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  1. Liverpool are still on target for that rare achievement of topping 100 points in a nation’s top league. If they manage it, they’ll be joining Celtic, Juventus, Real Madrid, Man City, Barcelona and Barry Town.
  2. Well, that could result in some 8:00am door rattling There will be somewhere, likely a Wetherspoons that will be open at 6:00, camera needs to be in there and ready at 5:30 and they need to make sure there are some stereotype punters lined up and happy to be filmed saying something idiotic so twitter can beast them for the day. ’I’ve been dying for this’ is on my bingo card.
  3. You just know the dance that is currently going on with tv news crews trying to find what pubs are open at 6:00am to film the people that want to be filmed being the first person having a pint at 6:00am.
  4. How big were your implants if they make your jaw ache? Mine are a decent size and I sometimes get a bit of back ache, but its never really got as far as my jaw.
  5. I think this has at least in part been prompted by a couple of references from Johnson to the UK Westminster and devolved authorities needing to work together and previously that he was going to work closely with the other nations. They haven’t heard from Johnson since the 28th May.
  6. For reasons I won’t bore you with, I’ve got Dave, Frankie and Chris on the go as first names. Like something from Only Fools And Horses, there are a few people at the football that know me as Dave and you can see them trying to work it out when other people call me Chris. It’s the only place where the different names have crossed.
  7. Is part of the problem that spelling was a bit of a free for all when printing took off and we also now pronounce words quite differently to some of the folks that originally landed on their preferred spelling?
  8. All you need to do now, is get your message in front of more people than Trump got his message.
  9. Far better than expected employment figures out today. Trump taking personal credit for it and telling people no other president in history could have done it. It’s an awkward position for some, wishing economic and medical collapse and misery on millions in the hope it causes a Biden win.
  10. We had a very minor kerfuffle at the football recently. We’ve probably (definitely), got more black players than any other team in our league. This will partly be down to geography, people aren’t moving house to play for these teams and Barry is closer to a much more diverse pool of talent than, say, Haverfordwest. So logically we have more black players than Haverfordwest. (as an aside, there is one team in the league in a similar catchment scenario to ours with a strangely poor history of selecting black players, stands out as being well beyond the realms of chance) Anyway, we’ve got two black players that play international football, one for St Kitts, and one for Antigua. Straightaway, over excited people are on twitter suggesting we need to look in to the background of ALL our BLACK players in case they too could be playing for national teams. Well meaning, but utterly thoughtless on several levels.
  11. Yes, I mean, it doesn’t actually come up as an issue very often at all. I can’t think of the last time I needed to discuss someone’s race or colour or sex or sexual preferences. There aren’t really very many real world scenarios where it comes up. We had someone marry in to the family, new blood, always exciting. At the first social meeting, my parents, love them, had to point out to everyone (once she’d left) that she was black. Personally, I had noticed this already via my eyes and brain but I hadn’t seen any reason to point it out to others. My parents, love them, were never going to be able not to mention it. I was just really really pleased they didn’t think they had to tell her.
  12. For me, I think speech and offence changes over time. When I was younger, it was absolutely not the accepted thing to describe someone as black. Now, black appears to be perfectly acceptable to most. Recently I’ve listened to a couple of people I would describe as black, self describe themselves as brown. So I am aware I’m not always bang up to date with what is acceptable today. So, I think, if we’re all being civilised then I should be able to use the words I believe are not offensive. For instance I might describe someone as ‘black’, if I am told in a reasonable way by that person that they want to be referred to as ‘mixed heritage’ for example, then I should revert to that. No offence to or from either party. Problems arise when I say black and there is a pile on of people organising a shaming party because now ‘everyone’ says brown. Or the person that doesn’t know me instantly jumps to the conclusion that me, the middle aged balding chubby white guy is being deliberately provocative and using trigger words. Equally, if I then hear the corrections, but still insist on using the wrong word, then I am being a git. Someone that’s 85 and has said ‘coloured’ for the last 50 years is highly unlikely to simply switch to whatever is currently in vogue. Someone savvie enough to be on social media or on TV giving out opinions, should be able to amend their speech, and, their personal bias. On VT, most of us already know each other’s positions on most topics by now. When we get a couple of newbies, there will be an element of sounding someone out. That’s bound to happen and some people are bound to be challenged. I’ve been way off the mark about someone on here recently, had them down as a full on racist. I was wrong. We still don’t have many views in common, but once I recalibrated the language I was expecting to be hearing, I was wrong, the guy was cool enough. Just different to me, so not perfect.
  13. ...and just to add my bit, Akinfenwa was self titled as ‘Beast Mode’ it was an attempt to launch a brand.
  14. Who is running this shit show? Apart from the minor detail that pubs are not all reopening on the 4th, only in parts of england, why would the treasury be telling people to get down the pub and grab a drink. In a pandemic. 50,000 dead and rising.
  15. Of course, I completely agree. I’d added another line in white text.
  16. Yeah, but that’s because the poppy is political. Whereas nobody can really object to equality. Haaaa! Who did I get? Who did I get?
  17. At what point do we close down meat processing plants for 3 weeks?
  18. Do you think they’re allowed the freedom of choice not to advertise loan companies or betting shops? yours faithfully STD
  19. First discovered DH in about ‘78 in what I’ve later realised was a spectacularly cool record section of a NAAFI in Germany. Within 12 months I had my first pair of glasses.
  20. In my yoof, one of the first ladies to make an impression on me, as it were, was Debbie Harry. She’s 75 today. Early Blondie is just the best. Thank you.
  21. It’s really not a problem, we either get a deal that’s vague enough for us to claim victory, or we get what is clearly a bad deal and blame them for being sore losers. Whatever happens will be vindication for having left such a vast trading block without a plan. They got all the press to spend a day yesterday telling the public Johnson is Roosevelt and we’ll spend our way out of this, £5 billion of already announced money, all specifically for england, not Scotland, N.I., or Wales. All under the UK headline. i suspect Newsnight might do a segment suggesting it’s a poor deal, and then apologise the next day for anti government sentiment creeping in to their reporting. But other than that, it’ll be plain sailing for Gove and Cummings.
  22. chrisp65

    U.S. Politics

    It’s a round up technique. All those low level people that aren’t worth the resource to chase, send them a text saying they’ve won a TV or NFL tickets or a Hamper or in this case, a DVD player, and they come to you.
  23. chrisp65

    U.S. Politics

    And getting hold of him would be so easy. Just wait a few months, then invite him to an award ceremony to pick up ‘the big prize’. Just tell him he’s won a caravan microwave, or a magic chicken, or the ‘biggest bestest man ever’ trophy. He’ll turn up.
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