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  1. B Totally agree, I think he’s excellent and is a top player Couldn’t give a S@@t that he’s an ex sha player and supporter…just appreciate good players That’s the difference…we’re not obsessed and have some class UTV
  2. Think Grealish leaving has put us back 12/18 months in the clubs progress plan even with the players we’ve brought in The side was built predominantly around him and Buendia etc were bought in to complement and enhance the squad No doubt they are excellent players in their own right but Grealish leaving was not in Deano (and the clubs) plans Worth bearing in mind when we talk about the teams progress With Grealish, European qualification was a minimum expectation, without him it will be a lot harder
  3. Safegate and Grealish…2 previous Villa players that I used to admire but now have no real interest in Grealish is a quality player but Safegate is a bang below average manager imo Not playing Grealish from the start against Italy was criminal
  4. Imagine Messi playing for the Villa!!!!….oh no I need to go to the toilet
  5. Click Bait Click Bait Click Bait…oh yeah Click Bait and some good old fashioned Boll*cks!! He’s going nowhere…imo UTV
  6. Reckon 6 to 8 but we’re gonna win a cup competition and get into Europe that way.....please
  7. Like Berg more Bissouma wants Arsenal move, don’t rate Ruben Loftus Cheek and don’t know much about Anguissa tbh...all imo
  8. I really like Ward Prowse but can’t see the saints selling unless for silly money Need more a Sander Berge type player in midfield imo UTV
  9. Frustrating considering the excellent football we played earlier in the season but this is a good season No relegation battle and some decent scalps along the way Lets remember where we were last season and what we hoped for this season We’re making progress and I’m looking forward to the exciting players we’re going to sign in the Summer...UTV
  10. Players are just not playing to the levels they were earlier in the season...
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