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  1. Frustrating considering the excellent football we played earlier in the season but this is a good season No relegation battle and some decent scalps along the way Lets remember where we were last season and what we hoped for this season We’re making progress and I’m looking forward to the exciting players we’re going to sign in the Summer...UTV
  2. Players are just not playing to the levels they were earlier in the season...
  3. I’d go 2 up front now...Davis would be a handfull for them
  4. Right decision So over rated Stones...shouldn’t be anywhere near an international squad
  5. Don’t underestimate his ambition...he’s relatively young for a manager and will only improve Look how much he has developed already
  6. I’ll take that Not pretty but a win is a win A good manager knows when to win ugly....and that was pretty ugly...better after a few stellas though
  7. Don’t like to knock our own players but Barkley is not putting enough effort in imo Knows he’s a shoe in as Chelski loan will want him playing as much as possible Reckon his attitude is what’s held his career back Shame cus he is a talented player and I like him but he needs to get his finger out
  8. Awesome...gotta be in the next England squad
  9. It was really beneficial for the club to have this game go ahead How often do you get to see your young up and coming players compete against a top team with world class players in a (proper) competitive game The management and coaching staff will be really pleased as they did very well Barry looks ready for a shot in the first team imo Encouraging times my Lord UTV
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