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  1. I still feel/hope this one will go through today. Brentford seem to have their replacements lined up and if Said does want to leave, they will want to cash in on him now while his stock is so high. People saying that we have announced McGinn's new contract to soften any disappointment but I would also argue that if we didn't have anyone lined up today, we may have saved Douglas' confirmation.
  2. There was a behind closed doors friendly today that Marvelous played in.
  3. Until we know the actual terms of the buyback clause (which we may never find out) I don't think it is something particularity worth fretting about. Very exciting player to be linked with.
  4. This really bugs me, I think they have only officially announced Jota's and Steer's contract lengths. Don't know if anyone more knowledgeable would have an insight why as for the majority of other clubs, this isn't the case?
  5. Strange that the contract length hasn't been announced, don't recall they ever confirmed for Hause either.
  6. I'm having the same issue, would be amazing if the full game was available as I can't find it elsewhere. Thanks!
  7. Has there been any fee quoted at all, I know a lot of transfers go through as undisclosed but there's normally a good idea of how much a player cost?
  8. The EFL are in partnership with the mental health charity Mind.
  9. Has this fee been confirmed anywhere?
  10. Would be very strange as we have specifically said we don't need another 'target man' upfront.
  11. He is the least natural striker I've seen in my life.
  12. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2016/07/09/gollini-on-villa Pierluigi Gollini insists he knows all about the size and stature of Aston Villa – and says promotion to the Premier League is very clear in his mind. Gollini stresses that focusing on the future - rather than the pain of relegation - is paramount in order to have a successful season. He said: “I am very pleased to have joined this great Club. “For me this is a very big opportunity. I am really happy to be here. “I just can’t wait to start, improve myself and show what I can do for this team. “There is no doubt that Aston Villa is a very big Club. I know all about the history of this Club. “Relegation can happen. Everyone can have a bad season. But I think the most important thing is how you react and how you get back. “We will be doing our very best this season – everything we can, in fact – to get back into the Premier League because this is the division Aston Villa deserves to be in.” Gollini has already targeted a tight relationship with the Villa faithful in this and future campaigns. He added: “I can’t wait to play for these Villa fans. I know they are very passionate. “I have been on a tour of the stadium and it really is magnificent. “I can’t imagine what it will be like when it’s full and everyone is cheering us on. I believe that will be very emotional.”
  13. I disagree that he 'flattered to deceive' for us, he carried the team and scored 49 goals in 101 games for a pretty dismal side.
  14. I'm so happy just to be a part of this.
  15. You do realise he had a lengthy ankle injury last season?
  16. I can see it as PR. Today is another instance of the board looking pathetic, pretty damning criticism of Lerner; plus the negativity and discourse between fans and clubs is increasing. There could be more leaks inbound to why they left, plenty of press speculation regardless and maybe there could be more people to leave. I understand that saying the club are pursuing a sale does them no good long term if it isn't true, but a lot of fans will read and concentrate on that for the time being and I think they will have an affect on ticket sales. Then, when we have an uninspiring manager announcement and lacklustre transfer window, there will be plenty of other immediate things for fans to worry about than the sale of the club. Of course, I'm just speculating but I just can't see a takeover happening anytime soon.
  17. Whatever is happening, it's just more another PR disaster, especially as it's timed just after Hollis' letter.
  18. That second let is amazingly damming to Lerner. Sadly, I also think it means a sale isn't close and that Lerner refuses to budge.
  19. I doubt it is the players, most won't be here next season.
  20. The obvious way to restore the connection between fans and club is success on the pitch and that is all that will ultimately be cared about (the appointment alone would begin this). I also see Moyes as a pretty genuine guy who certainly isn't afraid of a challenge. He may be motivated by his own interests (restoring his reputation/challenge) but so would 99% of other managers, that's the way it is. If the best man for the job wants it, we should make our best possible efforts to get him.
  21. The possibility of Moyes being our manager has given me my first sense of optimism for the club since this debacle of a season. For me, he is way ahead of any of the managers we have been linked with; Rowett unproven, Pearson erratic and Bruce uninspiring. If it is true and Moyes is interested, I'd be really annoyed if we don't pull out the stops to get him, as I always felt it would be the other way round and Moyes wouldn't want to come here. We need stability and Moyes is a manager I could see staying for more than 2 seasons. We need experience and Moyes has it at different levels, with big clubs whom have high expectations. We need discipline and he has always had that sense of authority (scary eyes). We need enthusiasm and I think the appointment would really shock fans if it happened, that we could attract someone of that level in our current state. The thought of a Bruce or Pearson is depressing, it screams no ambition that we have become accustomed too.
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