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  1. Villas women look like there staying up every cloud and all that
  2. Luiz you absolute donkey, even konsa was like wtf then towards him
  3. Was like the goals I would score on pro evolution soccer, insane
  4. The way Chelsea are playing at the moment the whole thing stinks of them getting to the final. Getting battered by city and winning on pens
  5. Good shout Southgate deserves shooting if he can’t get anything out of this lot this summer
  6. Jack in the middle? Dunno seems like mount will be playing central
  7. Phil foden is insane, even if jack was fit I’m not sure he would get ahead of him for the euros
  8. Agreed everyone put a decent shift in tonight. Even Barkley played well
  9. Great win, everyone put a shift in happy bank holiday everyone !
  10. Just getting flashbacks of delph leaving us
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