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  1. weedman

    Neil Taylor

    Didn't Bruce say he hadn't trained because his wife was giving birth, would explain not in the squad but still at the ground?
  2. weedman

    Birkir Bjarnason

    He should have stopped shooting after the goal, the subsequent shots were so bad it just made it seem like a total fluke! He played well though in general, pretty much all our play started with him, helped no doubt by Reading showing absolutely zero interest in closing down even before the Red card
  3. weedman

    Aston Villa Home Support

    Again this with parachute payments, it isn't just the FA going "ah you poor souls getting relegated, here's £40m to help you bounce back", the money spent by even a shit PL team is astronomically higher than a Championship team, and the parachute payments are there to help with the running costs (infrastructure/wages/staff etc etc) so there isn't such a drastic cut off and huge overhaul straight away. It helps the business keep ticking over until the club can be run on a more even level. If it wasn't for those payments getting relegated would absolutely ruin teams as they just wouldn't be able to cut costs fast enough, especially these days when there's such a massive financial difference between the two leagues. The advantage relegated teams have is they are likely to have 1 or 2 higher profile players that can command Prem level transfer fees which should give them a little more money to play with, the downside being they will inevitably lose their best players and have to rebuild, which is rarely a smooth transition
  4. weedman

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Interesting that even a Wolves win tonight means we woud have gained 7 points on them in 10 games...and we'd be 10 behind with 11 to play. Beat them and we've gained 10 points in 11 games, and we'd be 7 behind with 10 to play. I don't think we'll catch them, but I'd say it's far from a certainty at this stage, if we both maintain our recent form it all pretty much comes down to our match with them on Saturday
  5. weedman

    Match Thread: Sunderland v Villa

    Couldn't tell who was down there and was panicking for a minute until I realised it was only Whelan, phew!
  6. weedman

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I really don't like this attitude to the "parachute payments", you do realise that they aren't just some hand out so that relegated teams can out spend everyone and come straight back up right? They are literally there because that's how much extra teams spend on wages for largely the same players in the PL, they are there to help with those wages while teams either find buyers for those players or their contacts run down. Its not mismanagement either (well, you could argue for us and Sunderland it was, but we're the exceptions really), take someone like Hourihane, moving to a top championship team he's probably on about £25k a week (ish), had he moved to a low end PL team instead of us that exact same player would probably have cost them £50k a week, soley because they are in the PL where £10m transfer and £50k a week would probably get you a decent backup player. The £40m parachute payment is not just chucked onto the budget, it's instantly absorbed by bloated player wages, leaving relegated teams with no discernable advantage over current championship teams. For example, of the 3 relegated last season, 1 is bottom, 1 is in a relegation fight and only 1 is close to the top 6, although miles from top 2
  7. weedman

    Josh Onomah

    I think he's far too casual on the ball to ever play DM. He gives the ball away far too often and it's not in the "trying killer passes so bound to have a low pass %" kind of give the ball away its generally because he's dallying on the ball and has no awareness of what's around him so gets it pinched off him which would be suicide if he was our deepest midfielder I think if we must play him, it has to be further forward, simply because on those rare occasions he finds himself in 5-10 yards of space he can actually look pretty dangerous, and when he inevitably dallies on the ball and gets caught out I'd much rather that was 10 yards outside the oppositions box than 10 yards outside ours Ideally he just wouldn't play at all though, if he can sort out his positional awareness he could be a decent player, and if he were one of our youngsters I'd be wanting him playing more just to help him progress because I do think he's got some potential, but he isn't and in the here and now he's simply not good enough for our team at the moment
  8. weedman

    Current team vs Relegation team

    The Daily Star? Well that settles that then
  9. weedman

    Current team vs Relegation team

    Michael, a few of those players are OK (generally the ones that are are not suited to English football like Amavi and Gil), Gueye is a good player. Even Ciaran Clark is one of the better ones and he wouldn't get in our team at the moment ahead of Terry or Chester But most of these names, my god that team A would be where Sunderland are now, I can never tell if you're on the wind up or not so I'm going to dip out of this thread now but please don't become a scout, if you must become one, may I suggest Birmingham City as a potential job
  10. weedman

    Steve Bruce

    This is the EXACT type of comment that wound people up earlier in the season. Its too early for a "I was right you were wrong" debate, and I think a lot of people were mostly on the fence, judging Bruce by how the team was performing, hence so many people losing faith by the end of December, but it was the absolute certainty displayed such as here which caused so much friction. This comment isn't a "I don't believe we'll get promoted" which is fair for anyone to say and a fair debate can ensue on the back of it, it's a "we DEFINITELY will not get promoted. Bruce is a dinosaur that simply isn't capable, and anyone that disagrees with me is a moron", and as far as calling out posts like this as wrong, it's not too early to do that, because whether we go up or not no one can definitively say yet what will happen, these type of comments and people that make them are wrong, whatever happens
  11. weedman

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Oh I agree, it was a ridiculous position to be in, but plenty of managers have come into new clubs and bemoaned the overall fitness of the players, becoming unfit isn't an overnight thing, it would have happened gradually and while it clearly affected Gabby worse than others, the stats show that the whole team was unfit and hence covering less ground than anyone else in the league. I'd like to be crystal clear, I am not absolving him of all blame (I know you never said that!), but from his point of view here, he showed up to "work" every day, did exactly what the coaches told him to do, then finished work, went home, and did pretty much what he wanted (which I'd wager is the same routine as 90% of players). The day his fitness dropped below, say, 90% (completely arbitrary made up number), the coaches should have been on him and upped his fitness work during training...they didn't, he continued that same routine (maybe the same routine he's had since he broke through under MON for all we know) until suddenly bam and he's too unfit to play. The whole situation was a joke and a total screw up IMO by all responsible parties I always have has a soft spot for him (you can probably tell) which is why I do defend him on here, I don't think he's a Saint or anything but its always irked me that some people have never given him an ounce of credit for past performances and used the "fat" thing to basically completely discredit anything he's ever done for us (not saying you've done this). For me he was a limited player that gave his all for us and gave us all some fantastic memories in his early years, gradually petered off in his later years and could be given a last send off on the final game of a season where we actually achieve something (finally!)
  12. weedman

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Well its clear he isn't a leader, it wasn't just Gabby doing it so Grealish followed, the whole team was slacking off, we had Micah Richards as our captain, Tim Sherwood closely followed by Remi Garde leading the team, Tom Fox making all the decisions and Randy Lerner overseeing it all, to blame Gabby for the season seems a tad harsh, was he not the victim of that "leadership" as much as anyone else? This vilification of "hippy crack" is a load of sensationalist nonsense, secondly, he was unfit, by the end too unfit to actually feature for us...shouldnt the coaches, specifically fitness coaches take some of the blame for that (not all)? Let's not forget Gabby was absolutely slammed by everyone when he bulked up during a summer, doing his own, non sanctioned training. He never refused to train, or play, and given he was never fined for refusing either of those things we can assume he was there...is it not the coaches job to coach the players? We have specific fitness coaches at the club at training, what were they doing?! As a collective we covered less ground than I think any other team in the league that season, mostly without Gabby, so to me that points to an overall lack of fitness and therefore to the training being the real issue there. I'm not saying he couldn't have done more, because of course he could have, I'm not saying he didn't let himself (and us) down, because of course he did, but he's also worked his ass off to try and make up for it, injuries seemed to have killed his chance of that which is his own fault for his own actions. I can see how he'd be a bit of a role model, like someone above said, he was never particularly gifted, he was just quick (as were tons of players at the time), by sheer hard work he has made himself a rich man, played in the PL for the best part of a decade and even got himself an England cap, if he was genuinely disruptive like an N'Zogbia type, then I don't think he would have ever been offered that last contract, and maybe not the one before that. People seemed to just assume he was a bad influence because he wasn't very good. He's given us some great moments, most of our best moments in the last 10 years have involved him, so to lay all blame for our demise at his feet is just wrong. He's finished, without doubt now, and at the end of this season I imagine he'll retire, but I think there are plenty of fans that will remember the good times he gave us and would like to give him a good send off (even if it's last game of the season for 10 mins)
  13. weedman

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Like a young Micah Richards
  14. weedman

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Even though us and Sunderland were in similar situations, we were genuinely worse when we went down, if not for the Doc I think we'd have actually finished bottom last season
  15. weedman

    Micah Richards

    There thing with this is, he fulfilled his contractual obligation so we had no grounds to cancel his contract, if he fulfilled his contractual obligation he must have been reporting to training every day like everyone else and doing what he was told, so how did he manage to get so unfit he could no longer contribute? Surely as soon as he started getting unfit he should have been put on a higher fitness schedule? What exactly were our coaches doing during that period?! You say he allowed himself, which is true, but more pertinently we allowed him to get unfit, which is, at best, horrendous management of a valuable asset Richards is a little different as it seems his injuries have just finished him at this level and there's not too much anyone can do about that really except wait for his contract to run down when he'll either retire or drop down a few more divisions. If he's good with the youngsters, while obviously not what we pay him for, at least it's something, at least we are getting some value from paying him all this money