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  1. Steve Bruce

    Harder to beat/organised defensively. Our problem was conceding late goals and being mentally weak, like it or not Steve Bruce has improved that, we also win the occasional game now as a direct result of that. We were a shambles from before RDM, to suggest that 5 odd years of decline is erased because of 11 games (where we won 1) is crazy. Who knows, given time RDM may have sorted us out as well, but this rebuild requires that we put some faith in the manager, and for me I'd rather put my faith in a man who has proven time and time again that he knows what he's doing than gamble on someone who is largely unproven, but that's just me
  2. Steve Bruce

    Don't know if anyone saw it but Karanka was on sky sports earlier talking about his time at Boro, basically said when he came in they were a shambles, so the first thing he did was make them harder to beat - at the expense of attacking play and was constantly criticised for "being scared of attacking", then the following summer improved the quality and the attacking play improved with those players, got them nearly promoted before they smashed the league the following season. Just made me think of us, there is no quick fix when you are as much of a shambles as we were, it takes time, it requires patience. If Bruce had come in and had us dominating and winning games like some seem to expect then that statement simply wouldn't be true, it would have been a pretty simple quick fix by all accounts. We look more organised now, we resemble an actual football team for the first time in 5 years, is it great to watch? No, but these things take time, I'm confident that with Bruce we will be up there next season, I'm confident that things will improve with a few additions and some more time to gel together, that doesn't mean I'm happy with the football we have played so far, or with finishing 13th in the Championship, it just means I have accepted that there isn't a magic wand, there isn't a quick fix, and it will take a bit of time to get things right, I have faith that things will improve next season and am looking forward to it
  3. Micah Richards

    I find this attitude hilarious, it was the same with Gabby, as if these players have absolutely no personal lives and banning them from training (which is what, 2 hours a day?) would prevent them from seeing or speaking to their friends at the club. If they are as influential as people think I can't imagine not training would achieve anything other than forcing them to do even less to earn their money, that'll show em!
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Wasn't this kind of a transfer window hinted at after Jan? Can't remember exact details but I'm sure the Doc said something along the lines of we thought we were too far away for a real promotion push this season, so decided to buy a few players in Jan and do a mini rebuild then instead to effectively give them an extra few months settling in before the push next year? So I'd imagine half of our "Summer" business was already done and we'll see a lot more of the Jan signings next season, coupled with a few in and out from a "sell to buy" policy should see us ok
  5. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    This attitude really winds me up, not everyone lives 15 minutes from the ground mate, a Saturday 3pm kick off means I leave my house around 11/11.30, put £50 petrol in the car, have to eat a dirty burger as it'll be 7pm before a pass a service station on way back, watch the game for 2 hours and try and be home by 8pm after which I'm knackered and poor, a weekday evening? No chance, with traffic I'd have to leave by about 4 for an 8pm game (and having done this before, it's tight) and I'd be lucky to be home by 1 am, it's irrelevant anyway, as it's incredibly rare I'd be finished work in time to go in any case A season ticket for me would cost £550ish (whatever upper Holte is now), plus £60 a game travelling, luckily I'll only make about 15 of them that are on weekends, so only an extra £900 there, so for the bargain price of £1,450 I can watch 15 out of 46 games, or I could try and sign up for a service to watch all 46 on TV, and try and go get to the odd one here or there when I can, guess that means I'm not a proper fan
  6. Leandro Bacuna

    He has scored 24 goals in 213 games, 17 of them in 125 for Groningen, hardly Barcelona are they? Since he's scored 7 in 88 for us, in the Premiership and Championship, he's not a goal scoring player, he's not regressing, poor goal scoring returns are the norm and the "good" season where he netted 5 times in a good league was the anomaly. He had some potential for sure, it's why we signed him most likely, but he has never come close to reaching it and where be was a poor player with potential before, he's now just a poor player. I really like his engine, runs his socks off but his attitude is terrible and he has worse ability than Alan Hutton. Also Roberto Carlos was not good at free kicks, I watched a lot of his games as a kid and he took every free kick and shot every time it was in the opposition half, scored maybe 1 in 30 as his left foot was a cannon and some keepers at the time were woeful, most of his attempts went miles off target or straight into the wall, but that's off topic so I'll stop now lol
  7. Leandro Bacuna

    Its because he's not good at scoring from distance or free kicks. He's a poor long range shooter who scored a few good ones once upon a time rather than a good long range shooter who mysteriously forgot how to shoot. Him scoring is the anomaly, not the norm. The norm is him being crap Its like the Roberto Carlos debate. Everyone thought he was a world class free kick taker because he scored that absolute worldy but the reality was he was terrible at free kicks and hit the jackpot once.
  8. Steve Bruce

    I play football with a Hull fan and he loves Bruce, as soon as we signed him he said we'd be going up either this season or next. Said the football can be crap at times but he'll get results even if you're not really sure how he keeps getting results, he also said Alex Bruce is a decent enough defender when we inevitably sign him
  9. Steve Bruce

    I hate DOL for calling us fickle all those years ago, since then people seem to think they need to form an opinion instantly and never change it regardless of circumstance. We have a good budget, some top championship players, have the manager with the best ever record in this division in terms of promotions, and are on our best run of form that I can remember, what is it, 7 wins and 1 draw in 9 games? When was the last time we had a 9 game period like that?! Wanting the manager out now is ludicrous and shows an incredible bias. Its been said before, but the magnificent Wagner nearly relegated Huddersfield in his first season, some want Bruce out for only getting us top half, madness
  10. Steve Bruce

    Comments like this really irk me - the reason those sides cost so little is because the players weren't good enough when they signed, given time and a run in a settled side they begin to stand out so until our players, regardless of cost, get that same opportunity it's impossible to compare. I was interested a while back to see what Leicester fans thought of Vardy when they signed him and none of them thought he was good enough, the highest praise I found in his 1st season with them was "Decent enough as a squad player in the Championship but need better if we have any chance of promotion". Give him a run and some time and suddenly everyone's crying that we spend all this money on players when there are players like Vardy available for peanuts. Its not all about money spent, time is a big thing, look in the Bjarnasson thread, people had written him off after 45 minutes, people are judging Bruce's whole managerial record on the last 12 games as if the previous (plucking number out of thin air here) 300 games are pure luck, and it's these 12 that prove my point Have a little patience and we may just reap the rewards, or we can just sack another manager and start again, that's worked well over the last 6 years
  11. Steve Bruce

    It was exactly my point, if we'd made attacking subs and lost everyone would be losing their minds here, as it happened he made defensive subs that worked, we won and kept a clean sheet. I know some people like to moan about all things Villa, and won't be happy til we win every match of the season with over 80% possession every game and making Barcelona look like a pub team, but to criticise the manager after his decisions completely worked is a stretch for me, he's been rightly criticised for some of his decisions this year, let's give credit where its due, enjoy the 3 points, and hope it sets us up for a little run now
  12. Steve Bruce

    Remember when we were playing great football and smashing Leicester 2-0 and Sherwood decided to make 3 really attacking subs and the team fell apart and lost 3-2? Yeah, me too. I'll take defensive subs resulting in a win over attacking subs resulting in a loss every time thank you
  13. Scott Hogan

    Makes sense, I fully agree, if a striker is going to be limited to only a handful of chances I'd trust Hogan more, but given our current style, there really isn't much effect on our team whichever one is playing
  14. Scott Hogan

    If we're playing the no service card, surely the same applies to both players though? Or has our team suddenly struggled to create chances just since Hogan arrived? Just playing devils advocate
  15. Steve Bruce

    And that itself is a byproduct of the players not yet being a team. The only way to resolve that is for them to play and train together consistently. Changing the manager changes the training and they would have to start "gelling" and getting to know each others game all over again. It's a painful process, but one we have to go through whether we have Bruce or anyone else in charge, and Bruce has at least proven he is capable of doing this for multiple clubs over his career, most of the other candidates I've seen here haven't