no attention to them when I watched Gabby skip past 3 or 4 players with some lovely footwork and slot the ball home. When the season started he wasn't suddenly Messi, he was the same Gabby as always. The opposition and overall lack of intensity makes things much easier for everyone. I too hope Guilbert turns out to be a star, but as we learned in the 1st two games we can't afford mistakes at the moment because we'll be punished. The pressure is huge right now and I am fully behind continuing Elmo (unless his performances drop) for now, once we've got a few points on the board and if (hopefully) we can get ourselves a few points clear of the drop then I'd be all for giving him a few games to see what he's got
  4. The clamouring for Guilbert is weird to me. Elmo has been one of our best players since he came back into the team and hasn't put a foot wrong this season. If Guilbert was a starting PL quality RB why would he sign for us (a mid table Championship team at the time), amidst no competition, and once we managed to sign this quality of player, why would we subsequently loan him back to France for another 6 months? Maybe he's simply not as good as we hope, and while is capable of being a backup (or even starter should we get relegated), he's just not ready for this league yet? I could understand people clamouring for us to play him if Elmo was doing terribly, but again, he's been one of our better players since coming into the team last season and that has continued into this one. Perhaps Guilbert will benefit from being a backup and getting the odd game here and there for his 1st season in England in arguably the toughest league in the world, and as long as Elmo continues playing well I don't see the problem with that
  5. weedman

    Douglas Luiz

    Agree 100%. When I was watching that first half I said he's just Carlos Sanchez, a technically good player but far too casual on the ball especially in dangerous positions. He improved 2nd half but there were still one or two moments where he slightly miscontrolled an easy pass and was nearly punished. Unlike Carlos Sanchez I'm confident he'll improve this as he gets more used to the pace of the league. I want him to succeed mainly because of his hair
  6. weedman

    Dean Smith

    I agree, I don't think it was a pen, I'd have been livid if it'd been given against us. The problem is it's one of those that you've seen given, and we're all naturally disappointed as we believe that if it had been the other way around it would have not only been awarded a penalty, but VAR and the pundits analysing the game would all agree because of the contact
  7. weedman

    Dean Smith

    You joke, but the way Sky is going I give it max 5 years before they actually do this. It'll be to prove a point about how passionate a certain manager is and they'll show a heat map of him prowling the technical area and compare it to the opposition manager who hasn't moved much from his seat and use that as an example of why Team A was so much more commited etc blah blah blah. It'd be a classic Sky Sports move
  8. weedman

    Dean Smith

    I'm still mystified how that was a free kick to Spurs. After that great move he's clearly pulled down by the defender and would have given Conor a fantastic opportunity to show the world what he's capable of. Instead, free kick to Spurs and back on the defensive, infuriating
  9. Ahh many thanks, I wasn't sure where to look went to other football and didn't see anything so just posted here! I'm all joined up now and looking forward to it!
  10. Not sure about anyone else, but I've had zero interest in the PL the last few years but now I'm all over it and have made a fantasy football team...problem is I only work in a small team (none of whom know anything about football, 2 of them supposedly do, but they're Man Utd fans living in Hampshire so I'm not so sure) and my mates are not really into it so literally am only in a league with 2 other people which seems a bit...lame So was wondering if any fellow VTers have a team and if you'd be interested in our own VT mini league?
  11. weedman

    Ezri Konsa

    If it's based on facts it's not racist. Being offensive to people doesn't make it racist. It's only racist because it's based on nothing more than racial stereotypes
  12. weedman

    Ezri Konsa

    The only way the chant would even work is if it was common knowledge that he loved to party aka McCormack AND if it was common knowledge he had a massive dick aka if he'd gone full Ashley Young. Without those 2 factors the whole thing just doesn't make sense. Someone referenced the Terry song above but it's not the same really, it's pretty common knowledge that Terry screwed around with a teammates Mrs (was he also married at the time as well?) and the chant is poking fun at that common knowledge. The Konsa one seems to be based on absolutely nothing

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