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  1. Steve Bruce

    You have to remember though that Fulham had scored 4 late goals in the last 4 games before us, Bruce made the defensive changes where the other 4 teams didn't and we won without them really creating anything. Maybe we could have snatched a 3rd by pushing on a bit, but given their record of late goals I think Bruce played it well, remember when we were 2-0 up playing great football against Leicester and lost 3-2 after Sherwood made a load of attacking changes? Not only did he get crucified for that it ended up starting a spiral downward that we took 2 years to get out of. A bit of caution isn't always a bad thing
  2. Alan Hutton

    Tbf, even if the other points are correct, his last ditch tackles were not at all down to him being out of position, which was the only point he was countering. He had a poor game going forward (as usual), but those challenges stopped us from getting a proper hiding, so it's not unusual to see him get a bit of praise for that. If you don't like or rate a player it doesn't mean everything they do is bad, and totally dismissing any of the good bits makes the argument lose all balance and simply become a bit of a witch hunt
  3. Keinan Davis

    Isn't he away with England under 20s?
  4. John Terry

    This has been the case his whole career, I've probably seen him "accidentally" handball it while blocking a shot about 30 times over the years, as of yet I've not seen a pen given against him for it. Used to drive me crazy how he constantly got away with it, find it quite amusing now lol
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    I thought that, went for the ball as well but was tackled and it fell to their man. Has to be offside surely
  6. Leandro Bacuna

    What makes me laugh about this is a player can throw their toys out of the pram, cry to the media demanding a move, refuse to play, but still get their loyalty bonus because they didn't officially hand in a transfer request, it's ridiculous
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Not sure how I feel about #StevoITK being actually ITK
  8. Steve Bruce

    The only problem with the subs on Saturday was they were made too late, taking Hogan off clearly isn't a popular decision, after all he's scored 1 goal for us so was all but guaranteed to score another, but those subs did change the game, we retook control of the game again and went back to creating good chances. In the 90th minute chasing a goal you don't need to be a tactical genius, throwing a big man on to hit and get the ball forward quickly is a tactic employed by just about every manager (excluding Pep) at some point, it's just about the only reason Fellani has played so many games for Man Utd, it's not the sackable offence some seem to think it is. And will everyone please stop claiming Bruce took Hogan off for Samba when chasing the game?! There's enough to criticise him for without just making stuff up. His first subs worked as they changed the game, relieved all the pressure on us and we retook control, had Green put his very straightforward chance away Samba would not have been brought on at all Like everyone I was disappointed with a draw yesterday, we should have won, apart from 2 mins before half time, and 20 mins of the 2nd half we were in control, I still have faith Bruce can get us promoted this season (although I agree if we don't improve soon Xia will have a decision to make)
  9. Leandro Bacuna

    Watching Bacuna for their goal literally made me scream at the TV, he got back well, helped defend a decent attack, then literally just stops as soon as the ball was half cleared and hey presto Hull end up with a free man in the box. It's typical Bacuna, he does half a job then gives up and loses all interest. He can drive the ball forward like Delph used to, run through players, then misplace a 5 yard pass, he'll work himself back into a good position then just stop assuming his job is done, he'll ping a great pass to someone then let the return ball run under his foot. Half a job, every time, get rid
  10. The Championship thread

    Anyone got a link for the wolves Boro game? Watching Fulham as it's the only one I could find, they're looking good again
  11. Steve Bruce

    Again, the pre season game is of absolutely no consequence. Being worried about how we played last season and hoping it will change this season is fine
  12. Steve Bruce

    Yes. If it goes tits up next season it won't be because we didn't play well in our 2nd pre season game
  13. Steve Bruce

    I will say this with confidence. The way a team or players play during pre season matches - especially the first ones - is in no way indicative of the way they will play in competitive matches. If our 2nd pre season match has caused people to change their opinions on Bruce then they don't understand pre season matches. Lack of passing and moving? It's pre season, their getting their fitness up. No cohesion in the team? It's pre season, their getting their fitness up. Bruce defying everyone and playing Hutton and Richards at centre back? It's pre season etc etc. Whether we win every game 5-0 or lose every game 5-0 will not dictate how our season goes, the only game you can take anything from is the final one, and even that's a stretch. It's about getting the players some match fitness and getting them used to playing with each other. Tactical work etc will be being done on the training ground, and the matches are only there so the players are ready for a competitive 90 minute match in a few weeks time, some of the over analysis and jumping to conclusions after the last game is ridiculous
  14. Steve Bruce

    The players all looked miles off the pace...in their 2nd pre season match. Shocker
  15. Chris Samba

    Tbf he has the potential to become a bit of a cult hero, just because he will dominate in the air still and everyone kind of expects him to be rubbish, so anything half decent he does will be praised as if he's Maldini, but even against Telford there was one moment when one of their quicker players had a run at him and he barely managed to get a block in, against any half decent attacker that would probably have led to a goal. I wouldn't trust him in our team as things stand