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  1. weedman

    Dean Smith

    Our squad is hugely unbalanced for sure, and we're probably not good enough for promotion quality wise, however we have some of the best players in the league for their respective positions (Tammy, McGinn, Mings, Kalinic, not even including Tuanzebe or Grealish). The players are better than relegation form. At worst we should be mid table, comfortably seeing off the bottom teams and not having quite enough to compete with the top ones. We're barely competing against anyone at the minute. I want Smith to do well, and it's too early to judge him but if we don't show any improvement between now and the end of the season questions will rightly have to be asked
  2. weedman

    Dean Smith

    Its not, but it's not that they can't play, it's that they won't be 100%, and at this level that makes a huge difference to their performance
  3. weedman

    Dean Smith

    I really hate this mindset. Money doesn't make you fitter. Money doesn't stop you being fatigued. Money doesn't make you a better player. At the top level the difference between 100% and 95% is massive. At our level it's probably more 100% to 90%. It's not like Sunday league where you can roll out of bed pissed 10 mins before the match and still play basically the same because the difference between 100% and 50% is negligible. No player chooses to be below peak condition, but playing lots of high intensity football matches certainly causes it, regardless of whether they're on £50 a week or £500,000
  4. weedman

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Oh I agree, it's totally disheartening at the moment, the football is dire - as bad as its been since we were relegated, the results are dire, just about everything is dire right now. Although I'd still say we have more chance of getting top 6 than either of us do of winning the lottery (still buying a ticket mind) I was merely being pedantic as people using the word "fact" to describe their opinion which is in no way a fact is a real bug bear of mine
  5. weedman

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Correct. This is a fact This is not a fact. This is an opinion. It's highly likely sure, and it's an opinion I agree with, but it's not a fact. Think of buying a lottery ticket. It's highly unlikely that you'll win, but it's not a fact until it actually happens/doesn't happen
  6. weedman

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    So we've gained +1 GD on Norwich...wheres that "its happening" gif?!
  7. weedman

    Defending Set Pieces

    We get blocked off too easily which is a problem with man to man marking, it's why so many managers are going zonal but it takes time to get used to, if it were me as soon as playoffs are completely gone I'd switch to zonal (can always man mark real danger men) and work on it relentlessly in pre season
  8. weedman

    André Green

    He's a tough one, I see similarities between him and Delph when he first joined in that there's just something about him but he's a little rough and I think once it all clicks in to place he could be a good player. That's why he was sent out on loan and its just a shame really that he got another injury and we had to call him back early because our wingers are just so crap. I don't think he's that good really (at the moment) but there's some potential there for sure. He has the raw attributes, he's direct, quick, fairly strong (for his age and I imagine he'll toughen up more with some more games and some more years) and works hard. His technique just isn't quite there yet but you can see he's doing the right things but it's just not working (overhitting crosses, misplaced passes) but you'd hope with a bit more experience these things will start to improve. I think he could be a good player if he can get a good couple of seasons without a major injury, fingers crossed
  9. weedman

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    My sentiments exactly, he's been class, but his time is over, he was awful today
  10. weedman

    Dean Smith

    On this post I agree with the first bit, we should compare to Bruce's first season because we're in a similar mess player wise, but on the bold bit, let's not rewrite history and say Steve Bruce received no critisim in his first season. The debate over style of play, tactics, results, etc started around the time his honeymoon period ended and we started losing again, and critisim of his January signings started in February. Most people then, as most people do now, acknowledged that he needs a bit more time to make the team his, but it was far from a universal opinion and claims like "people are writing off DS after 5 minutes but gave SB 2.5 years" is just nonsense Some people never wanted DS and have made their feelings clear from minute 1, in the same way some people never wanted SB and made their feelings clear from minute 1. Some people have now written DS off after a few months, as some wrote SB off after a few months. Most agree next season is the one to judge Smith on, as most people agreed the next season was the one to judge Bruce. From what I recall the argument over SB was far more heated than the one over DS as well so while it's right that DS needs some time to build a new team, he's not been criticised any more than our previous manager was, as much as literally any manager would be at this stage in their tenure
  11. weedman

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    It still amazes me that there are fans who didn't enjoy last season. Ultimately we fell short, but it was our best season in over a decade. We've spent years in relegation battles losing most weeks, went down as one of the worst teams in PL history, our first season in the championship was a boring mid table nothingness, this season is an inconsistent mid table campaign. Yet the season we scored more goals, won more games, actually competed and came out on top most of the time, only missing out on the last day at Wembley by a single goal. Hell, with a half decent ref in that game we could be a PL team now. How that season is still so terrible to some people is beyond me On this season. While we obviously could still get promoted as it seems the teams above us are just as inconsistent as we are considering they haven't opened up a proper gap despite our terrible form, the way we're playing it's just not going to happen. We need to improve our form ASAP to have any chance and I just can't see it this season
  12. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    As soon as you said you were a teacher I saw this last line in red pen circled
  13. weedman

    Dean Smith

    Our wingers in general are terrible. Adomah looked average at first, then unbelievable for a bit, back to average and now barely looks like a footballer, El Ghazi is equally as bad, but at least occasionally bundles his way into a shooting position and seems to have a decent shot on him, Green is constantly injured and when he's not is just a typical young winger, full of energy and enthusiasm but blows more cold than hot, Kodjia isn't a winger. I'd be tempted to do away with them for now and go 3-5-2, it would mean Taylor as wing back which is frightening (although I think he's been better the last few games), or possibly Green there, and a choice between Hutton, Elmo or Adomah as RWB which is even more frightening, but it would pack us in the middle. 2 strikers (Abraham and Kodjia/David) while keeping our 3 CM (McGinn, Grealish and Hourihane/Carroll/Whelan) and 3 central defenders (Mings, Elphick, Chester) which should solidify us and force us to attack more through the middle where we're stronger. If we do go wide it should mean that there's plenty of space there so even our limited options should be capable of at least making a cross (that doesn't drift out for a goal kick/throw in or hit the first man occasionally with any luck) I like 433 as a formation generally, but it simply doesn't work when the full backs and wingers are as bad as ours are. All our attacks go through them and 9 times out of 10 they screw it up
  14. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    It didn't look at all deliberate to me, and as soon as he did it he spun round and got the ref to stop the game would indicate it was an accident too. I remember the Zlatan one as well and I remember not thinking that was deliberate at the time as well, in that one he jumps to go over him and as he does it Rooney gets up which completely throws him off balance because he has to hurdle him and his foot hits Zlatan. That one was definately an unpopular opinion though! He's either really clumsy or really dirty, either way, accident or not you can't keep stamping on people's heads, needs to be more careful A good performance overall though, he looks a player
  15. And if that PL U23 LB was worse than Taylor you'd still be happy?