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  1. Ross McCormack

    I think he would, only going from what I've seen from both of them since the start of last season. Regardless of of their pasts, one is working hard, motivated and fit, the other is unmotivated, out of shape and unwilling to change that. If (and it's a big if) Ross came back, got himself fit and committed, and actually started giving 100% I believe Bruce would give him another chance and then he would comfortably outscore Gabby, unfortunately that Ross McCormack has never shown himself for us and I can't see it happening. I think they'll both be gone as soon as we can get rid of them and neither will amount to anything afterwards
  2. Ross McCormack

    I've seen quotes like this before, we know Bruce did with Gabby because he actually took his chance, trained hard, got fit, put the effort in, even started the season with a goal (a miracle in itself) before getting injured repeatedly. Had he not gotten injured I'd imagine he'd have a fair few appearances and dare I say it a few goals to his name by now, because when Bruce challenged him to get fit, work hard and improve, he actually did. His inability to get a run in the team because of his constant little niggles are a result of his style of play and poor fitness prior to Bruce IMO There's nothing to suggest that he didn't do the same with Ross, in fact from his point of view why wouldn't he? Challenge an underperforming player to work hard and earn their place back? Why wouldn't you do that? If he was willing to do it to a player even our owner wanted out of the club I simply cannot believe he was not willing to do the same for a striker that same owner had just spunked £12m on, so I'd assume the same olive branch was held out for Ross, who decided that he'd rather not put in any extra effort and go live it up in Australia on his massive salary for a while. Scoring a load of penalties in a division no better than in Scotland is probably not what we need to fire us to promotion
  3. Micah Richards

    I'd say 96 league games is a better contribution than whatever Richards has managed to muster up for us, regardless of goals. Have you been watching the same Micah Richards as me? I think most of the fans at VP put more effort into a match than he ever did. I remember that game, he had like 9 touches or something before being taken off injured at half time, I could be wrong but couldn't the fact that he was clearly struggling with injury there be considered a mitigating factor? Look, I'm not arguing that Gabby has been good recently, just saying he has, even in the last few years offered considerably more than Richards, but it's a bit like arguing which shit smells better, at the end of the day they're both shit
  4. Micah Richards

    Tbf that's 96 league games and 13 league goals since signing that contract, considerably more than Micah Richards, obviously not good enough and he's more or less finished now, but he's not even in the same league as Richards
  5. Steve Bruce

    I agree, however for a "balanced" view you have to consider and appraise both the positive AND negative. If you genuinely believe there are no positives at the moment despite us sitting 5th in the league, 5 points off automatic having just beaten a major promotion rival 5-0 while missing our 2 best players, considering the shambles we were when he took over then your view is not balanced. GH generally makes well reasoned posts from what Ive seen, and a lot of good points, however the lack of any balance and clear bias to turn even the most trivial things into a major stick to beat Bruce with means the posts will not be taken seriously most of the time
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    No worries, it is a part of the game but so is diving, up until about 10 years ago so were leg breaking tackles, it shouldn't be a part of the game. It's common bloody sense not to make fans do repeated long journeys within days of each other at the end of the most expensive month of the year for them. It's not an excuse and he's not tried to make it one, it's just another example of sky and the FA not giving a crap about fans and just trying to make money. "can't get to the game? No worries, just pay an extra £40 a month and watch it at home on TV, everybody wins...but mainly us"
  7. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Sorry but he was directly asked a question about travelling quite a long way for games in quick succession and he said it's not really fair on the fans as we will undoubtedly take the full allocation and it would be better for everyone to play more local games in the Christmas period, he's not making excuses at all
  8. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Tbf to him he was moaning about the fixtures because it was unfair on the fans that will have to travel to them, think that's being taken slightly out of context here
  9. Scott Hogan

    It's clear he wasn't signed as a "target man" to win headers and hold the ball up - he was signed as a better version of Gabby. Someone to harry defenders and chase down loose balls, run the flanks and give us an outlet, while scoring a few goals as well, basically, what Gabby used to do before he effectively retired a few years ago. He has the attributes to do it, he is quick, relatively strong, eye for a goal (before we signed him), good movement. The problem with him isn't solely Bruce's tactics, it's that he hasn't done any of those things. He struggles to even bring the ball under control from a 5 yard pass for heavens sake. He needs to sort himself out or he will end a monumental failure here and any aspirations he may have had for PL football in his career will be over. Fact is, if someone knew nothing of our team prior to him signing and you pointed out him and Gabby and said one of them is a £12m striker, the other is a useless sack of crap everyone can't wait to leave, they'd currently have them confused. If you're a professional striker and a worse option for your team than Gabby Agbonlahor in 2017 you need to take a long hard look at yourself and put in a few extra hours on the training pitch. Whatever the reasons are, he is simply not good enough at the moment and the only person who can change that is him, blaming the tactics, blaming luck, blaming Bruce, blaming bloody Santa is pointless, he needs to do it himself
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    A really good performance that, Preston had an injury hit back 4 but their front 4 were fine and they created nothing, what was it 2 shots on target both 25 yard speculative ones? Shows how tough the Championship is though 1 defeat in 12 and still 5th, need to keep this form going all season
  11. Gabby Agbonlahor

    To get out of this pesky league you need to beat the other pesky teams in it. Last year he totally changed the game against them and scored the winner. No one is saying all is forgiven, simply credit where it's due, if he can do the same this year those extra 2 points could be the difference between promotion or not, even if he plays no further part this season he will have made a meaningful contribution, whether you like it or not Pretty sure it's a pointless debate anyways as he's injured so most likely won't play, we're also in significantly better form this year than last (and they're much worse) so should be able to beat them regardless (fingers crossed)
  12. Steve Bruce

    You have to remember though that Fulham had scored 4 late goals in the last 4 games before us, Bruce made the defensive changes where the other 4 teams didn't and we won without them really creating anything. Maybe we could have snatched a 3rd by pushing on a bit, but given their record of late goals I think Bruce played it well, remember when we were 2-0 up playing great football against Leicester and lost 3-2 after Sherwood made a load of attacking changes? Not only did he get crucified for that it ended up starting a spiral downward that we took 2 years to get out of. A bit of caution isn't always a bad thing
  13. Alan Hutton

    Tbf, even if the other points are correct, his last ditch tackles were not at all down to him being out of position, which was the only point he was countering. He had a poor game going forward (as usual), but those challenges stopped us from getting a proper hiding, so it's not unusual to see him get a bit of praise for that. If you don't like or rate a player it doesn't mean everything they do is bad, and totally dismissing any of the good bits makes the argument lose all balance and simply become a bit of a witch hunt
  14. Keinan Davis

    Isn't he away with England under 20s?
  15. John Terry

    This has been the case his whole career, I've probably seen him "accidentally" handball it while blocking a shot about 30 times over the years, as of yet I've not seen a pen given against him for it. Used to drive me crazy how he constantly got away with it, find it quite amusing now lol