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  1. I think he could do just as well in the Prem as well. I remember the start of the season his energy was amazing but his final ball was really hit or miss. He seemed to misplace some passes and held the ball for too long not really knowing when to release it. He's upped his game to match the league this season and kept his unbelievable energy, I say within a year in the PL the big boys will start being linked with him
  2. I was about to post the same thing
  3. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    That's the point though isn't it? We're talking about a poor refereeing decision aren't we? Most poor refereeing decisions are down to the ref "not seeing it". You can't say it was a good decision because the ref missed what happened, what if he hadn't seen the handball that won us the 2nd penalty and didn't give it? Would that be "fair enough" as well because he didn't see it? Most referees aren't corrupt, they get decisions wrong because shit happens sometimes, but that doesn't make it a fair or correct decision. His game management was utterly appalling, I mean sure, you can give a soft yellow card resulting in a red, but you don't have to, especially when the 1st yellow was also soft. How often do we see a "if he wasn't already on a yellow that's a booking all day long, but it's just a final warning this time"? He could have given a yellow card to the chap that hacked down Grealish for our first penalty, it probably would have been a correct decision, but he didn't did he? He could have given a red to the guy that accidently trod on Grealishs foot while he was on the floor, it would have been soft, but he could have given it. He could have given a red card to the guy that went in 2 footed on Adomah, again would have been soft, but he could have given it He could have completely ignored DS walking 2 foot out of his technical area to place the ball on the line for a throw in, given that managers leave their technical area constantly without repercussions unless it's really bad, but he didn't, ran straight over there and whipped out the card These decisions could all have been considered correct by the letter of the law had he given them the other way, but he chose not to and resulted in a first half where all of those 50/50s went against us, hence understandable anger towards the ref If you could appeal yellow cards, we wouldn't be able to appeal either of Mings', but if yellow cards could be issued retrospectively he wouldn't have ended up with either (assuming they weren't given on the night) IMO
  4. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    Either both players get a yellow there or neither of them. We had the ball in possession, both players take little bites at each other and it's a free kick to Rotherham and a yellow card to Mings? No chance
  5. New chant : There's only 2 John McGinns
  6. Immense tonight, the Kodjia of old. Was so tempted to give him MOTM but you just can't not give it to McGinn
  7. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    First one was very harsh. 2nd one, well, if it's a handball it's a yellow so hard to argue
  8. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    It's ok, Mile is back!
  9. Grealish was in as well and it was a simple pass to him
  10. Arguments he's made...hmm all looking pretty solid, can't argue with any of that Arguments he hasn't made...ooh I can argue these all day! So you're saying we should sell Grealish for £5 to Huddersfield? Interesting
  11. So performances don't matter and the best course of action is to pick your favourites and play them whenever fit regardless of form/opposition/tactics etc. Martin O'Neill...is that you?
  12. Haven't I? Ah it turns out I had, now, why should Whelan be dropped?
  13. Can't help but notice you still haven't answered the question about what Whelan has done to deserve being dropped? Interesting, it's almost like you're trolling and finding whatever you possibly can to complain about, however illogical If Bjarnasson plays better than Jack, then why not? Surely can only be good for Villa to have their best performing players in the starting 11? (Note, obviously I don't believe he would play better than Jack does consistently) also, Bjarnasson to Jack Grealish is not the same as Whelan to Hourihane, the latter are relatively similar in terms of ability (although I rate Hourihane higher mainly because of the set pieces) whereas the former 2 are light years apart
  14. Classic case of not answering the question because it invalidates your entire argument, given your posting history it is not a surprise. He wasn't "dropped for going to his child's birth", he was unavailable for selection and his replacement has come in and played brilliantly, making him undroppable as things stand. If his levels drop Conor will be there waiting in the wings to regain his place, it's called competition for places, actually pretty common in professional football believe it or not It's not Conors fault, it's not Smith's fault, it's not anyone's fault, but it's happened and that's football. Look at our goalkeeper situation, Kalinic got injured, Steer came in and has done well and has subsequently kept his place in the team. It wasn't Kalinic fault that he got injured, and it's not his fault that we've been playing so well in his absence he can't get back in, but it's happened and that's football, he'll get a chance to take the place from Steer at some point, and it's up to him to take that chance
  15. As amusing as I've found this argument, your position is clearly Hourihane didn't deserve to be dropped, so, using your own logic, what has Whelan done to deserve to be dropped?

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