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  1. What a feeling, our best performance in months and fully deserved as well! Voted Luiz MOTM just for replacing Drinkwater and bringing us back to having 11 on the pitch
  2. Well we don't seem capable of even getting shots on target atm so we may as well be really
  3. Var would spend 20 minutes counting the players before deciding to stick with the referees decision (unless one of the 12 players had a shoelace offside ofc)
  4. These players need longer to adjust to the pace and power of the PL though. We signed potentials in the summer and half of them have been all but completely written off on here already. A few years ago I was bored and went to a Leicester forum and found their Jamie Vardy thread, went all the way back to the beginning to see if it was anything like our player threads. Identical. Within the first few months of him being there he was branded by many as nothing more than a hard worker who will be an adequate backup for a mid table championship team. It was said if they had any aspirations of pushing for the playoffs they'd need much better. Most agreed he'd probably score a few goals in league 1. Goes to show jumping to judgement on players, especially players new to a very physical league, is ridiculous, also goes to show even players with the potential to be Jamie Vardy in 2 years need time to adapt and settle. January isn't the time to be signing the next Jamie Vardy or Riyad Mahrez (in our position at least, Liverpool could get away with it!). It's the time to get the Drinkwaters and the Reinas, the players who can get going straight away without needing 6 months to a year to get used to the league. Who knows, we may have already signed the next big star last summer. January is about papering over the cracks until we can get continue rebuilding in the Summer, the biggest crack now is striker. We're obviously not gonna get a superstar, so maybe just a lump, someone who can hold the ball up long enough to pass to Grealish and allow us to build and sustain attacks, maybe that's all we need this window, just to see us through until the summer when we can sign a genuine starter. We seem to be missing a focal point up front so our attacks tend to fizzle out before they get started. I've been very anti Benteke but maybe he's what we need. He can play back to goal and his touch is OK enough to control the ball and pass to someone better. He'd probably even win a few headers which noone else in the attacking half of the pitch is capable of
  5. To everyone moaning about the lineup, aside from Elmo for Guilbert that's our strongest available team isn't it? Can't be complaining that Taylor plays when Targett is injured, Trez and AEG are much the same. What other options do we currently have?
  6. I have Prime in the UK but most things are location locked so doubt I'd be able to watch the repeat I'm sure there will be full match replays about but it's finding them without finding out the score I'm worried about lol
  7. I'm a Smith fan but I don't understand his insistence on having a lefty and a righty together at CB. Sure, it's handy when it happens but it's probably the least important part of a CB partnership. Konsa is much better than Hause, he should be starting
  8. I know it's a little early to be asking, but I'm in Australia atm and this game kicks off at 2am so I'll be nicely tucked up in bed. If possible I'd like to watch the game when I get up around 7/8am (8/9pm UK time) but no idea where to find a full game repeat, even less of an idea where to look without having the score ruined! I know there are fellow Aussie Villans around so I was hoping you'd have some wisdom for me! Thanks in advance...UTV
  9. The year we got to the final I remember us having a favourable run there. I know we had Blackburn in the semi which was definitely the easier game (and turned into an epic) Might be better to play a big team now, a City or Liverpool as they will rest players in the next game they probably won't in the final or semi
  10. Meh, as expected. Seriously though, how on earth was the 2nd goal not offside? Regardless if it was Silva or De Bruyne, Sterling is offside both times and clearly obstructing the keepers view? I just can't get my head around it
  11. I had a tenner on villa to win and Hourihane to score anytime, so I'm seething at that decision
  12. It was when he'd been saying the whistle will blow as soon as the ball is cleared after the corner and had been non stop talking about it for nearly a minute when he went "well, 4 minutes was indicated and now we've played......3 and a half" then just went silent for a few seconds. You could hear the realisation hit him and it was hilarious
  13. weedman

    Tyrone Mings

    He was good overall yesterday, that goal was a comedy of errors all round though. McGinn played a hospital pass, Mings messed up the back pass volley and Heaton I can only imagine lost the ball in the sun hence his hesitation. If Heaton had seen that all the way he'd clear it easily
  14. weedman

    Douglas Luiz

    Even Bardell was unsure if it was true, he was very clear that he was only speculating on what he'd heard, nothing definitive at all so no point jumping to conclusions until we actually know one way or another
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