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  1. weedman

    Louie Barry

    It's worth remembering that the best thing for a players development is to play with players slightly ahead of where they are, that allows them to push themselves to get to that level. If he's struggling to get into the Ipswich first team then he's probably at the right spot, if he can work hard and nail down a spot by January then we could look to get him to a higher level after Jan, if not then he stays and hopefully can nail down a spot by the end of the season. That'll be good progress for a young player. Not everyone is Rooney and not everyone currently playing in the PL was playing mens football consistently at 18, let the lad develop
  2. Ahh I knew this hyperbole would be out as soon as he made the mistake. It was a mistake, every defender makes them, including Mings. Not 10 minutes later he bailed out Konsa after Konsa got caught on the ball and dispossessed. Maybe everyone thinks Konsa is a better defender because when he makes a mistake he's got Mings to cover for him, Mings doesn't have anyone so mistakes are more costly
  3. He's really growing into the team now, last season he looked like a young guy learning his trade, he's looking like a proper PL player now. He's not dominating games yet, but the rate he's progressing you wouldn't bet against him next season
  4. I mean, it's been mentioned in virtually every conversation from fans and pundits when talking about Jack for about 3 years, but other than that I wholeheartedly agree!
  5. You have to wonder if they'd have taken the same stance if it was, say, Kane and Son however. Easy to risk pissing off players that never play for you anyway
  6. Surely if you're including draws it's just points per game rather than win %?! The whole point of a win % is its the % of games that you've won. Draws are not wins, therefore do not count as a win %, otherwise what next, why don't we add 0.2% to the win % every time there's more than 2 goals for the entertainment value? 0.5% for more than 4 goals? Trying to mess around with the number to include draws just shows what a terrible metric win % is in the first place. PPG is better (which is basically what is happening when you start accounting for draws) and even that still doesn't account for context so is completely irrelevant most of the time.
  7. But the whole point of Croatia was so they could still train, I'd imagine we'll send a coach or someone out to train them for a few days until they can rejoin. Even if Buendia can only start from the bench Martinez will definately be fine to play
  8. That's irrelevant, those forms are legal documents, it's 100% their responsibility to make sure they're filled in correctly If they're stuck in quarantine because they lied (or allowed someone else to lie on their behalf) on their forms then they deserve just as much flak as anyone else for it. Edit just to add, it's not like these are hugely complicated forms, they are the same forms that literally everyone has to fill in. They take 5 minutes maximum, there's absolutely no excuse for not doing them yourself, pampered millionaire footballer or not This, surely when this deal was being worked out that they would play 2 games then come home somebody would have noticed that the 2nd one was in Brazil?!
  9. One season my Sunday league team won every game and romped the league. It was the first season our new manager was in charge, giving him a 100% win ratio. Given the importance of this and the apparent irrelevance of what division its attained in I'm shocked none of the elite clubs snapped him up that year. We actually got 4 consecutive promotions so his win % was probably somewhere in the 70% mark after 4 years. Does that make him a better manager than Dean Smith?
  10. This debate is seemingly endless. People dont think the injuries etc that we've had this season are a good enough excuse for not winning every game because the teams we played were poor, but surely even the most negative, desperate for Smith to fail from day 1 poster can still see the mitigating circumstances so far this season? I mean, if our first team was: Martinez Cash, Konsa, Tuanzebe, Targett Luiz, Chukwuemeka, A Young Buendia Ings El Ghazi and then we went out on deadline day and signed Mings, Bailey, Watkins, McGinn, Sanson, Ramsey and Traore, do you not think that would improve us over the course of the season? If the above team is a "battle against relegation" team, then surely after adding all those players it would become a mid table or "challenging for Europe" team? Or do you think that we'll see no improvement when those players come into the team? The only way that you would consider our injuries and disrupted pre season not to be a valid excuse is if you already view Smith in a negaitve way and are looking for ways to "prove" your point. Either that or a troll (mentioning no names, but we all know who it is) I accept that my opinon may not be right, but I just cant understand how else anyone can just dismiss the mitigating circumstances in order to proclaim Smith to be not getting the most out of the team
  11. I mean to completely ignore the context because it suits your argument just stinks of bias. For that reason, I'm out
  12. A midfield composed of a 17 year old debutant and a RB 20 years older than him playing pretty much his first ever game in CM? Is it that concerning considering we will likely never ever play that midfield combination again?
  13. Clearly you don't remember Nyland against Sheff Utd, although that was technically ruled out I guess
  14. Is that actually it? Looks like a training top. Shame as we've had some decent 3rd kits recently but that is a poor effort if true, I'll wait for the actual reveal tomorrow before judging as to me it looks like it's a training top of some kind
  15. I live in Fleet (10 mins from Basingstoke) and would like to point out that they prefer it to be called either B-Town or Amazingstoke. The latter is not accurate
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