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  1. Will be 2-0 to Wednesday but we’ll come back and win 3-2....ahhhh happy days
  2. Tough call to change it, but defence of Hause as left back, Mings left side centre half, Axel right side centre half and Elmo right back would be pretty awesome imo
  3. I still think he can do a job for us...we’ll have to wait and see
  4. 3rd one from the sun mate
  5. Isn’t he there anymore then?
  6. Jack Grealish...I thought he was still on loan at Notts County!
  7. Vincenzo

    Dean Smith

    Saw an interview with Pep where he said he was successful because he has worked with great players...is so true. What a humble guy though...Class
  8. Vincenzo

    Dean Smith

    There’s no guarantee we’ll storm the league next season as we need a total overhaul. That takes time. Nuno was brought in to develop a philosopy at Wolves and they expected it to take a least 2 years until promotion. I suspect the same approach is being planned at Villa. They probably hoped he’d be given more slack because he’s one of us. My concern is he won’t be given enough time due to mounting pressure from some of our fans. Blimey! It’s started already.... I hope the owners stay strong UTV!
  9. A lot of their players out so we should win this one I don’t know why but I’ve a feeling El Gazhi will score
  10. Vincenzo

    Dean Smith

    I’m guessing that most of us would probably choose the following 4 players out of our squad as key: Jack Grealish Axel John McGinn Tammy Abraham They are the spine of our team imo Then we lose 2 of them to injuries The Stoke game highlighted the problem we have had since Grealish got injured. No one in midfield who can collect and carry the ball forward confidently. So it gets passed out to the full backs or wingers who are immediately closed down. Losing Axel made it worse as he could play it out of defence more effectively than our other centre halfs (don’t know about Mings yet) It’s no surprise then that we have struggled. DS still wants to play the same way but the players aren’t able to or don’t feel confident enough taking on the responsibility. I blame the players for letting him down. That’s why he persists with Whelan because he has the confidence to ask for the ball. Unfortunately he is limited with what he can do with it. Changing tactics because your players aren’t able to adapt to your style of play is a backward step. Players need to adapt or leave. I’ve no doubt Dean Smith and his coaching staff will come good, but it will take time. UTV
  11. Agree that our lack of song repetoire doesn’t help If the players show confidence it will give the fans confidence and belief in the team. The players need to show that they are up for it, too many players aren’t doing that imo. Abraham, McGinn, Hutton even Jedinak when he came on have that confidence (if not always the ability)...too many others go missing I like Hourihane but that is why certain fans turn on him like Taylor because they go missing or don’t inspire confidence Elmo has totally gone as u could see when he cam on The PA announcer gets on my nerves as well though Why does he have to tell us the score at half and full time???? The lion thing with the heartbeat before the teams come out is annoying and the ‘be part of the pride’ is so cheesy Anyway, I’ll save the rest of my angst for the next home game.... UTV!
  12. I’m probably getting carried away here (after a few gargles) but... We aren’t pants anymore...we really grew in the second half. We bossed Derby (very much in-form side) at home. This is the way Deano and co want them to play. Press the opposition, as our offence is our defence (very NFL I know) Don’t give the ball away. If they haven’t got it they can’t hurt you Be clinical with your chances OK, we wasted a few chances, but bar that they were awesome second half. Best performance for a long time There is no one to fear in this league and it’s there for the taking imo UTV!
  13. Starting to look quality now Just goes to show what a run of games in your proper preferred position can do

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