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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    There's a clear difference between Clark and Bacuna though, Clark generally played well and was a good defender with a few big mistakes which skewed our perception of him as we saw him all the time. Those mistakes are pretty common for defenders and will generally get ironed out as they get older, which will see him being more consistent and probably good enough for a lower mid table Prem team. Bacuna on the other hand excels at nothing, he's the clearest example of bang average that I've seen for a long time, he's not terrible, he's not great, he's just meh, and seems to have the Billy big boy attitude and thinks he's a superstar. Bacuna will never be more than a Championship player, if he can get himself some consistency as he matures he may end up as a poor man's Milner, and make a name for himself at a semi decent Championship team
  2. Steve Bruce

    Of course we can all see the same problem, it's not hiding, the real difference between people who think Bruce should be given more time and those that don't isn't being blind to what we've seen, it's having faith that it will change. I should have added "so far" to what I said, Bruce is not stupid, he's not lucked into his previous promotions, I didn't see much of his other teams, but Hull didn't play drab defensive football, they generally had the upper hand on possession and scored plenty of goals. So far we've seen a style similar to that of McLeish, that is, no real style, but overall Bruce's teams set up more like a Mourinho (note : I'm not saying he is anywhere near Mourinho's level, simply a comparable style), solid defensively with some excellent attacking players allowed to express themselves. Until those attacking players are brought in and gel the attacking will always seem lacking, but once they get going it's hard to stop. The resilience is now there, getting the attacking players to begin linking up and gelling together is the final step, it may need a new signing, it may just need a bit of time, but I firmly believe it will happen eventually. I understand you don't believe that, but given Bruce will undoubtedly be starting the season as our manager, I'm sure we're both hoping that I'm right and you're not!
  3. Steve Bruce

    The better analogy would be hiring a builder who has a track record of building the exact style of house that you want, but when he arrives to start the work the guy you hired before him because of a great advert you'd seen messed everything up, hadn't even got the foundations dug, had all the wrong tools, and your guy has to start from scratch, undoing all the crap that he inherited. You show up to check on it a few months later and it looks like a building site still. This doesn't mean he isn't capable of doing the thing he's been successfully doing for decades, it just means it's a work in progress. Our foundations are there, it's the finishing touches that we need now, final pieces that turn a building site into a house
  4. Steve Bruce

    People seem to forget that players are people, new managers mean new coaching, different schedules, different tactics etc etc, meaning the current players here and new ones coming have ALL got to adapt and change their entire routines around it. Its not an easy thing to do seamlessly, especially when, at the start of the season our long standing pro to help the newbies adapt and settle in was Gabby. Things are changing now, the players signed in summer are settled for the most part, the Jan signings are mostly there too, they like the manager and like his methods (and are used to them) Where Southampton have been effective is they sign players used to playing and training a certain way, and only employ managers that also train and set up their team the same way. And they have done this for years and years before even making it to the PL. We went from MON (defensive with rapid counter attacking play) to GH (dominating possession slow build up) to AMcL (defend at all costs) to PL (bit of a mixture of everything, would have been far more successful with some more backing IMO) to TS (overly attacking all guns blazing) to RG (not really sure, a bit like Houllier maybe?) to RDM (slow build up, lack of organisation - may have had more success with more time, we'll never know) to SB (defensive, organised, lack of clear attacking plan). On top of that we have signed virtually an entire new team in each of the last 2 seasons, all new players coming into the disorganised shitshow that we have been making it harder than ever to "hit the ground running" This is why some of us want some stability, the fact that SB has 4 promotions is important, because we need to put some faith in a manager to actually improve us in the medium term, and we didn't really have faith that RDM was that man, his single promotion was a long time ago, and being an isolated even could easily have been simply a one off season (see : Leicester winning the league) or the league could have changed and improved dramatically since that time. With Bruce we don't have that problem. It's easy to put a bit of faith in him because he has earned it. We are still transitioning into a semi cohesive unit, and there will definitely be low points still to come, having a manager that you know can achieve what we want is a massive plus, and not worth upsetting everything again to change it and hope for the best, especially as from what I've seen those wanting him sacked now don't want a similar manager, they want the polar opposite (again) and instant results (promotion this season), 2 things that don't usually go well together especially with a fragile team that is only just starting to settle from all the recent changes
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    You need a balance though, young prospects and experienced heads together. It should never be one or the other
  6. Ritchie De Laet

    I think if you watched them all closely you'd be surprised to find that most full backs do this, it's a challenging position with constantly going up and down the length of the pitch so when a full back bombs forward it usually sees a little reshuffle at the back (DM drops in and CB moves out, winger drops back etc). It's incredibly difficult to sprint the full length of the pitch one way then sprint the full length back and still be going for a full 90 mins every match. There are always exceptions of course, but it's fairly standard. The problem is really that Hutton is terrible when he gets forward, not that he doesn't get back at the same speed, so it's still the "works hard, but hasn't got the quality" for me. In my opinion he's a good option for the squad, not the best but not horrendous and will always give 100%, shouldn't be first choice, but useful to have for squad rotation - I'd say there won't be too many 2nd choice right backs better than Hutton in the Championship
  7. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We tempted him with his impressive CV for good reason, he's never had any sustained success and no Prem teams wanted to gamble on him. His promotion was some time ago and his Champions League was after being in charge for 5 minutes. Sherwood had an impressive win ratio but based solely on 6 months with a strong team it meant precisely nothing when it came to the job here. The sort of "impressive CV's" that we could attract would be currently out of work, recently sacked or with their stock low and stuck managing nothing sides. David Moyes at the time he moved to Man Utd was a sought after manager, MON was an absolute coup for us at the time. Those are the sort of managers with good CV's we're currently in a position to attract, the ones that had a bit of success which all came unraveled for 1 reason or another, would that really be better? And I repeat, I am not talking about keeping Bruce here forever, I am talking about getting out of this division, then moving onto a different man to push us on. Just because I believe that he will get us promoted absolutely does not mean I think he can push us on in the PL. I am talking about taking one step at a time, walking before we run, being prepared for the future but focusing on the here and now, and the here and now is the Championship, we need promotion or all the other worries about how we'll be in the PL are meaningless
  8. Sam Johnstone

    To be fair, almost every player improves a little, unless they have truly horrendous attitudes, even Marlon Harewood was a better all round player at 28 than he was at 18
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Well we tried Di Matteo and it hardly proved that he could get us to mid table in the Championship, let alone to the top of the Premier League, the likes of Howe, Dyche or Southgate - firstly are they even attainable in our position? Most likely not, and secondly are they even capable of being up there and challenging with the likes of Mourinho or Guardiola etc? There's nothing to show that at the moment, meaning if we could hire them, while they may or may not be an improvement on SB, would they still not still have their own flaws, would they not still need replacing as we move on? Rather than looking for this mystical manager who not only happily join a team that just finished bottom half of the 2ne tier, but who is also capable of taking us right to the top, I ask again, would it not be more sensible to focus on achieving our first goal before moving on to the next stage? The way teams like Southampton did, before selling their best players every year caused them to stall, the way we shouldn't if the Doc is true to his word?
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Is it not somewhat pie in the sky to expect a manager to come to a mid table Championship club, with no margin for error, and not only get them promoted, but follow up by establishing them in the Prem and pushing them to the upper echelons of the league and Europe? I mean, that's a 1 in a million manager that literally every club dreams of finding (and none have), and there is literally no margin for error as every year we spend in the Championship it becomes harder to get out, is it not a far more sensible approach to appoint managers to achieve the immediate goal, before replacing them with more competent managers to achieve the next step as our league position, and therefore pulling power, improves? As long as people in charge of recruiting ensure some degree of continuity (whether that be playing staff or coaches etc) and don't hop wildly from extreme to extreme with regards to managerial choices, surely that is the most effective way to build the club?
  11. Sam Johnstone

    1. Man Utd are the richest club in the world with arguably the best keeper in the world already, them not wanting him absolutely does not mean he's not good enough for us, or that he won't improve in the future, this is the same Man Utd that didn't bat an eyelid at Pogba leaving for peanuts then signing him back for a world record amount 2 & 3 (as they're basically the same). This is subjective, I think he's made a few decent saves, and there's certainly an argument to be made that a good keeper shouldn't need to be making world class saves a lot as they're in the right position to make that save routine - similar to the "good defenders don't make many last ditch game saving tackles as they don't need to" debate. Also, still beating this old drum, he's young, he will only improve. 4 & 5. Again, this is a young keeper who's game will only improve as he gets older, these 2 points are 2 of the major things that goalkeepers work on in training. I also think our keepers have had a fair bit of unfair stick over their kicking in recent years on here, when in their defence, it's generally been fine with the main problem being the only player capable of winning a header has been bloody Alan Hutton out hugging the right touchline. From your post I assume you're expecting a goalkeeper that Man Utd wouldn't sell, who makes strings of saves game after game never conceding, while claiming every cross or ball that comes into the penalty area and kicks so accurately that we win nearly every header. I believe your looking for us to sign De Gea for less than £5m
  12. Sam Johnstone

    I don't get why some are so against this signing, he improved once he got some confidence and towards the end of the season showed he is more than capable of being a Championship goalkeeper, and we're not talking about some 37 year old journeyman, he's young and will only improve in the coming seasons, if he's happy to leave Man Utd to come here he's obviously keen to play and improve and likes it here, there's no reason not to think he could become a Prem quality keeper over the next year or two, and for £5m it's not a massive gamble. At his age even if he doesn't improve in the future we'd probably still get most of our money back anyway once we get a better keeper, win win?
  13. Jack Grealish

    Its easy to forget he's still young enough to be in the u21 squad, I've been fairly critical of Jack (maybe not here, but in general) because he just doesn't seem to have any end product, all style no substance, but he still has a long time before reaching his peak so probably would be unwise to write him off so soon. Having seen him play this and last season he hasn't been great, but compared to say Barry Bannan or Marc Albrighton at the same age he's probably been better than Bannan and around par with Albrighton, and both have grown into decent players now, so it's probably not worth leaping to judgement on him just yet
  14. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I keep seeing this "4 promotions in 20 seasons" thing, completely ignoring the fact that he hasn't been in the Championship for most of those 20 seasons. I'm sure someone on another thread worked out it's actually 4 promotions in 4 full Championship seasons...
  15. Steve Bruce

    Harder to beat/organised defensively. Our problem was conceding late goals and being mentally weak, like it or not Steve Bruce has improved that, we also win the occasional game now as a direct result of that. We were a shambles from before RDM, to suggest that 5 odd years of decline is erased because of 11 games (where we won 1) is crazy. Who knows, given time RDM may have sorted us out as well, but this rebuild requires that we put some faith in the manager, and for me I'd rather put my faith in a man who has proven time and time again that he knows what he's doing than gamble on someone who is largely unproven, but that's just me