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  1. He has got ability there is no doubt Can be top drawer with some of the stuff he does but consistency is the thing...and he can be greedy ...i still love to watch him play though as he can make things happen and he can score goals Hope he gets a chance with us in the PL
  2. It’s the ups and downs of life, heartbreaking at times but it makes the good times so much sweeter. Feels like the Villa are going to have a good period....I can feel it in my bones Many opposition fans are envious of our setup with a manager and captain Villa fans...that means so much to real football fans. It’s an exciting time to be a Villa fan...isn’t that what it’s all about UTV
  3. Gonna say it....I think Kodja could do a decent job for us I’m not talking about relying on him completely but as said before, we do create a lot of chances He has great ability there is no doubt. Not consistent and can be greedy...yes It wasn’t that long ago he was our talisman, be it in the championship Need another striker as well though ...preparing for the backlash now...
  4. Vincenzo

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely brilliant day on Monday Fantastic achievement by the club considering where we were earlier in the season Great for my kids to see the Villa turn up and win at last when it really mattered at Wembley I have 100% faith in Dean Smith & co to deliver what we all want in the seasons to come. It’s fantastic to have Villa fans as manager and captain and so many people associated with the club who seem to really care I suspect next season will be tough and there may be some difficult periods that we will have to endure. What they will need then is plenty of time and patience from all of the fans. No calls for Dean Smith to be sacked like we saw earlier on in the season by a minority of fans. I can remember just before the Derby game at home, hoping we’d get something just to take the pressure off Dean Smith as his job was on the line. How crazy is that looking back! But that is what a minority of fans can do, even though the majority probably don’t agree with them. If there’s one thing we should have learnt from Dean Smith and the current setup, it’s teamwork and unity is everything. As soon as you lose that, you’re on a slippery slope It’s an exciting time to be a Villa fan UTV
  5. Will be 2-0 to Wednesday but we’ll come back and win 3-2....ahhhh happy days
  6. Tough call to change it, but defence of Hause as left back, Mings left side centre half, Axel right side centre half and Elmo right back would be pretty awesome imo
  7. I still think he can do a job for us...we’ll have to wait and see
  8. 3rd one from the sun mate
  9. Isn’t he there anymore then?
  10. Jack Grealish...I thought he was still on loan at Notts County!
  11. Vincenzo

    Dean Smith

    Saw an interview with Pep where he said he was successful because he has worked with great players...is so true. What a humble guy though...Class
  12. Vincenzo

    Dean Smith

    There’s no guarantee we’ll storm the league next season as we need a total overhaul. That takes time. Nuno was brought in to develop a philosopy at Wolves and they expected it to take a least 2 years until promotion. I suspect the same approach is being planned at Villa. They probably hoped he’d be given more slack because he’s one of us. My concern is he won’t be given enough time due to mounting pressure from some of our fans. Blimey! It’s started already.... I hope the owners stay strong UTV!
  13. A lot of their players out so we should win this one I don’t know why but I’ve a feeling El Gazhi will score

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