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  1. According to the commentator anyone taller than Lionel Messi is a big man
  2. weedman

    Ezri Konsa

    No I don't think we would either. And we'd be right not to, he was a £12m investment that's coming good, even worst case scenario we'll make our money back so keep him developing here and see how high he can go
  3. weedman

    Ezri Konsa

    I mean sure, to us, but that's £60m which would make him one of the most expensive defenders of all time. After 1 good season in a fairly average team with no international experience. He may potentially be worth that in future, if he keeps improving as he is, but not yet. I'm not saying we would sell him for that, we are well run and building for the future, so it would take a much bigger offer - one that we wouldn't receive - to let him go. Talk of £60m is madness and just shows how much Man Utd have messed with people's brains - they weren't interested in buying Jack for not muc
  4. weedman

    Ezri Konsa

    You can't compare Konsa with Maguire, Maguire had just come back from arguably being England's best player at a major tournament, was seen as Leicesters top player and his stock was as high as ever when he was sold, Konsa has been solid for us for under a year, has no international caps, and is currently not our best or most saleable defender. His value is probably around £20m, but you add on 10 as we have loaded owners and his potential, so £30m to any buyers. In saying that I don't think we'll be selling him as it seems that not what we do these days so get him a new contract an
  5. The problem is the referees and the laws. As it stands referees know when players are making the most of situations, but "by the law" have to give the decisions. Its why 2 players having a bit of a wrestle is let go all the time (see any corner), but as soon as 1 of those players go down they give the fk/pen and VAR will back them up because of "contact" Decisions are being given solely on how players react to challenges rather than for the challenges themselves, and until that stops players will continue to go down at the first opportunity because why wouldn't they?
  6. There's basically 3 types of dive. You get the full dives with no contact, the Bamfords of the world, everyone hates these You get the going down easily/buying a free kick. Every team will have at least 3 or 4 players doing this. We have a fair few (including Jack). Typically its the flair players that benefit from this and therefore get singled out (Jack, Salah etc), i think most people don't like these ones but generally accept it as it's the game these days Then you get the Harry Kanes and Deeneys, players that will wrestle, barge, trip, push, pull etc all day long, and as soon
  7. That's the problem though isn't it? They seem to be only judged on the "big decisions" and none of the others. I mean Jack got a yellow for pulling back his man on the counter, fair enough. Literally 5 minutes later McGinn is pulled back in virtually the same area on a counter and no yellow. Look at the injury to Cash, 2 players shoulder to shoulder, Cash knocked off balance, gives ball away, fair enough. 5 minutes later for the Luiz yellow card he goes shoulder to shoulder, knocking their player off balance. Free kick and yellow card. The whole game was littered with these decision
  8. Mate we could win 8-0 and he'd be here saying "sure, I'm happy we won, but Smith looks like he hasn't had a haircut for WEEKS! It's unprofessional and will spread to the rest of the team"
  9. Barkley is clearly playing himself back to fitness. He won't get match fit from the odd 15 mins here and there. It's short term pain while he gets up to speed so he is fit quicker. He's not playing well, but each game since we came back he's been a little better (fitter) and it would be counter productive to drop him now.
  10. Bielsa getting manager of the year should do it I reckon
  11. I do love VT sometimes, we all gush over the fantastic football we play, the quick tempo one touch passing from the back football, but as soon as one of the players has a pass intercepted it's all "why wouldn't he just clear it?!" Its crazy, he doesn't just hack the ball clear every time because if he did it would be terrible for our game and Smith would replace him with someone that plays exactly like Mings does now. To play the football we play it requires taking risks at the back, Mings is our defender that does that, Konsa doesn't, so Konsa can focus on defending, obviously that
  12. Does anyone know what the fit is like on the retro shirts? I was thinking about giving one a go but I float between a L or XL depending on the fit (XL of last seasons green is actually really tight still). If it's the 90's fit I think I could probably get a small (jokes) but tight fitting I'd go XL, anything like our actual kits this season I wouldn't bother. If they make McGinn, a professional athlete look a bit tubby I've got no hope!
  13. Agree, if there was an option to block replies this site would be gold! It's so hard to catch up on stuff because there's 11 pages here and 9 of them are people arguing with an obvious troll, it's so frustrating! From what I've gathered no-one knows much about this guy but he's similar to McGinn and would rotate/be backup to him which, given how much we struggle when he's out would be great for us
  14. Yeah think we'd go above Southampton...would 7th get us European football next year?
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