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  1. I’ve been boozing since 12 and I feel like the nights gonna go on longer I love this club man, enjoy everyone
  2. The first episode where he talks about changing the music in the stadium when the players walk out got me. Was like something out of the office. Full on David Brent
  3. Proud of everyone there, Thought Engels burried that chance. platform to stay up now
  4. Giro

    Manchester United

    How did that stand? VAR is hopeless
  5. Sky sports were doing a countdown till five o'clock People losing their jobs here, so tasteless
  6. I’ll be up jewellery Quarter smashed up the villa
  7. I feel like I'm watching a pre season friendly in shanghai. Camera angle ain't helping either
  8. Absolutely suffering at work today It was worth it
  9. Giro


    Getting the train from moor street down to wembley last year was fine but coming back was vile Train was packed out with these lads constantly singing songs, doing drugs in front of everyone then one of them set the alarm off at leamington spa so we had to wait an extra half an hour. Gotta be one of the worst days ever the final last year
  10. Thanks for the memories gabby from 07-10 he was class
  11. Spain sack their manager a day before it starts lol what are they playing at?!
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