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  1. I've gone 17th...although with our current (lack of a) squad I'd make us favourites for the drop. Everything depends on who we sign and how lucky we get with injuries etc but I have faith in Deano et all to get us over the line. If we do enough to finish 17th I'll be happy, and in the PL it's so tight at the bottom that if you can finish 17th then you can finish 10th with just one or two little bits of luck here and there
  2. weedman

    Alan Hutton

    Money goes to charity these days I think, it's more just a way to say goodbye to a player who has given a lot of time or is highly regarded nowadays. I think he deserves one, never been the best ability wise but has been treated very poorly over the years and has never sulked or said a bad word about the club when many others would have, always kept himself in top shape and has contributed with some big moments for us. Has a real connection with the fans, a testimonial is more than deserved IMO
  3. weedman

    The NSWE Board

    Think it's actually 9.3b without Xia
  4. WE DID IT!!! 5th time lucky!!
  5. weedman


    I actually looked at that but only seemed to get the link but guess I was doing something wrong as seems to work now
  6. weedman


    Can't figure out how to link Instagram
  7. I think Leeds have proven that only brings you relegation and an eternity in the lower leagues...
  8. I get married next week...when I talk about the "best day of my life" this will be mentioned, I'm sure the football hating Mrs will be thrilled
  9. It's a really hard call, but Whelan starts for me, only because I can't really choose between them for a start, but Hourihane can offer far more coming on as a substitute, especially if we need a goal.
  10. Don't worry guys, this is the year when records are broken! It's time to break my Wembley curse!
  11. I was at all those games except the 2-1 victory over Liverpool. I've only ever experienced heartbreak at Wembley...and I have a ticket to this one as well
  12. weedman

    Alan Hutton

    I really can't understand when people say this. Yes, working hard SHOULD be a given, but it isn't, you only have to look at most of the players we've had in the last decade to see that, that's why everyone keeps bringing it up.
  13. Leeds are the best team in the playoffs IMO (excluding us of course) and for that reason I want them in the semi final, get past that and I'd fancy us against Boro/Derby/Bristol and make us slight favourites against West Brom in a final, and if we're going to lose I'd rather it be in the semi than the final. The best case is we play either Derby or Boro in the final, but I think it's unlikely either of them will beat Leeds over 2 legs
  14. Surely Bamford has to be done for "successful deception of a match official"?

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