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  1. weedman

    Tony Xia

    Tbf, the parachute payments aren't there so clubs can buy lots of players, it's there to cover wages due to the huge disparity between PL and Championship incomes. People seem to really struggle to comprehend this and everyone seems to assume all relegated teams have this huge advantage of parachute money where the vast majority will be spent covering the income shortfall due to inflated PL wages. The way to get the most benefit seems to be by being a yo yo club, where the overall club costs haven't had a chance to inflate so much but even then it's not a huge amount as now even clubs like Cardiff and Huddersfield will have to spend £20m and £50k a week on squad players because everyone in the world knows that they have the resources to do so
  2. weedman

    Tony Xia

    If a PL team ever finishes with less than 11 points I will join their forum just to see if they get bombarded with Derby fans telling them how much worse it will definitely get for them, you know, to "help"
  3. weedman

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Everything about that is horrible except the badge, definitely like a round badge
  4. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    To say nothing changed from when he took over to the end of last season is proving my point, a lot changed, the football got better, the results got better, our league position got better etc. I have no problem with criticism, especially as I agree, our start to the season was poor and I was very skeptical of our chances at the time, but things DID improve, there were a lot of positives last season. Choosing to still want Bruce out regardless of any progress is one thing (for whatever reason, there are plenty of valid ones both ways), choosing to completely ignore anything positive because you want Bruce out is totally different and completely wrong regardless of what ends up happening, because noone knows what will actually happen until it happens. It's the same the other way around as well, choosing to ignore anything negative about Bruce because you want him in is also wrong. I feel this is the main thing that causes the never ending circular argument on here I didn't say sticking to a position is wrong, I said blindly sticking to a position and ignoring anything that is currently happening is wrong, regardless of the ultimate outcome. Having an opinion is one thing, it's the really early definitive statements that I have a problem with (the "we will never get promoted" type ones), followed by ignoring anything that's happening to back that statement up, because regardless of what happens, unless you have a time machine and already know what will happen you simply don't know that. Edit (trying to find a way of explaining my point) - people saying "it's coming home" is clearly a bit of fun, some people really believe England will win the the world cup and some people don't, and both views are equally valid, however the people who have gone out and got tattoos with "England 2018 World Cup winners" are wrong, if England happen to win they will have been really lucky, but that doesn't mean getting the tattoo in the first place was right. Does that make sense?
  5. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    Oh there have been a lot of very reasonable and thought out posts on both sides of the Bruce argument, for sure, and the way I wrote that definitely has come across as a bit dismissive of those opinions which I didn't mean to, however I stand by the point that anyone who said that we had "no chance of being promoted" at the start of last season were wrong regardless of what ultimately happened, because we clearly did have a good chance of being promoted. We were the 4th best performing team in the league last year and narrowly lost the playoff final, which of course ultimately is not good enough, but it is certainly better than "Bruce is a dinosaur", "we're never getting promoted" posts etc I hate the labelling of people on here as either Bruce in or Bruce out, you say anything positive about him and your accused by some of being blind and burying your head in the sand, anything negative and some will accuse you of not being a true fan etc. Its ridiculous. Bruce has good qualities and bad ones, he's a championship manager. He is clearly a decent manager for this level, more defensive than is currently in fashion with the trend towards all out attack and possession based football (which I find really boring aside from Pep teams, as they add the flair as well, watching Spain play for example is mind numbingly boring), he's not going to suddenly become a world class manager, he's not suddenly going to send teams out gung ho because he favours defensive solidarity (as do a lot of very successful teams, Man Utd, for one). At the end of the season I wanted him gone, get a new guy in and see where it takes us, but with all the uncertainty going on in my opinion it would be foolish to get rid of him now, with a weaker team defensive solidarity is more likely the best way to go - see Cardiff. I accept that many people will have different opinions to me, and there are good arguments for and against, but I for one won't be making and definitive statements about what will or won't happen either way because none of us know
  6. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    This is a terrible way of thinking, simply picking a position and sticking to it relentlessly regardless of what is happening is wrong, even if it turns out to be right in the end, making an informed desision based on what is happening is the right way to go, even if you turn out to be wrong in the end Claiming that we had "no chance of being promoted with this dinosaur in charge" 3 games into the season was wrong, even though we didn't end up getting promoted, whereas stating "its not pretty but we're doing well, comfortably in the top 6 and have a good chance of getting promoted" was correct, even though we ultimately fell short Ever since I can remember people are so desperate to not be "fickle" and to be proved "right" that they make definitive statements ridiculously early, have absolutely no intention of ever changing their mind regardless of any circumstances then use illogical confirmation bias to try and drum that standpoint home for as long as possible before declaring themselves victorious over all the "idiots" who kept an open mind. As an example I'd bet that if there was a genuine Man City fan who was dead against Pep Guardiola before he joined them, that person will still be dead against him now, despite his huge success there, and why? Because changing your mind is weak, fickle and would mean you have to admit being wrong to start with
  7. weedman

    Tony Xia

  8. weedman

    Tony Xia

    This is nonsense. Not every financial problem is comparable to bloody Leeds, some may be, most probably won't be. Automatically assuming worst case scenario doesn't make it right, anymore than it makes those who don't wrong or "idiots" We may be totally screwed and another Leeds waiting to happen, but by the same token we may be nowhere near as bad as that and a couple of player sales and high earning wasters off the books over the next couple of years and we're fine. The point is nobody really knows as of yet, jumping to conclusions (whichever side that happens to be on) is wrong, even if it turns out that you're right. You think people who wait for facts before making judgements are doing it to be smug, but those that blindly pick a side and literally come on to other teams message board years or decades later to brag about how "right they were all along" are the sensible ones? Jog on mate
  9. weedman

    Alan Hutton

    Surely it'd work better with Hutton on one side and Villa Park on the other? Rather than a random contract? 6/10 idea, 2/10 execution...just like Hutton himself! Just kidding, I love him
  10. weedman

    New Manager Speculation

    Most of this could easily be said about Steve Bruce. Came in, improved our league position, made us some money and (potentially) quitting after a 4th placed finish and having to sell all of his better players...
  11. weedman

    Alan Hutton

    If Hutton re-signs for us does that mean the prophecy was for the 18/19 season all along?
  12. weedman

    Jack Grealish

    Onomah will be a good player, he's got good feet and can drive forward and even grab the odd goal, his main problem is he doesn't look for a pass quickly enough in some situations and can get caught out when players close him down quickly - this is mainly as he's come from youth football where you generally get a bit more time and space, another year or 2 playing competitive football either in the championship or prem and he'll iron that out and then he'll be sought after, to get him in a deal with Grealish (if we must sell) would be good for us (and probably him, assuming Spurs aren't planning on playing him), he'll be a Prem player in a few years and if we aren't then at least we'll have another saleable asset to help improve our team. Still wouldn't take less than £20m + him for Jack though
  13. weedman

    The Rebuild

    I was thinking this, apart from that first game he's been solid at CB and I think would be good with Chester (Chester for the composure and Jedi for anything above shoulder height. Pace is an issue but he's replacing Terry, hardly Usain Bolt
  14. weedman

    Pre-match chat

    What did he say?
  15. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    I reckon he'll do similar to Boro in that Hutton will go up against Sess and be told to pretty much do to him what he did to Adama, I'd say Terry should be able to handle Mitro and Jedinak and Hourihane will buzz around Cairney to pretty much cut out their main supply lines. That should allow Adomah, Snodgrass, Grealish and Grabban to break forward at pace. Boro restricted us somewhat as well, but thats a Tony Pulis team, we'll have more joy attacking against Fulham than Boro. Main problem is they are better going forward and we're highly unlikely to restrict them to no chances like we did Boro, they'll have a few, as will we. It'll be a tight game and I fear for us if we concede first as it'll be harder to counter which is our main strength. I really think that our front 4 (Grabban, Adomah, Snoddy and Jack) should high press them as much as possible and wherever possible force them to play longer, it doesn't suit them and Mile will eat those sort of balls for breakfast - thats pretty much what Blues did and it worked out pretty well for them, obviously some luck will be required but that goes for them as well as us. It'll be a close game, we've both got the ability to hurt the other - arguably them more than us, but we're more solid at the back, if I were a betting man I'd steer well clear of this myself as it really could go either way. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they lost to Blues as the pressure got to them, all they had to do was win against one of the poorest teams in the league to get 2nd place - Wembley pressure will be far more than that, and we have far more experience in that regard which could see us through (I'm forever hopeful!)