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  1. He is definitely following all 3, I have just checked.
  2. I still feel/hope this one will go through today. Brentford seem to have their replacements lined up and if Said does want to leave, they will want to cash in on him now while his stock is so high. People saying that we have announced McGinn's new contract to soften any disappointment but I would also argue that if we didn't have anyone lined up today, we may have saved Douglas' confirmation.
  3. There was a behind closed doors friendly today that Marvelous played in.
  4. Until we know the actual terms of the buyback clause (which we may never find out) I don't think it is something particularity worth fretting about. Very exciting player to be linked with.
  5. This really bugs me, I think they have only officially announced Jota's and Steer's contract lengths. Don't know if anyone more knowledgeable would have an insight why as for the majority of other clubs, this isn't the case?
  6. Strange that the contract length hasn't been announced, don't recall they ever confirmed for Hause either.
  7. I'm having the same issue, would be amazing if the full game was available as I can't find it elsewhere. Thanks!
  8. Has there been any fee quoted at all, I know a lot of transfers go through as undisclosed but there's normally a good idea of how much a player cost?
  9. The EFL are in partnership with the mental health charity Mind.
  10. Would be very strange as we have specifically said we don't need another 'target man' upfront.
  11. He is the least natural striker I've seen in my life.
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