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  1. We are no longer required to abide by international law or the accepted parameters of good faith when signing treaties.
  2. Also! Don’t presume all main dealers will have the same deal. My local Skoda dealer wanted nearly £50 a month more for a lower spec car. The WhatCar Leasing website is a good starting point to get an idea what’s in your budget. But prices move quite frequently, depending on stock levels and demand I guess. At the very least, it lets you know if your local guy is taking the piss.
  3. The excess per mile really is one to watch, I had one at 13p per mile and that makes you really keep an eye on it. As I say, this one at 3p makes it less than I’d earn in expenses so it’s a worry removed. Caution tells you to go high with your original estimated mileage, downside to that is you get nothing back if you end up doing less, but you’ve already paid the leasing company for those miles you haven’t done.
  4. I’m leasing, and I do a decent few miles. I think where I’ve benefitted, I’m not overly bothered what the car is, other than a very few brands, I’m not even bothered what colour it is, I’m not that bothered about much as long as it’s comfy, economical on fuel and starts in the mornings. I think it’s when you want specific things then leases can get expensive. My current lease, the excess mileage is 3p per mile, so effectively so low I can pretty much ignore it. £900 ‘fine’ if I go 30,000 miles over? I’ll take that. If I’ve gone 30,000 miles over, I’d have made double that on the additional travelling expenses. What I’ve done with this latest lease, I worked out my budget, and hit the inter web leasing sites to see what I could get for my money. Pot luck, found a car that was a cancelled order up in Lancashire, free delivery anywhere in the country. It’s my first ever Skoda, only had it 2 months so still a bit of honeymoon, right now I’d happily have another one. It’s got swooshy, no touch / hand gesture controls which I’ve finally got used to, it’s a bit like playing a theramin.
  5. More evidence, as if it were needed, that the EU are not negotiating honourably.
  6. I’m waiting for the next rounds of School and Uni exams to come as a complete shock to them.
  7. The first game I remember, is probably April ‘74, we beat Nottingham Forest, but I spent most of the time looking to the right, watching the charges by the police horses out on Wilton Lane. But to be honest, most of the memory from back then has just been morphed by re telling and re telling. But it was around about then.
  8. Yeah, luckily for me the Villa ground was in the Midlands, not some Sodom and Gomorrah hell hole banjo duelling backwater.
  9. I know of one Uni using it’s own labs to do a fast turnaround test for students. Govt aware they have facilities but not using them, so they are doing their own in house testing for speed of turnaround, known capacity, and keeping students away from the official system and causing that over demand issues. Remember when companies were offering to make ppe and not getting a response? Well same with testing. I have that info from quite a direct source.
  10. It is that typical ‘relatives in the area’ reasoning. I’ve got Brummie relations and in particular an uncle who was on the fringes of the Stafford Rangers team back in the early 70’s. So weekends would be either watching him sit on a bench somewhere, or if he wasn’t in the team, and Villa were home, we’d go and watch them. Standing on the old Holte, as an 8, 9, 10 year old in the 70’s was magical. The romance of the communal swearing and the smell of fags, booze, chips and piss never left me.
  11. You should try sitting in the Holte End with my accent when we’ve played Cardiff! That can lead to interesting conversations. Though I have to say In defence of the Holte Upper, I never felt threatened, just ‘interviewed’. It’s the nice thing about Villa, I just say I’m a glory hunting plastic and people accept it.
  12. **** outrageous that, people with kids wanting to take their holidays during the school holidays. What the **** is that about! Why don’t they take them a few weeks either side of the holidays when everything is half the price?
  13. Westminster Labour appears to be going hard on the Britishness of Labour. Labour MP’s heckling a couple of days ago during a statement about the Owain Glyndwr anniversary.
  14. Only tweets from people with their obvious agendas. Can’t find anything ‘neutral’. I know Welsh Labour and Mark Drakeford have been complaining about the Internal Markets ‘power grab’, but then we it’s come down to it, it was more important to be ‘anti Plaid’ than assist Welsh Labour. The official Welsh Labour twitter account posting against the Bill and the attack on devolution on the 14th, 15th & 16th September.
  15. An amendment before Westminster this evening to give the national governments a say on whether Westminster can unilaterally take powers away from them as part of the Internal Markets Bill. Labour Senedd Leader, Mark Drakeford said it was vital that Wales gets a say on whether Wales loses any powers. Starmer’s Westminster Labour Party..... abstained.
  16. I just made my first ever tarka dhal. Now, self assessment is wonderful thing, but I reckon it was by far the best tarka dhal that I’ve ever tasted. Based on a basic BBC Food recipe but with everything (except the lentils) literally doubled from what they’d listed and a chilli and a stock cube added.
  17. Are we missing the bigger picture of how many have a serious issue with booze? Seriously, if you can’t lay off getting pissed during a pandemic and economic collapse, perhaps covid isn’t your biggest problem.
  18. If the money is what is important for someone to join a political party, gain a chance of winning a seat, be an MP representing a constituency and then network their party to gain internal support to be the PM, it’s probably an indicator that they are the wrong person for the job. Equally, it could make some sections of society presume it is not a job they should be considered for. If you grew up in a fairly average household then the basic MP salary might well be the most money anyone in your family, or from your post code, has ever earned. To have the PM earning £500k or £1 Million may convince some perfectly decent and sensible people that they are not PM material. Possibly, I’m not convinced it’s a large number. But an MP’s salary is more than double the average salary. I think that’s probably about enough. Or to put it another way, if nobody else is willing to step up to the plate, I’d happily do it for those numbers, whilst everyone else gets on with being a genius in their specialist fields.
  19. One day of summer left, and I’ve been laying on the lawn, watching the ISS pass over. Just like we did through that endless Spring. All indoors now for apple tart and icecream.
  20. But you have stress and public facing aspects in other countries, such as Germany, or New Zealand or wherever. They appear to have, at the very least, respectable competent leaders. I agree there is massive stress. Perhaps the job should be given to someone that can deal with stress. A nurse, maybe. My point being, I really don’t think doubling or quadrupling the pay would buy us better politicians. My MP was on 220K, he’s awful. For 500k, he’d still be awful.
  21. Which is why it won’t be fixed by offering a million pound prize.
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