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  1. I work with quite a few Brentford fans, and in a nutshell, they're shitting themselves that we come in for Dean Smith, they really do hold him in high regard, I'll have to check with them about the backroom staff being so integral to his plans.
  2. A deal at Birm is nearly done? Also what is a kit manager? I presume setting out kit etc, not quite sure but he was on the bench with other staff at the Bolton - Blues game on the last day of the season as I saw his bloody ugly mug on Sky running across the pitch just behind Lee Clark at the final whistle to congratulate the bloke that equalised that kept them up.
  3. I just tweeted an ex work colleague of mine who is now something like youth team kit manager at the scum and asked him about a potential announcement today, he's never heard of Bob Rich but has been told that something is nearly done, that's all he's told me.
  4. I just can't see us scoring but can see us easily conceding, no tears from me if we go down as it's been coming for a few years now and I've accepted it will happen, hope there's some anti Lerner protests at the last 3 games, LERNER OUT....
  5. Can you explain what you mean by this? We deserve relegation if we finish in the bottom 3. After 38 games, why should a team finishing 17th deserve relegation more than a team finishing 18th to 20th? Because the club is a bloody shambles.
  6. what about lambert? Does he get a free pass then, because when i last checked he was the manager. Sure lerner is a knob for cutting back, however lambert has had enough quality to at least keep us out this situation. No Lambert doesn't get a free pass but he is working with a budget that is awful, with an awful budget comes awful players, the owner is trying to survive in a champagne league with lemonade players and in my eyes that for me makes him public enemy number one.
  7. You are not. You are catastrophising about future events, I alternatively believe that we will get something against Hull that should secure our safety. If we get something against Hull then so be it, BUT where are the goals coming from because one things for sure and that's that we will concede, from Guzan through to Agbonlahor this is one hell of a poor team that deserves to be where it is and as a club itself probably deserves relegation, only those in denial will not agree.
  8. Just imagine what the two Hull scorers Long & Jelavic will do to our shite defence, City will rack up a cricket score if they play to their potential, Spurs will probably beat us as well, I'm not being pessimistic I'm being honest, we're shite and deserve to be where we are, LERNER OUT...
  9. Sunderland are 2 up on Cardiff, makes things even worse for us as it pulls them closer to us, Randy Lerner should hang his head in shame at what he's done here, LERNER OUT....
  10. Go home Lerner you are killing the club I love, the manager should have been backed reasonably in the January transfer window to give ourselves a better chance of survival but obviously wasn't, my money is on us getting relegated this year and to me the blame would lie firmly with the man that has only backed his manager enough to bring in shite, F**K off Lerner.....
  11. Absolutely spot on, I feel exactly the same.
  12. Regardless of whether all the big earners are off the wage bill at the end of the season, do the majority of fans think that Lerner is really the right man to take us forward, he can't and won't fund us to a level that would please the fans and what happens when the **** hits the fan again do we get more cost cutting, it's a no from me, LERNER OUT.
  13. Whether or not Hoolahan was Lamberts only target after the 2 loans doesn't matter, the fact is that the owner is not backing the manager enough, yes we've had the stories of we must live within our means etc... But for 3-4 seasons now we have been down in the lower half of the league struggling to avoid relegation almost to the point where I liken us to the early 90's version of Coventry & Southampton where if you continuously fight relegation then soon enough it's gonna bite you on the arse and actually happen, I'm sure LERNER isn't stupid but he's doing a damn good impression of somebod
  14. Kudos to Ben Scrivens last night on a shutout and 59 saves against the Sharks, jeez I know the Oilers are bad but allowing 59 shots is awful.
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